Full Summary:

Jupiter Thunder is the oldest of ten children. She is the oldest child in her military family and a lot is expected of her. But what isn't expected is that she join the military. Her parents think that that decision is up to their children. So what happens when this military family moves to Glenoak after her father is transferred? Will Jupiter make some friends? Will her family be welcomed once the community finds out her father and mother are in the military? And will she still be able to do her normal activities?

Jupiter Thunder:

Hi, my name is Jupiter Thunder, Jupe for short. I am the oldest of ten children. My father has been in the Army ever since I could remember. My mother used to be in the Navy until she got out when she met my father. They got married and I was born nine months later. My mother is a direct descendant of Chief Pukeshinwa of the Chippewa people (AN-I don't know if this Chief is of the Chippewa people, I just wanted the mother to belong to an important Chief of the Native Americans). My name, Jupiter Thunder was the name of an Indian Brave—a male—but my mother and father liked the name and gave it to me.

My siblings, all of whom have different Native American Tribe names, range from twelve to two, I of course being the oldest at sixteen. With my name in the lead, I will name off all of my siblings, along with their ages and sex type. (AN- I will even spell them out for you if that is what it takes for you readers to understand the names). I am Jupiter Thunder, female, age 16; Alameda, female, age twelve (Al-ah-me-dah); Apash-Wyakaikt, male, age 10 (Ah-pah-sh Why-ah-cake-k-t); Angwusnasomtaqa, female, age 9 (Ang-woos-nah-sohm-tah-quah); Attakullakulla, male, age 8 (Aht-ah-cool-lock-cool-lah); Chochmingwu, female, age 6 (Cho-ch-ming-woo); Chu'si, female, age 6 (Chew-see); Jack Kajika, male, age 5 (Kah-jee-kah); Kakawangwa, female, age 4 (Caw-kah-wang-wah); Kuckunniwi, male, age 2 (Koo-ck-oon-nee-we).

My father's name is Jonathan Hotuaekhaashtait and my mother's name is Sapphire Tihkoosue Hotuaekhaashtait. Our last name, which means Tall Bull, derives from the Cheyenne Tribe. My mother's maiden name, which means Short, derives from the Algonquin Tribe. My sibling's names mean, in order starting with mine (though I think you get what my name means):

Jupiter Thunder: age sixteen, female

Alameda: age twelve, female: grove of cottonwood

Apash-Wyakaikt: age ten, male: worthy of trust

Angwusnasomtaqa: age nine, female: repeat dance of the Hopi Tribe

Attakullakulla: age 8, male: lean bear of the Cheyenne Tribe

Chochmingwu: age six, female: corn mother of the Hopi tribe

Chu'si: age six, female: snake flower of the Hopi Tribe

Jack Kajika: age five, male: walks without a sound

Kakawangwa: age four, female: bitter of the Hopi Tribe

Kuckunniwi: age two, male: little wolf of the Cheyenne Tribe