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Taking a deep breath he looks me in the eyes and murmurs quietly, "Bella, I have cancer and I'm dying. The doctors told me I have about six months left to live."

In disbelief I rip my hand from his and stumble up from the table shaking my head in denial murmuring repeatedly, "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!" before blackness surrounds me and I faint crumbling to the floor.

Charlie POV

As soon as she started to fall to the floor I rushed to catch her carrying her to the couch, kneeling down while pulling out my phone.

Carlisle had given me his number in case I had any more questions or needed anything.


"Carlisle, its Charlie, I broke the news to Bella this afternoon and she did not take it well. She fainted and I don't know what to do for her, please help."

"Charlie, is she breathing, did she hit her head on anything?" Carlisle asks as I hear a chair scraping and Emmett yelling, "Bella!" as Charlie attempts to explain.

"She's still breathing but out cold, she didn't hit her head on anything" I reply stroking her hair out of her face.

"Emmett is on his way Charlie; I should be there in a couple of minutes, just continue to watch her" Carlisle says hanging up.

I turn back to Bella, watching her while running my fingers through her hair, wondering how I could think she would not have thrown a fit over this news that I was giving her.

She still had not woken up by the time that Emmett burst through the door rushing to her side at vampire speed.

Had I not already known what he was I would have been scared and a little nervous about his speed.

I relinquished my spot next to her as Emmett crouches down before her whispering, "Bella love, please come back to me, Charlie is still here for you, just please wake up for me, baby. Please I love you, don't leave me."

The minute he reached out and grabbed her hand, her eyes shot open and she sat up with a gasp. Bella glances at Emmett before her eyes turn back to me as she whispers brokenly, "Daddy" before breaking down completely as I rush to sit down next to her.

Pulling her into my arms I rock us both, whispering words of encouragement, as Emmett sits at her feet gripping her hand tightly in comforting silence.

Just then Carlisle knocks on the door and Emmett gets up to let him in. He walks over to us quietly watching before kneeling down in front of Bella silently watching her cry and get comfort from my arms.

Bella POV

As soon as I felt Emmett's touch on my hands I jerk upward gasping painfully for air looking around frantically for Charlie and once my eyes land on him I realize the truth of the situation.

Charlie has cancer. He didn't tell me until it was too late. I am going to lose my dad.

Unless I can convince him to get changed with me, I realize that it's selfish because I would have ended up leaving him anyway but it would never have occurred to me that I would lose him to a disease instead of old age.

The thought of losing him distresses me so much that I whisper brokenly, "Daddy" before breaking down completely as he rushes to sit down next to me.

He pulls me into his arms, rocking us both while whispering words of encouragement to me and the more he whispers the more distraught I become because I don't want to lose him ever.

I feel Emmett sit at my feet gripping my hand tightly in silent comfort as I come to the conclusion that nothing Charlie says will making losing him any better.

I've always given of myself every time someone has asked and this is one time that someone is going to give back.

As soon as I sense Carlisle kneeling down in front of us I pull away asking him, "IF Charlie agrees would you be willing to change him Carlisle?"

I ignore the gasps of surprise at my question as I turn fully to look at Carlisle in earnest pleading with my eyes as tears continue to fall silently down my face.

Carlisle takes a deep unneeded breath looking at Charlie before replying, "I've already offered Charlie that option, Bella, however….he declined."

I pause in silence not understanding what I heard correctly, before pulling from Charlie's arms asking angrily, "Why??!??! WHY would you do that Dad?!??!?? Why would you be willing to leave me like that!??!?! Don't you love me enough to give you that!?!??!?!?"

I stand up backing away refusing to look at anyone in my desperation to come to terms with Charlie's impending death as well as his refusal to be turned to SAVE HIS LIFE!!!!!!

"All that I've done and GIVEN of myself whenever anyone asks and I can't have this?!?!? Why DADDY!!!! Why would you refuse him" I continue to rant and rave shaking off Emmett's hands as he approaches and attempts to comfort me.

Charlie turns to look at Carlisle before replying, "I thought since you would have Emmett and the Cullens as a family, you wouldn't need me around."

"Well DAD!!! You fucking thought wrong!!!" I scream out loudly before snapping my fingers and disappearing.

Emmett POV

"Bella!!!" Charlie gasps clutching his chest as his heart physically breaks under the wake of what's left of her pain.

"BELLA!!" I roar in panic as she disappears and Carlisle speaks up, "Go Emmett, I'll take care of Charlie."

I spare one glance at them before rushing out of the house in search of Bella. I feel a pull in my chest and let it take over guiding me to her knowing that we would figure something out. I only hope that I find Bella in time to prevent further tragedy from befalling her.

I pushed my legs faster and faster in an attempt to reach her in time because the throbbing in my chest felt like claws now.

Apparently I spoke too soon about her being in danger since I found her standing at the edge of the cliffs several miles down from First Beach.

"Bella" I whisper quietly just as she turns and steps off the edge of the cliff. I don't think I just jump and catch her turning us so that my body will catch the brunt of the crash into the water.

I close my eye expecting us to crash through the water but I end up gasping in shock when I land softly on Bella's bed instead.

I open my eyes to see Bella sobbing uncontrollably in my arms clutching my shirt desperately in her attempts to come to terms with everything that has been thrown at her recently.

All I do is tighten my arms around her and let her cry herself out, knowing that once all her tears are gone she will be willing to talk calmly and rationally.

I hear Carlisle come into the room and whisper too low for her to hear, "Charlie is stable right now, and I believe he suffered a mild heart attack, I am going to admit him to the hospital for a few days.

I want to run some tests and make sure his heart is alright, and I'll let him know that she is back, safe and sound."

Carlisle pauses before closing the door, "Just before he fell asleep he said that he would agree to the change as long as she was the one to change him."

"I'll let her know" I say quietly, "Thanks Carlisle for everything."

"She's family, we protect our own, even if it's from themselves" Carlisle says closing the door. "I would like you to bring Bella by the hospital tomorrow so that she can see Charlie and I can check up on her, you might want to make sure she is well rested so that she is strong enough to see Charlie. We'll discuss their change once Charlie is released from the hospital."

As Carlisle closes the door Bella's tears finally stop and she drifts off whimpering as she cuddles closer to me.