Note: This was written as part of an iTunes drabble challenge, where I set it to shuffle and wrote a drabble inspired by each song in the time it took the song to play. This one was inspired by "Lady Marmalade".

Barney had been with a lot of women. Well, it felt like a lot. After all, it had only been a year since her. And there had been five women. He'd counted. He'd decided to start keeping track, names, maybe even pictures. It was all a little fuzzy but he'd work it out. He was new at this, but he was a fast learner.

Still, he needed more. Something beyond just former college classmates or that cute brunette from the bar. There had to be more out there than that, right?

How he'd wound up in a place like this, he didn't quite know. A contact from work. His paycheck in cash, burning a hole in his pocket. The red lights were subtle, making the redhead's hair glow all the more. Almost demonic. Inside he swallowed. Outside, he grinned.

"It's five hundred for the hour," the redhead said, leaning back against the pristinely kept wall. It was a clean place. Classy, in its own way. Expensive. "No negotiating. This isn't some street corner."

Barney swallowed. Tried not to give away the fact that he'd never done this before. Couldn't have conceived of ever doing this a year ago. He plastered on a cool grin he was still perfecting, and reached into his jacket pocket for the money.

It felt great, handing it over to her. Just that was enough of a thrill. His ears started to thrum with the anticipation of just what other new things he might discover tonight. "Hey, Barney Stinson only settles for the best, baby."

She rolled the money up, stuffing it in her bra, and grabbed his wrist. And he thought, oh yeah. There was more out there than he ever knew. And much more to himself. So much more.