First off, before I give a proper summery I must say that LJ Smith owns the "soulmate principle" and all that, but I would like to claim ownership to these original characters I've created for this fic.

Summery: Sometimes, in real life, regardless if you've found your soulmate or not you have to take some time to get to know that person, sometimes meant to be or not you don't like each other at first…and this is where this story comes in.

Impossible is a story about a girl, an average girl, who is not very pretty, does decent in school, horrible at sports and doesn't have that many friends, enter her parallel opposite a boy (or rather a witch/vampire) who is breathtakingly beautiful, brilliant, athletic and everyone who meets him instantly adores him. Then the unthinkable happens-they realize they're meant for each other.


Prologue: Two Complete Opposites

Valerie Sullivan

Valerie wasn't one of those girls you could fix with a makeover. You couldn't cut her hair, give her some fancy makeup and a new wardrobe and call her gorgeous. She was just a "plain Jane" not ugly enough to be invisible but not pretty enough to get a date.

All her life she'd been waiting to turn sixteen; she'd seen so many movies and read so many books depicting what an exciting time it was supposed to be, but her life hadn't changed. It was all in the person, she guessed, the thing that makes high school-life in general- interesting and exciting.

And she just didn't have the stuff.

Her life was just as boring and inconsequential as it was when she was seven and longed for this age, when she would surely have something more.

But here she was a junior in high school-sixteen-and she still felt the same. There was still that longing, that searching for something she always felt was somewhere off in the distant future.

She hated feeling this way because she was just the sort of person she hated to see in characters in the books she read: incomplete, always dreaming, searching for someone or something that would make their life better just because they couldn't find a way to do it themselves. She hated people like that and yet that was her and she couldn't do anything about it.

What was most depressing was that she wasn't even ever outwardly rejected from things. She had opportunities to change the way people looked at her, but she chose not to take them-continuously. Because it meant doing "the thing", the things that were socially acceptable, that meant you had a life. And she didn't define "life" quite like they did.

Some of the more popular people seemed to think that the only way to "have a life" was to party, have fun, and date a lot. You couldn't have an existence like hers-one of homework, books, fantasies, dreams, family and a few close friends-that wasn't a life to them, that was sitting at home doing nothing, not at all what they considered a life.

And even the few close friends thing wasn't even true! She had lots of people that thought she was okay, that she joked around with, hung out with at school, but no one she'd ever have told her deepest secrets to. She didn't even have any siblings.

So maybe she didn't have a life, maybe a little part of her was waiting for that white knight to come along and rescue her and giver he a life of adventure and romance, a life her "friends" would be jealous of.

But that was impossible.

She wasn't pretty enough it catch anyone's eye, she wasn't even ugly enough to ply a geek's sympathies. Her personality wasn't all that amazing either. She could be snarky and stubborn and tended to get caught up in her own head. To top it all off she had no special talent or skill that made her special. She did well in school, mostly B's, and some A's too, enough to make honor role and please her mother. But that's something she always did and wasn't that spectacular anyway. She loved to read but that wasn't really a skill. How could enjoying escaping your own skull be a talent? She could sing with some skill but that was personal-she didn't think she could ever sing in front of anyone; she'd be too afraid they'd laugh and tell her her voice was stupid or average, when it was the only thing she prided herself on.

She admired the smart and witty, knowing she could never be apart of them, she stood on the fringes of one group or another-nothing spectacular.

No, Valerie wasn't special, even if she desperately wanted to be.

Luc Harmon

Luc Harmon strutted when he walked, knowing full well he was someone people noticed, just as they should, he thought. It made him smug to think of how different he was.

Born a Harmon witch, a male and powerful, so rare to begin with, made even more rare by that twit Angela Redfurn who had decided she was in love with him and made him into a vampire. A vampire! As if belonging to Circle Midnight didn't make him dangerous enough!

Luc had grown up around humans-his grandparents had always insisted on it, but deep down with his magic and his fathers circle, he knew he was better than everyone around him.

He was brilliant, cuttingly funny, and gorgeous-he had the world at his feet, even without his witch blood and new vampiric tendencies.

He didn't need his weakling sister Lucy to tell him he was stuck up and full of himself. He knew it. But he also knew he had the right to be, with all the things he had going for him.

When his grandparents decided it was time to move away from his father, Circle Midnight, and their "corrupting ways", he hadn't been alarmed or unsure the way most "kids" his age would be about moving to a new town to live among people he didn't know. Instead, he embraced the challenge. He had a feeling this move would test just how sure he was of his world, and he was completely confident he would come out on top.

This was really just an introduction to the characters, the first real chapters will be posted momentarily. :D melissaturkey