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Of the Aura-Prologue

In Viridian city a small family lives. They're not part of some ancient cult, or the bringers of some devilish doom. They are regarded, correctly, as normal, if they do have one quirk; the entire family is obsessed with Lucario. The mother, Alice Jones, has a Lucario, name of Cari. The father, Charlie Jones, has a Lucario, name of Rica.
The daughter doesn't have a Lucario, simply because they're very hard to get hold of. But she lives, thinks and breathes them. It probably doesn't help that she was named after one. Cassandra Cari Jones. She was seventeen, and had been planning something for a while now. She was of the opinion that Aura, the techniques of the Lucarios, was not something passed down genetically, but something that could be learnt by anyone of enough dedication. Cari and Rica didn't dispute this, but were unsure if it was possible for any other pokemon to learn it.

So imagine their surprise when she announced she was going to learn it herself.

Alice immediately asked her to change her mind, but failed. Despairing, she asked Rica and Cari to talk to her.

* * *

In Cari's room, later, the two Lucario knocked, and then entered.

"Cari!" said Rica, talking telepathically.
"Yes? I suppose mum's asked you to talk to me." said the girl, looking up from a part packed bag.
"Yes, actually." said Rica, not showing surprise. "She doesn't think you should go. She only wants to keep you here, and I think you should choose whether to go or not. But there are other reasons she doesn't know."

Cari raised her eyebrows.

"For a start, to be in touch with the aura you need to feel its touch on your skin. I expect the first thing the Lucario will tell you to do is remove your clothes." he said.
"Really? Not just some story made up to scare me?" asked Cari, sceptically.
"I expect so. And not all Lucario are the honourable knights people think of. In the wild, they can be every bit as bad as humans."

There was a pause.

"So I'm in no more danger than normally, then."

Rica sighed.

"There is absolutely no guarantee that what you are trying to attempt is even possible." argued Rica.
"But no guarantee that it isn't." she countered.

"Cari." said the girls namesake, who had until now been quiet. "You're mother doesn't think you'll be safe. Are you sure you want to do this?"

Cari thought for a moment.

Rica rubbed his temples.
"You know that the Lucario will be hard to find?"
"You understand that they may try to take advantage, and you will not be able to stop them?"
"You realise that this could all end in failure?"

There was silence.

"Alright." said Rica. "I see your mind is set on this."
He took a piece of paper from on her desk, and laid it flat. He put a palm onto it, and there was a flare of bright aura, and complicated patterns were burnt into it, with more detail than any normal map could have.

"This is a map of the Silver Mountains, along with the locations of all the Lucario tribes I know of." he said. Rica gave it to her. "Good luck. I will tell your mother that you will be fine. Do not make me a liar." he said.

The two pokemon left.

* * *

"Are you sure you won't stay? Or at least take Rica with you?" asked Alice.
"Yes, mum. I'm sure."
"You'll be alright?" she said.
Cari thought about what Rica had told her.
"I'll be fine." she said.

"Cari?" said Charlie.

Charlie looked at Rica, who picked up a brick, lying in the front garden since a wall had been taken down, and threw it into the air, where a blue-green sphere of aura turned it to dust.
"When you come back, you'll be able to do that, right?" he asked.
Cari hugged him.
"I promise, dad."

* * *

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