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A massive ship cruised the black iciness of space near Earth's atmosphere. Drawing closer to their object of interest, laying listless in the vast void. But something did not appear quite right about it as the alarms went berserk with a heat signature. Taking a cursory glance at the screens, the occupants on board the ship were confounded. They had never seen anything like this.

Drawing nearer to the unidentified vessel, they discovered that they had never encountered this type of design before. As this transport was unfamiliar the M-di H'chak scanned the exterior taking careful notes of its appearance. Though long in shape, it had points forming on both ends and silver wave like indentations ran down its side.

The crew started to get a bit zealous as they barge their way to glance out the nearest view portal. It was apparent that they were on the verge of a great discovery. The most experienced hunters had already begun an internal scan of the vessel. A flash of red light pulsated inside the M-di H'chak before the words appear on the screen: UNIDENTIFIED SPECIES. PROCESS WITH CAUTION kept flashing against the monitor. The clicking rose as did the excitement levels.

Upon closer inspection, the vessel appeared to be a little too small for a war craft. It resembled a life preserve craft. Their ships weapons were fixed on the strange craft as they deactivated their shields. After conquering so many different species, the situation demanded this course of action. Excitement ran in the veins of the experienced hunters as this could mean a new hunt. The honors that would bring tasted palpable in their mouths.

The realisation that the vessel was entering earth's atmosphere. The hunters made the decision to select the most experienced hunter among them to follow the pod down to earth. Searching for his weapons and mask, he suited up before heading towards the atmospheric pods. Whilst Strapping himself in, he felt a jarring sensation before he was jettison out to follow the other vessel. This would prove to be most interesting as he had no idea what he was up against. As he felt the slight gravitational pull on his body. The only indications that he had enter the atmosphere.

A body jarring movement indicated that he had reached the ground. Making the wildlife scatter with the impact of it landing in the vast forest. Birds screeching as they took flight with the shock of something landing so close to their homes. He pushed on the door, waiting for it to fully open. "But it didn't, Damage to the door was visual with what little light that was shining through, this was due to the hard landing. With a growl, he lifted his foot, intending to kick the door from its hinges. He wanted out now. With a massive "Crash", he released his foot, forcing the door to open. A snarl escaping his chest, annoyed at the noise that he made because he wanted to be quiet and unobtrusive. Surveying the damage that he had caused from his break to freedom, he gave his massive head a shake.

Flicking through his visual aids, he scanned the surrounding area for any life forms. Snorting his displeasure at finding nothing, he stepped forward to make his way through the dense forest, continually scanning the ground for any form of tracks that the vessel's occupant could have made, suddenly a mark caught his attention to the right, he crouched down to inspect the mark on the ground. Upon closer inspection what appeared to be one was many.

Unsheathing his blades with the flex of his forearm. He searched the area. A growl being emitted from deep in his chest on knowing something wasn't quite right. Hearing a whoosh sound before he felt a pin prick in his neck. He automatically reached upwards to remove the offending weapon. He issued a roar as he looked at the object before crushing it into the ground under his armored foot. His knees buckled from underneath him, his mind was starting to get lightheaded as he heard the voices becoming closer. The voices distorting as he watched for their feet. He wanted to lash out at them "But" his heavy eyelids closed causing him to see nothing but darkness.