I cannot believe it. I was supposed to be put in Gryffindor! That's where Mum and Dad were! That's where James, Al, Rosie, and Hugo are! That's where I should be! So why did I get stuck in Hufflepuff? Lily Potter thought as she sat on her bed.

"Hello!" a voice interrupted Lily's thoughts. "I'm Missy Longbottom!"

"And I'm Misty Longbottom!" The girl who looked almost identical to Missy said.

"We are twins!" They said simultaneously. Did everything they say come out like an exclamation? "What is your name?" asked Missy and Misty as they sat down on either side of Lily.

"Lily. Lily Potter."

"Oh, what a lovely name! This is your first year, right?" Missy-or was it Misty? It was hard to tell between the two brown-haired carbon copies-asked.

"Yes of course she is a first year! Otherwise she would have been here last year!" Misty-or wait was that one Missy?-answered for me.

"Have you been down to the common room yet?" the other one asked.

"No, not yet…" Lily answered.

"Oh then you just simply must come with us! Right, Missy?" Ah so that was Misty, and Missy was sitting on Lily's left!

"Right, Misty!" then Missy turned to Lily, "Come now!" Missy grabbed one of her arms and pulled her toward the stairwell with Misty following close behind. When they got to the common room, Missy and Misty dragged Lily from person to person, introducing her as their "lovely new friend, Lily!" The last person she introduced her to was a brilliant-looking girl. She had long, auburn hair and stunning violet eyes.

"Arden!" Misty called to her and waved her over. Arden hugged and air-kissed them. "This is out lovely new friend, Lily!" Arden settled her gaze on Lily, and quite honestly, Lily was a little frightened.

"Lily, is it? Nice to meet you. My name is Arden Woods. What is your last name?"


"Potter? As in Harry Potter?" she asked, her eyes growing wide.

"Yes, that is my Dad's name…how did you know that?" asked a confused Lily.

"Are you mad? How do you not know who Harry Potter is? The Boy Who Lived! He defeated He Who Must Not Be Named! My Dad said he was also an excellent Quidditch player!" Her voice shook with excitement. The common room had grown silent and everyone was looking towards Lily and Arden.

"Her dad is Harry Potter?" Someone asked.

"Harry Potter's kid is in Hufflepuff? Aren't his other two in Gryffindor, though?" someone else asked.

"Wait, where?" another yelled. Soon people were crowding around, trying to get a look at the daughter of the famous wizard.

"Oh bugger…" Arden said. "I am so sorry I didn't realize I was talking so loudly. Come on, let's get out of here before they start to go even more mad!" Arden led Lily, Missy, and Misty out of the common room and out to the court yard where students were milling around and chatting. They found a free bench and sat down. To Lily's relief, they talked about themselves and Hogwarts and not about her father.

"Lily!" a voice shouted from behind; it was Lily's older brother, James. He jogged over to them.

"James!" Lily jumped up and hugged him. "These are my friends, Missy and Misty Longbottom and-"

"Arden Woods." Arden said, sticking her hand out.

"Pleasure to meet you." He said shaking her hand. Lily and the M's looked at one another, trying not to laugh.

"I saw you and decided to come say hi." James said, releasing Arden's hand and turning to Lily. "And to remind you we have tea with Hagrid tomorrow."

"James!" a boy waved him over from the other side of the courtyard.

"Well I'll catch you later," he said to Lily. "Nice to meet you Misty and Missy. And you too Arden." After he left, Arden turned to Lily.

"That is your brother?" she asked.

"Yes…" Lily replied, half laughing.

"He is so adorable!" Missy exclaimed.