Full Summary:

You've heard about The Deal in my stories. But you've never really known what The Deal consisted of. Well now you do. Get ready because Cory's about to explain it all.

Before The Deal:

"Hey dad! What'cha up to?"

"Nothing Cory. Hey, I thought you & the girls were going out soon."

"We are, we're meeting at the Rec Center."

"Where do you plan on going?"

"Movies, then to Dinner. Then to Maria's for the night; then to school tomorrow. Don't worry, I've already asked mom, she said it was alright."

"Uh…huh. We'll see you tomorrow then. Call when you get to Maria's."

"I will dad. Thanks, bye."

I grabbed my backpack, purse, duffle bag, keys & ran out the door as my mom came in. I stopped long enough to hear them talking.

"Wow! What's got into her?"

"She's going out with the girls. By the way, did you say she could spend the night at Maria's?"

I left before I heard the answer. I was home free for the night. Maria and I were headed to a concert. The girls knew what to do if my dad or mom called. We never thought the night could get really bad, really quick. We should've just gone to the movies like we said we were going to do.

We got to the concert & entered the auditorium. If I'd known that Sidney & Gage were waiting outside, I never would've come out the front entrance. The concert was great and Maria & I headed toward the car. I saw someone I thought I knew out the corner of my eye and turned to face them. In return I got slugged. Maria tried to help, but she was pinned against the car. I was kicked, punched & slammed into the ground so many times that I never saw Sid and Gage come up. I woke up in the hospital the next day, my parents in my room.

Moaning, I tried to sit up, but got really dizzy. My parents were by my bedside in a couple minutes. I could see the worry on their faces. But I also saw anger. They wouldn't say anything until I got better, but they were really angry. Pain coursed up my arm and through my chest. I gasped. Their anger disappeared within a couple seconds.

Something was wrong, seriously wrong. The doctor came in a couple seconds later…