STORY SUMMARY: *Something Different!* (Set at the beginning of Season Four.) House discovers a radical new surgical procedure developed by a brilliant lady surgeon in Texas. This new breakthrough procedure could actually fix his leg, and he goes for it…

The opening chapter is the "feature article" in The New England Journal of Medicine, which House reads. It's kinda long, but it gives some interesting background, and it is the dynamic catalyst that sets him off on his journey…

AUTHORS NOTE: This is an old story line that I had kinda kicking around for a while, and just never got to play with it. Add in one long, sleepless night not too long ago, and here's what you get! And I found it refreshing to take a break from all the current dark & heavy asylum/rehab/depressed/hallucination-filled House stories, and doing something a little softer and brighter for a bit…

This story dials back the clock, back to an early Season Four House, when he was without a team, and he was, well, just HOUSE… The House we all know and love so well… ENJOY!

Rated M/Adult for language, and just to be safe!

All the usual and applicable disclaimers and warnings apply, such as don't like - don't read; I don't own House or any other characters, or anything or anybody else, blah, blah, blah…


On My Nerves

House MD fanfic by NiteJasmine


House flopped himself down on his sofa, picked up the glossy magazine that had just arrived in the mail, and began flipping through it. He stopped when he came across this one particular article:



Brilliant Texas Surgeon Develops Breakthrough Procedure

A new breakthrough surgical technique has been developed by a brilliant Texas Neurologist for repairing damaged nerves. The results have been phenomenal, and the procedure is being hailed as one of the biggest medical breakthroughs in years.

The talented physician responsible for inventing and perfecting this new technique is Dr. Katrina Tomlinson. She is the Chief Neurosurgeon at the Denton Cooley Institute, a recently dedicated wing which operates within the world renowned Houston Medical Center in Houston, Texas. The 44 year old Florida native has a history of pushing the upper limits of Research & Development in Pain Management. She had long been a forerunner in developing and putting into practice numerous alternative drug abuse treatment solutions, and radically more humane addiction cessation programs. She is responsible for spearheading the creation of several new non-opiate drug composites for treating a broad variety of pain syndromes.

But this new surgical procedure goes far beyond the scope of drugs, into the realm of what was once thought to be surgically impossible. Repairing damaged nerves on a neural-microscopic level.

Dr. Tomlinson adapted this specialized procedure from the coarse vein-grafting procedures originally utilized for heart patients that had experienced myocardial infarctions and had suffered various ranges of cardiac nerve stem damage.

However, she radically advanced that concept. She has miniaturized, honed, developed and perfected this highly specialized technique, and has expertly expanded it to encompass other nerve centers and pathways throughout the body, especially those damaged as a result of tissue collapse due to traumatic blood loss or muscle damage due to strokes, pulmonary deficiencies or infarctions.

There have been wide spread and dramatically positive results in patients suffering from severe chronic pain, which make up the largest percentage of her patient base. The majority of the patients undergoing the procedure have seen significant reduction in pain levels, and there have been cases where the pain was eliminated completely. All patients were able to fully function after the procedure without the need or use of any prescription pain medications or analgesics. A very minute percentage of patients did utilize some over-the-counter pain remedies, however these were occasional and widely intermittent, and not the norm.

The procedure is time-consuming and very demanding, as compared to any other standard surgical procedure. Only Dr. Tomlinson and her immediate surgical team are fully trained and able to perform the delicate procedure, and Dr. Tomlinson herself performs each operation personally. Understandably, Dr. Tomlinson and her staff have become in quite high demand, and have now laid claim to their own wing within the hospital, where her hand-picked staff handles and oversees both the intensive pre-op care as well as the full ICU, post-op and physical therapy treatment of each patient. This wing was dedicated recently as the Denton Cooley Institute (DCI).

Her list of patients has grown significantly within the last 6 months since Dr. Tomlinson began performing these surgeries, and the procedures continue to yield record-breaking and dramatically successful results. Now the current patient waiting list is up to 2 years, with severe chronic pain sufferers gaining a slight advantage over other candidates. Even the waiting list for a physician to physician consult is over 6 months at present, and continuing to grow exponentially.

Additionally, this incredibly talented surgeon has been inundated with requests for fellowships, understudies, and outright partnerships. A host of other surgeons are clamoring to be trained in her new specialized technique, but so far, DCI is the only place where both the full care program and the procedure have been perfected and are in current full time practice. At the time of this publication, Dr. Tomlinson's schedule did not allow for any personal interviews.

This is the newest 'cutting edge' surgical procedure and Dr. Katrina Tomlinson is being heralded as one of the most brilliant and talented surgeons in the medical profession today.

-Houston, Texas


House read the article over three times, then put the magazine down and grabbed his phone, quickly arranging a flight to Houston. He had plenty of vacation time coming, and plus, he would be able to stall off the deplorable task of hiring a new team…

He simply had to go check this out…

Both Cuddy and Wilson were more than happy to see him even remotely interested in any kind of pain management treatment, and offered their strong support and encouragement for his trip to the Denton Cooley Institute. 48 hours later, Dr. Greg House hailed a taxi at the Houston Airport and headed for DCI…