Full Summary:

Reyna knows that she must keep her powers a secret. But what happens when she meets the Charmed One's? Will they help her realize its okay to be in a band with her friends? Will they help her realize she has nothing to be afraid of if her powers come out when she sings? Will they offer her a place to have band practices?

Reyna Sobieski:

I was born with an incredible power. I was also born with the gift to sing. With everything that went on in my life, I never thought I would meet anyone like me, let alone a whole group. They didn't have the same powers as me, but they could do magic like I could. And the best part was, they all played different instruments, which meant—of course—that we were going to be a basement band. The only problem was, when I sang, my powers tended to come out in the open. The last time that happened, we nearly burned down my house. We decided to look for another place to practice, but everywhere we went, we were turned down. I was starting to curse my powers more and more. Because whenever we were left alone to practice, I would nearly burn down the practice place. Then we would blame it on a candle that was left burning. We would always make sure we brought extra candles to the places we practiced at so that we could use that excuse.

We had finally run out of places to practice and were about to give up when I ran into Paige Mathews. She was to be my new White Lighter. I knew enough about the Magical World, that when you get a White Lighter, it's always a good thing. The only problem was she didn't know she would be watching over all five of us. All together, our powers could bring destruction or peace to the world. That's why we had more then one White Lighter watching over us. We also had Leo. And he had taken our problem to the Charmed One's. That was one of the reasons Paige was sent to us. She had a solution to where we could practice, without burning down the place. We just didn't know how our parents were going to feel about us practicing at a stranger's home.