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Chapter Eighteen: Southern Breezes


Okay. So Jasper and me are now currently speeding down the highway in order to reach the destination of Texas. Apparently a man named Peter and his wife Charlotte are very close to Jasper's heart and he would like for me to meet them so here we are heading down south to meet the 'relatives' of the man I love. Very much.

I jumped slightly as the radio was switched on and noticed Jasper grin out the corner of my eye.

"Penny for your thoughts?"

"Is that all my thoughts are worth to you?" I asked which earned a chuckle from him.

I began to think about this Peter and Charlotte, I felt like it was some sort of judgement thing, like if their opinion really mattered to Jasper, which in turn makes me feel very nervous.

"Bella, I can feel that you know. They are going to love you so stop worrying."

That didn't really convince me, which Jasper knew so he tactfully changed the conversation and we talked aimlessly for the rest journey.

We eventually arrived at a secluded home. It was like a wooden cabin; modernised and then had its size increased so it was more like a cross between a mansion and a cabin. I took a deep breath and stepped out of the car. I held Jaspers hand all the way to the front door. Before I knew it I was face to face with Peter and Charlotte.

"Howdy. Long time no see major. And Bella, its nice to finally meet you, the famous Bella Swan." Peter grinned as I blushed.

"Peter be nice to the girl." Charlotte scolded. "Hi Bella, I'm Charlotte, welcome to our home."

"Well, its nice to meet you both, thank you for inviting us." I figured manners first.

"Nonsense your important to Jasper therefore important to us."

"Are you going to let us in?" Jasper laughed.

We walked in and Jasper kissed me on the cheek,

"Im going to have a catch up with Peter. Will you be ok with Charlotte?"

"Of course, I mean I'm not here as a snack so why wouldn't I be?" Peter and Charlotte laughed.

"I like her already." Charlotte guided me through to the kitchen.

"I don't do this often but would you like a drink?"

"No I'm fine thank you."

"So, I've been dying to know. How did you become the human who falls in love with vampires?" We both laughed as I begun the story right from Edward through to James all the way to here and now.

Throughout me and Charlotte chatted and laughed and we found ourselves getting along naturally.

"I'm so glad Jasper found you. As you can imagine we don't get much company from the outside world apart from Jasper so some female company is nice."

"Didn't Alice used to visit you with Jasper?"

"Once or twice but it was awkward. The Cullen's are lovely people but me and Alice just didn't mesh so well, I'm a country gal' and she's the big city shopper."

"I see what you mean."

"Having fun ladies?" Peter and Jasper strolled into the kitchen together.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Charlotte said as she shot me a wink.

"Ah Jasper its happening already. The women conspire against us."

"Yes but this woman is a human therefore considered pretty harmless."

"Harmless. I've heard about the vampires who have all perished merely for trying to eat you."

"True but its not like I did it alone."

"I disagree."

"Well I agree."

"Bella this will go on for days and you have to sleep sometime you know." Jasper commented.

"Fine. But this isn't me surrendering."

"Stubborn little thing aren't ya sugar?" Peter grinned.

"Its been said that its one of my traits."

"Don't we know it." Jasper muttered. I turned and glared at Jasper who in turn raised both of his hands in surrender.

"See what I mean? She's just brought the major to surrender. I never thought I'd see the day." Peter laughed. Jasper said nothing merely punched him. Men.

The rest of the day consisted of getting to know Peter and Charlotte. Until the evening when Jasper asked Charlotte to help me get dressed for an occasion he was taking me for dinner.

"Charlotte any hints please?" I begged.

"I'm not budging Bella so hush." She laughed as I sat in a sulk whilst she did my hair and make-up.

I was wearing a purple dress with a sequined top that went around the neck in a Greek style then had sequins around the waist and flowed out until it hit my knee. My hair was straightened and left flowing naturally with some light make-up on my face.

"Thank you Charlotte. Its wonderful and you actually don't abuse the excuse to give me a make over – it was painless." I laughed and pulled her into a hug, which shocked her but she hugged me back.

"Come on Jaspers waiting for you."

She dragged me out of the room and downstairs to where Jasper was dressed in a smart pair of black trousers and a button up shirt with a purple tie.

"We match." I laughed. Jasper turned and his eyes darkened considerably as he drank me in. Behind him Peter wolf whistled.

"You clean up real purty like Bella." He grinned as Jasper turned to glare at him.

"Lets go darlin." He took my hand, thanked Charlotte and led me to the car.

Once we had set off turned and asked him where we were going and again I was not told the answer simply that it was a surprise.

We arrived in a field that looked like it belonged to a farm and Jasper scooped me up and carried me over to a tree where there were candles and a table and two chairs laid out there. I felt tears well up in my eyes.

"Its so beautiful." I whispered. "But what's the occasion?" I asked.

"None other than because I love you. Do I need a reason?"

We enjoyed the evening together and Jasper had brought wine and food – for me only – and we just enjoyed being together. Eventually Jasper packed everything up and as I stood to leave he gently pushed me back onto the seat. And keeping eye contact the whole time lowered himself to one knee. I gasped.

"Bella. I'm not one for fancy poetic words but I can tell you that I have never loved another the same way as I do you and I never will. I truly believe you are my soul mate and I want you to be mine forever. Will you marry me Bella?"

I froze as I tried to get my mind and mouth to work together. The answer bubbled up inside me as I threw myself into a passionate kiss with Jasper.

"Yes Jasper. I love you." He pulled me into his arms and we stayed there for a while each soaking up the happiness and love. He pulled out a ring and gently slid it onto my finger. It was beautiful and simple, he knew me so well.

"I wanted to propose here to you because this I where I lived in my human life. Its one of the few things I remember from my human life." He added. I was both shocked and flattered.

"Thank you for bringing me here and for everything Jasper." I said seriously.

"Bella there's no need to thank me when you've given me one of the greatest gifts you could. Your love and acceptance." He then kissed me gently on the lips and carried me back to the car. We arrived back at the house where Peter and Charlotte congratulated us and Jasper whisked me upstairs to continue the celebration of our love.

The next morning we were headed back to the Cullen's so we were sadly leaving Peter and Charlottes.

"Thank you for having me here." I said.

"Bella it has been a pleasure and we hope to see you down here as often as possible. Next time we can go out or something." Charlotte pulled me in for a hug.

"We will definitely be seeing more of you Bella. Your perfect for the major, I've never seen him so whipped." Peter cracked up and pulled me in for a tight hug. Jasper said his goodbyes and then we left.

I slept through most of the journey whilst Jasper played with my hand and kept smiling down on the ring on my finger.

We arrived back at the Cullen's to find them all lined up outside with big grins on their faces. As soon as we stepped out of the car both Jasper and I were pulled in for hugs and kisses and the women all wanted to look at the ring etc… Finally they went inside and left us outside together.

"Let's go inside my future wife." Jasper grinned.

"Sure thing future husband." I smiled.

I have one more chapter then the epilogue well thats what i have got planned. Some will say its short but this was always going to be a short story. Hope you enjoyed.

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