Summary: Just some heartwarming fluff

Authors Note: Because we need fluff, in fact I have no clue why ANYONE is writing ANYTHING agnsty now, when Chuck and Blair are happy 'cause quite frankly it's not gonna last that long so we should enjoy it! Wow, nice to get that off my chest, on to the fic!

Disclaimer: Ya, ya it doesn't belong to me, rub it in why don't ya..

"I love you; that's three, here's four; I love you..."

And that was it. I wouldn't say they lived happily ever after because what they had was real not a fairy tale. There were good times and bad, breakups and reunions; too many to count. Each breakup got shorter and shorter until one day, with a ring, there were none. Their love wasn't made out of princesses, castles and knights but out of limos, stages, street corners and rooftops. Of headbands, bow ties, butterflies, schemes, stockings and macaroons.