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I was sitting on the couch with Jasper, watching TV. House was just figuring out the cure to a patients 'mysterious illness when the show cut to commercial. I groaned; ads annoyed me. All the competition to look the best. I was kissing Jasper's neck when I heard, "Up next on 'Wife Swap…'". I gasped, and started bouncing up and down on Jazz's lap.

"What Alice?" he muttered, frustrated from my lack of kissing. I just bounced harder, and sped out of the house, pulling Jasper with me.

"Jasper, will you help me with something? Please?" I begged my puppy dog eyes on maximum.

"Fine…wait, what is it?"

"You'll see," I grinned, before pulling him back into the house and telling him to block his thoughts form Edward. I grabbed a video camera, and explained the situation to him. We crept around the house, taking shots of rooms and people. Bella and Edward, on the piano, Rose and Emmett in the garage, Esme gardening, while Carlisle read a book. Finally, we were done. I cut and pasted shots on my computer, put the tape in an envelope, and sent it on its merry way.


Bella and I were reading together, when I heard the postal man pull up. I was expecting a letter from a music store from which I had ordered music. I ran down the stairs, and grabbed the bundle of mail from the mailbox. I flipped through it impatiently, not finding my letter. Ugh. I searched through one more time, reading each letter carefully. Bill for Carlisle, Magazines for Rose, Alice, and Esme…package with a book for Bella, and a letter addressed to the Cullen Family. I looked at the address, not recognizing it, and as I walked in the house, I called to Carlisle, "Do you know this address?"

He came from his study, and shook his head. Why?

"I don't know, this is addressed to the whole family though." I heard a thud from upstairs, and then Alice's thought blared.

Crap! That was not meant for his eyes! What should I do???

"Alice," I growled. She appeared at the top of the stairs, looking innocent.

"Yes, dear brother?"

"What is this?" I hissed, staring at her. From her thoughts, I assumed it was something bad. She shrugged, danced down the stairs, and pulled it out of my hand. She ripped it open, and scanned it. Her eyes grew wide, and she grinned. She yelled for Jasper, and he came, reading the letter in her hand. He smiled as well.

"Well?" Carlisle asked, a bit impatiently. Alice hesitated, and then thrust the paper into his hands.

"We got accepted into Wife Swap!" she squealed excitedly. Everyone rushed to us, gasping. Bella glared at Alice, and Emmett looked excited. Rose looked interested, Esme looked sad.

"Alice! Humans? But…my control…" Bella gasped, while Jasper nodded next to her.

"Wow! This is awesome! I wanted to doo this too, but because I was grounded, I couldn't…" Emmett rambled, earning a smack from Rose. Renesmee, also looked excited, and I glared at her.

"What, daddy?" It will be fun!" Nessie said. Everyone looked at her, startled. Then Bella relaxed. She came over to Nessie, and hugged her.

"Do you want to do it, sweetie?" Nessie nodded. It was settled, nobody would deny Nessie anything.

Carlisle cleared his throat. "Ground rules, everyone. One- be careful of letting anything vampire-ish slip. 2- We cannot reveal that everyone is married, that would freak the new mom out. Three- be kind, .no fighting. Four- new room assignments. Rose and Alice share a room, Nessie and Bella, share. Emmett and Jasper, share. Edward, you can have your own. If Jake ever comes over, he will share with you, Edward."

Everyone nodded, slightly apprehensive, but also excited. Esme hugged us each in turn. "Who wants to help me write the guide for the new mom? I need ideas!"

We all went to the family room with her, and I thought about what just happened. 8 vampires, 1 half vampire, half human, and one werewolf, with a new human for 2 weeks? This was going to be …interesting.

What do you think? I need ideas for the Cullen's human identities. I think they will be vegetarians...haha. Anything else you want me to mention?