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Chapter 2: Good Deed for the Day


What the fucking hell was that? Was the only thing that came to Luc's mind after he pulled himself from the -whatever that was, and watched the girl slowly walk up to a front seat as the teacher, Dump or Grunt or whatever shitty name he had, told the class to settle down and get in their seats. He made an honest effort to pay attention but his eyes traveled to the back of the girl whose seat he'd taken.

She was shaking her head slightly- like she was trying to rid herself of a bad experience. Luc felt himself frown, no one ever hated interacting with him, but this girl was different. This girl argued with him. Charming this girl had had no effect-well if you put aside the weird crazy special effects fizzes and explosions that erupted throughout his body when he tried-which he was, putting it aside to the deepest darkest depths of his subconscious. But really what the hell happened? Surely it had not just been him that had been affected, he saw the look in her eyes just before she walked away, surely she felt whatever that was too?

So far, none of the teacher's words at the start of class had sunk in but when he heard his name he knew it was time to pull himself together.

"…Luc would you like to tell the class a little about yourself?" Came the predictable words.

He stood. "Hey, I'm Luc Harmon, like Luke but with a "c" and no "e" at the end. A bunch of you already know about me from other classes but hey, I can give it another go."

"I moved here from Kerosene, Nevada. And yeah it's a hot place to live. It's only an hours drive from Las Vegas which I'm sure you've all heard of. My birthday's December 31st and I like having fun. Anything else you want to know feel free to ask." He sat down and couldn't help smirk at the amused and interested looks from his classmates.

It didn't matter so much what he said, but how he said it, with magic and the seduction of being what he was-a witch turned vampire-that lured humans in and made him instantly popular. And while he was smugly pleased with how this day was going so far, it vaguely irritated him that that one girl didn't turn around to look at him when he introduced himself. A faint curiosity tugged at him; he wondered what her name was.

The first bit of class passed by dully-he'd been taking anatomy at his old school when he'd transferred and they'd already went over this; the names of bones, where organs were on the human body, the basics, easy stuff.

Luc let his thoughts drift to some of the pretty girls' slender necks; this might be a nice place to live after all he thought idly before his attention was caught by an interesting development.

Mr. What's -his-poop was looking for someone to be a model to show the different bones and muscles and organs and instantly it was clear why the girl had not wanted to sit up front; the teachers' eyes were roving over only the front lab tables. When the teacher's eyes stopped on her Luc saw the girl's back stiffen.

"Valerie Sullivan! Why don't you come on up? Make sure you don't knock anything over on your way."

Her name was Valerie then, and she was a klutz. Not really a surprise there, she'd knocked his pen off his desk when she'd walked away from him earlier. He watched with morbid fascination as the teacher pointed out various bones in her arms and legs and described the function of each. He saw her cheeks color and how she pointedly stared at the clock in the back of the room to distract herself from the humiliation.

Strangely he was already about to say something when the teacher got horribly out of line.

"Now if Valerie didn't feel the need to compensate for grace with food I'd be better able to point out the diaphragm. But it's generally somewhere in this region." He waved his hand over the general upper stomach area.

Luc was standing before he properly worked out what he was going to say.

"It seems to me Mr. Grunt, that in order to properly demonstrate the complex perfection of human anatomy you should have a model that's perfect."

The teacher laughed, and the kids laughed and for a moment the focus was off Valerie long enough for her to take her seat again.

"Very well, everyone apparently our new student is perfect and would like to model for us."

With Luc as a model class resumed and no one looked at Valerie again. Luc felt rather smug with himself. Well, his sister couldn't say he didn't do his good deed for the day.

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