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Craig never thought he would say these words. Never in his life did he ever think his own mouth would utter these words to this one person.

"I love you, Tweek." And, for once in his life of ever saying it, he meant it. He really truly meant it.

"I love you—nng—too, Craig!" Tweek chirped back happily as he kissed his boyfriend. It was the next week of school and everything was going perfectly. He never thought things could end this way, but they did, and it was all thanks to Kyle.

Speaking of which, here came the redhead in question this way, smiling from ear-to-ear. "Hey, Tweek." He glanced towards Craig, but purposely left out acknowledging the blue-hatted boy. Craig flipped him off but said nothing about this. He already knew Kyle's reason. Er, reasons, more so.

"How's it—erg—going?" Tweek asked.

"Just fine. And you?" Kyle winked.

Tweek smiled. "Great!" He turned to Craig. "Hey, Craig, mind if I—nng—talk to Kyle for a second?" Craig looked from the blonde to the redhead, before sighing in defeat and walking away. Tweek turned back to Kyle. "Thanks, Kyle."

Kyle's expression softened. "I had to do something. You were a pathetic mess and Craig was a pathetic asshole," He narrowed his eyes. "He hasn't tried anything on you, has he? Like, hitting you, threatening you, forcing you into anything you don't want to do?"

Tweek shook his head vigorously. "No! Not—ack—at all!" He smiled. "I'm making sure he never does to me—or anyone—what he did to you."

Kyle nodded shortly, waving it off awkwardly. "Good,"

"Kyle! Hey, Ky!" Kyle turned just in time before he was nearly knocked to the ground by his over-sized, football-playing friend. Correction—super best friend. Stan stopped and panted, holding a football in one of his hands. He must've just come back from practice or something. "I've been looking for you everywhere. Don't you have somewhere to be?" He patted the smaller—yet most likely stronger—Jew on the back.

Kyle slapped his forehead. "That's right!" He turned to Tweek. "Tweek, I'm really glad you're doing okay. I have to go now. Bye!"

Cartman came huffing and puffing next to Stan. "Stan…you asshole… I told you to…fucking…wait for me. We all can't be…lineback worthy,"

"What took you so long, fatass?" Stan laughed. Kyle laughed along with him before turning and running away, waving.

"See you later, guys!" he called.

"Fag." Cartman grumbled.

Wendy joined Stan's side, like she had every year since they've been dating, which was in Freshman year. This time, with no breaks. Stan smiled and pecked her on the cheek, making her blush and giggle.

"Pussy." The fat one mumbled.

"Shut up, Cartman. You're only mad because you're the only one around without a date."


As Kyle was running away, Craig stopped him by catching his arm. "Broflovski, wait."

Kyle stopped and glared, yanking his arm away. "What is it? I'm in a rush,"

Craig paused, seemingly thinking about his next choice of words. Finally, he sighed and looked painfully up at the Jew. "I'm sorry." He mumbled. "Thanks."

Kyle smiled. "You're welcome."

Tweek joined and locked arms with Craig and Kyle continued on his way. The school bell rang five minutes ago, sometime when Stan came over to him. He was running late. He had to hurry. Kyle finally skidded to a stop out front of the fair. He looked back and forth quickly, before frowning and relaxing.

He wasn't there.

Why wasn't he there?

Where was he?

He wasn't there.

He should've been there by—

"Guess who?" A pair of hands had somehow wound their way under Kyle's arms, and over his eyes when he was lost in his own worried thoughts. Kyle jumped before smiling widely.

"Kenny!" He untangled himself and spun around to face the blonde. He gave him a huge hug, nearly knocking them both off balance. Kenny was luckily able to catch them both and hug Kyle back just as tightly.

"What's up, Kyle? Ready to go in?" Kenny asked, also smiling.

Kyle nodded. "Yes!"

Kenny chuckled and leaned down, grabbing hold of Kyle's chin, locking his twinkling light blue eyes with the confused jade ones of the redhead. Before Kyle could say another word, Kenny pressed his lips against his.

When they pulled away, Kyle was in a daze. "What was that for?" he asked.

"I couldn't help myself." Kenny smirked.

"Oh." They stood in silence a second or two. Kyle grabbed Kenny's shoulders and brought him down to him, crashing their lips together once again.

"What was that for?" Kenny asked, blinking.

Kyle smirked and laughed. "I couldn't help myself," He grabbed the blonde's hand and dragged him into the fair. "Let's go!"

Neither of them saw this coming. They had their ups and down. Every couple fought every once in a while. But none of them—not Tweek, not Craig, not Kyle nor Kenny—could ever be broken up by just a simple fight.


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