After 20 minutes had passed we hadn't received any reply to our distress call. I turned to the elder who stood at my side and advised him we were running out of time, the elder looked to the ground while twisting his mandibles on knowing I was right.

I quickly made my way to the weaponry chamber, once inside the chamber I started to select my battle suit peace by peace. After been fully equipped with my body armour and some deadly weapons, I then raised my gold coloured mask to my face, once connected I returned to the platform where the elder stood already armoured up and waiting.

The elder and I then walked into the open where a mighty army of warriors waited for our instructions.

The elder raised his hand and ordered the army to march through the fast approaching sand storm towards our enemy.

The army marched on causing the ground to vibrate under the vast amount of armoured feet. The elder walked beside me holding his head up high in a proud manner.

I was quickly distracted by the bright glow coming from the crystal draped around my neck, 'impossible', I spoke out whilst looking at it. Was she really here? Or was it some sort of energy interfering with the crystal?

I walked fast through the sand storm hoping to find her before she might be harmed in anyway. The crystal's glow got more intense with colour so I knew I was close, I looked in all directions 'but couldn't see anything for the sand storm had become thick and fast, I couldn't even see the elder or the army anymore.

"Kara", I called out, 'but, I got no answer in return.

Just then I could see a small, thin figure wondering aimlessly, as I approached its direction I could see with a joyous feeling inside me, it was her. She hadn't seen me yet as her arms were up against her head as she tried to shield her face from the violent whips of the storm.

I continued to approach her from behind, once directly behind her I stood still and waited for her to bump into me, she did and the tremble through her body made me shudder at her frightened state, I clasped my arms around her, she tried to open her eyes but the sand would hurt them, so I called her name, and as I did I felt her entire body relax, she then wrapped her arms around my neck and I picked her up, she burred her face in-between her arm and my neck to help shield her face.

I used my communicator to help me scan the area 'but' the storm seemed to distort any images that came through. After walking a short distance with Kara in my arms I managed to find my way back to the docking station.

It was a relief to be out of the sand storm. I crouched down onto my knees and placed Kara in a seated position, I helped wipe her eyes as the sand was stuck to her face, she then held my hand and opened her eyes which I noticed were slightly red.

"Did you not think to bring some sort of shield for your face, 'Kara? Your eye's are sore now", I said in an unhappy tone.

(Kara)- "I'm glad to see you too, Taron"

I changed my tone of voice straight away, and then took off my mask and placed it on the floor.

(Taron)- "And I'm glad to see you too, Kara", I said as I lent forward and pulled her body close to mine and held her face gently in both of my hands.

Kara suddenly shocked me by leaning close to my face and then stroked my cheek; I looked to her eyes which were intensely fixed on mine.

(Kara)- "I have missed you so much, so much it hurt Taron"

I swallowed hard as she touched her chest to mine and wrapped her arms around my neck whilst pressing her cheek to mine; I could feel my whole body tense up at the sudden situation. She then lent away from me slightly and placed her hands on my chest, it was quite enough for her to touch me like that to have me pull her close to my body again, I smelt her skin and hair, her sent alone excited me, she placed her hands on my shoulders and lent her head backwards exposing her neck, I held her waist firmly and smelled her neck, I then let go of her waist and ran my fingers through her hair until my fingers reached half way down the length, over excitement caused me to grasp her hair and pull her head down to touch the ground, she held my waist with her hands as I overpowered her body to the floor. The only thing that stopped me from taking her right then were the sounds of explosions in the distance, which brought my body and mind back to the reality of what was happening to my people, I stood up pulling Kara to her feet, Kara's marking were bright blue and her eyes too.

(Kara)- "What's going on, what's the noise?

I quickly explained the situation to Kara; I could see by her worried face she felt guilty on distracting me from my people.

(Kara)- "I'm sorry Taron I had no idea, your people will defeat them, 'Yes?

(Taron)-"NO, Kara we will not win this time, there's too many of them.

(Kara)-"The distress call, I will call my people straight away!

Kara headed straight for the out side; I grabbed her wrist and pulled her back to face me.

(Taron)-"Kara it's too late. Your people will not get here in time"

A single droplet ran down her face as she knew I was telling the truth, we both stood facing the open door after hearing loud screeches, I knew those sounds where from the 'hard meat'.

(Kara)-"Taron, I've heard those sounds before, I can't place them 'but I know I have.

We both headed outside back into the sand storm, we could here the sounds of the battle in the near distance, Kara held my hand tightly while having holding her other arm to her face.

Kara stopped abruptly when she heard the terrifying growls and horrifying cry's that I painfully knew were coming from my people.

Suddenly a Hard Meats body crashed to the ground near Kara's feet, its blood pored out causing the dusty ground to smoke. Its killer emerged through the haze of the storm in front of us. It was the elder, his leg was badly injured 'but he still stood tall and proud, he looked to Kara and me and paused in thought.

(Elder)-Taron, we must head for the caves before the other hard meats get here, we have a better chance of fighting them of for longer there.

I nodded in agreement with him and started to follow his lead, I had to stop when Kara pulled her hand from mine.

(Taron)- Kara, lets go.

Kara didn't say a word she just shook her head slowly in refusal and ran into the thick storm, I tried to run after her 'but I lost sight of her more or less straight away. Why had she let go? Why would she leave me now? A thousand thoughts and questions ran through my mind as I found my way to the caves.


I had to do something! Anything! I couldn't just stand back and watch Taron and his kind be slaughtered by those creatures. I care about him to much.

I ran away from Taron and tried to find my way back to my ship. I couldn't see what my feet where stumbling on, I didn't want to see.

I managed to find my way back to my ship, I quickly went inside and grabbed hold of my blue serums, and I drank all four tubes of the solution and sent a signal out to my home world giving them my coordinates, I then left my ship realising with some relief that the storm had died down making it visible to see my surroundings, which to my surprise of horror I could see a large amount of those creatures making there way towards the caves. I understood Taron now when he said there was just too many of them, there was thousands covering the land like a huge infestation of some sort.

I knew what I had to do for his people, for him. Realising there wasn't much time before the creatures reached the caves I ran as fast as I could toward the fast approaching fret, getting myself between them and the caves I stopped and waited for the monstrous creatures to get closer to me, I could here Taron shouting my name I turned my head slowly towards his direction and saw him trying to get to me, I was just glad his kind where restraining him.

I could here the rumble under my feet as the enemy started to close in my direction, I tried to ignore the cries from Taron's voice, I needed to concentrate.

I could feel I was ready as the large amount of blue serum flowed fast through my body, I raised my arms slightly out from my sides and raised my led high, I turned and looked to Taron's face, his eye's were wide in realisation of what I was about to do.


I couldn't believe what she was about to do, surely she couldn't not with this amount of 'hard meat', it's suicide she will harm her self, I tried again to shake of my fellow hunters 'but, they restrained me well, not been able to get to her sent rage through my veins, I thought about harming the hunters keeping me from her.

Just then I saw Kara look to me, she smiled and a single tear ran down her face, I couldn't let her do this I struggled with all my strength and managed to through one of the hunters to the ground, 'but it was to late Kara had started a massive shock wave off that travelled fast towards the approaching hard meat, the wave hit their body's causing them to turn to green dust, the wave travelled far across the land right up to the last hard meat. She had destroyed them all, my people were silent for a couple of minutes and then loud cheers and clicks arouse around me. I didn't care I looked toward the dust cloud in front of me trying to search for her, the elder put his hand on my shoulder and said she has saved us all, I ran out into the open shouting her name, the dust settled quick and I could see her stood facing me, I began to run towards her 'but came to an abrupt stop when I saw her blue blood running from her nose, Kara I shouted as I ran to her, she collapsed in my arms as I reached her.

I feel to my knees with her in my arms, she looked at me and smiled one more time just before her eyes shut and she stopped breathing, that moment my heart was crushed and my soul was torn……


The moment that little female let out her last breath 'Taron let out a screaming roar. I've never heard a more painful cry out in all my life, you could feel from that piercing roar his heart break into a million peaces, all of our kind must of heard his cry as it travelled for miles.


I held her for what only felt like seconds 'but the sun was setting so it must have been hours. I could here foot steps come to my side, it was the dark haired female from Kara's planet, she knelt down besides me and stroked Kara's forehead, I growled at her touching Kara.

She looked at me and smiled,

(Taron)-Why do you smile when she has died? stupid female. I said with anger running through my body.

(Dark haired female)- Do you think this is the end of her Taron?

(Taron)-What are you talking about?

(Dark haired female)- I'm telling you this isn't the end of Kara; this is her body that is all. She will choose another temple to hide her soul in, so do not be to sad Taron.

I couldn't make any sense of her words and started to dislike her immediately, after leaving me alone with Kara for awhile longer they then had to take her body back to their home world.

Several months had passed and there wasn't a day gone by that I didn't think of Kara, I tried to keep my self busy by training young warriors useful hand to hand combat, the elder dropped by a lot to make sure I hadn't gone crazy or anything or he would just stare at me from a distance making sure I was still focused with my assignments.

One afternoon after a training class, I heard a lot of commotion from my students as a ship of female warriors had docked and opened its doors to reveal them, the other male were getting them self's excited I just rolled my eye's at them and carried on cleaning a weapon, after a couple of minutes all the room had empted or so I thought, out the corner of my eye I could see someone watching me, I turned my head to look, it was a young female no older then 20, she was quite attractive with unusual body colours, her front and face was a light cream in colour and her surrounding colour was greenie blue. She just stood their staring at me.

(Taron)- If your lost the food court is up the corridor to your left, that's were all your fellow warriors have gone, and no doubt my male students.

She didn't say anything, she just continued watching me, all I could assume is that she was in heat and was looking for a mating partner.

(Taron)-There are plenty of young males about your age any place but this, female.

Still she did not say a word, I then saw her quickly shift into an attack position.

What was she doing? I turned to face her and before I knew it she ran towards me and spun around to my side waking the backs of my legs with a wooden pole.

I crashed hard to my knees and was just about to get up and kill her when she spoke.

(Female)-That's the fifth time Taron I have dropped you to your knees.

I couldn't believe my ears those were Kara's word's, I looked to the females intense baby blue eyes, my attention was soon drawn to the bright green crystal around her neck.

(Female)-I have missed you Taron so much, and yes it's me.

I gasped as she knelt down besides me and placed her hand on my cheek, my heart raced like that day we were together in the docking station, I looked to her unfamiliar face and then looked deep into her eyes, her eyes told me it was truly Kara.

I rose to my feet as she did, I reached out to have her body close to mine 'but she slapped my hand and said,

(Kara)- Don't males of your kind have to really impress a female to get that close, hmmm?

(Taron)- No messing now Kara I've waited so long to be able to touch you like how I really want to, now come here.

(Kara)-No chance, you can go about the mating ritual and impress me, doesn't it take up to 10-20 days before the female accepts the male?

(Taron)-I'm not kidding Kara, come here.

Kara laughed and ran out the room, I to giggled and ran after the little tease.

I and Kara were already Soul mates right from the beginning and now we were to be together in body always.

TARON'S AND KARA'S HAPPY ENDING……..or is it just the start.