Cherish POV

My head was throbbing. Where was I? Where were sunny and Sides? Ugh… What happened?


We were having a blast. Sunny and Sides had totally demolishing the competition, as predicted. This guy came speeding past, nearly running me over. "Dude, it's the cops!"

I felt my eyes widen as I Sides opened his door for me. We sped outta there. I smirked.

"What are you so happy about?"

"The idea of you getting pulled over by the cops."

Sunny and Sides joined into with my laughter. Suddenly I could feel Sides tense up.

"Sides? What's wrong?"

"Decepticon activity. Just hold on."

I frowned. I'd of course heard plenty about the decepticons. What was the big deal? Sides pulled to a stop. "Why are you stopping? I thought you said there Decepticons! Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't they supposed to be the bad guys?"

"It's complicated. Optimus had some kind of treaty with them right before you showed up, but I don't trust the slaggers. Get out. I need to transform. I'll try to lead em away from ya." I did as he requested and stepped out.

"Be careful, Sides." He took off speeding down the road.

Almost immediately there seemed to be a large explosion. Not wanting to be squished, I did as Sides had said and ran the opposite direction. I was crossing the street when another car nearly ran me over. I glared over my shoulder, but kept running.

A man appeared in front of me. Not 'I didn't see him before' appeared, but appeared… out of thin air. I tried to stop before I ran into him, but no such luck. "Ow…"

I sat up from where I had fallen. "Who're you?"

I mentally calculated whose holoforms I had seen. Ratchet, Barricade, the twins… "Oh, crap." As I continued to look at him I noticed one very important detail.

I gulped as two rough hands jerked me to my feet. "Hello, Cherish Ekstedt." Two red eyes glared back at me.

"Where are you taking me?"

"Decepticon base…. There is someone there who has been most anxious to meet you…"

With that I felt a harsh blow to my head as I slumped forward into unconsciousness.

Back at the Autobot Base

Bumblebee sped into the base, nearly running over several startled humans. He screeched to a halt outside Optimus' office door.

He urgently knocked on the door. "Come in."

Bee stepped inside. "Um, Optimus sir? There is something you need to see."

"Go on."

"Yes, well. Sunstreaker and Sideswipe took Cherish on a drive and I thought I would tag along to make sure they were ok and…"


"You should see for yourself, sir."

Bee projected a video of the information he had gathered. Sideswipe and Sunstreaker pulled over and Cherish got out. The twins went towards three decepticon figures. Cherish darted away and ran into somebody.

"Wait. Did he just appear out of thin air?"

Bumblebee nodded. "I'm afraid so, sir."


"Um, it gets worse." He played the video again and zoomed in on the man's face. Two red eyes could be seen.

Optimus frowned. "This is terrible."

"It gets worse."

"Worse than this?"

"Yes. I did a scan of the area to find who took Cherish-"

"SOMEBODY TOOK CHERISH?" Two startled bots turned to see a livid Ratchet standing in the doorway.

Bumblebee shrunk back. "Y-yes. A decepticon. Barrcade, I believe…but that's not the worst of it…"

Ratchet glared. "How could it possibly get worse?"

"Well, just look for yourself." Bumblebee played the video with his scans. It showed not one but two cybertronian signatures.

Optimus frowned. "Ratchet? What do you make of this?"

Ratchet was staring hard at the video. "I have no idea sir. I mean, Cherish did heal at a bizarre rate, but I didn't think anything of it."

Optimus sighed. "I think its time we paid a visit to the Decepticon base. Ratchet nodded. "I'll assemble a team, sir." As Ratchet turned to go, he cast one last look at the video that showed a robotic cybertronian skeleton… where Cherish should be…

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