Sleep Science 4/4

CJ and Danny

Disclaimer: as if!

Nurture vs. Nature

Santa Monica, California. Dec. 2008

She sleeps better when she's sleeping in their bed. The nighttime world is not so vast and empty. There are no monsters here. And as she wriggles between them her father's hand gently rubs her back until she drifts to sleep. And when she starts awake from some amorphous nightmare her mother's sleepy voice whispers, "Ssshhh… Sshhh… you're okay…" as she settles back to sleep, one tiny hand entangled in her mother's hair.

And when she wakes in the morning, safe in her own bed, she has no memory of the late night venture, down the darkened hall. Only a fleeting impression of her father's strong arms wrapped around her. Only a lingering sensation of her mother's perfume. Only the start of the new day.