Full Summary:

Cory must leave New York to save her life. The FBI gets involved & put her in a Safe House for a couple weeks. She was not supposed to leave the state in the first place. What happens when Cruz finds her at the Safe House and takes her back to the station? Will the FBI come get her? Or will the guy trying to kill her get to her first?

Romeo Sanchez:

Romeo has a vendetta against Cory. She knows it, the FBI knows it, but her co-workers don't. He's been tracking her down ever since he got out of prison, nearly three weeks ago. He's finally found her and he's not letting her out of his sights. But what he doesn't know could land him back in jail for good. The FBI has their eyes on Cory. Cory's problem was, she couldn't leave the state, which meant trouble for her because the only Safe House that he knew of was out-of-state. Cory was going to be an easy target. Now, if only he could get around the cops, firefighters & paramedics she worked with daily. Then he could grab her and make sure her body was found within days of her disappearance. This was going to be fun for Romeo. He only had to wait until the time was right to grab Cory, torture her, and then kill her. Oh yes, Romeo was going to have some fun.