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In Which There Is The End

Hello, Papa,

I don't suppose I can say that I ever expected to be writing this letter, anymore than I suppose you, where ever you are now, could have ever expected to recieve it. It's a cold Christmas day and here I am, with my family, visiting you. Don't ask me why we're here - because the whole family is - but I felt an overwhelming urge to let you know exactly how life has been since you've been gone, which is why I'm here, at your memorial stone, with this letter.

Franziska has already paid her respects to you. My sister is doing very well for herself. She's changed a lot in the fifteen years since your arrest. Still prosecutiing, and still insisiting on perfection mind you; that part of her hasn't changed. But Franziska's idea of perfection is different now to what it used to be. The perfect trial is the one where the innocent are free and the guilty are discovered. Whether this means a loss or a win, nowadays, Franziska makes a point of making sure it happens. She's travelling, still. Thirty-two years old, she is now, and as dedicated to her job as ever, if not more so. I am truly prouder of her now than I've ever been, and I make a point of telling her this every time I see her.

Speaking of pride, Miles has been a great source of it to us. It took him a long time to shake off the damage you did to him, Papa, but he did it. This was partly to do with me, I hope, but I think that a lot of it had to do with his wonderful partner. I'm sure you remember him; the defence attorney, Phoenix Wright. Well, they both made our lives very complicated for a while. It was years before they finally got together. But they're living in America now. Phoenix, still going strong as a lawyer after gaining back his badge, and Miles, still prosecuting. Their court battles are always amazing to watch, when I get the chance. Phoenix is still running his "Anything Agency", with the aid of their daughter, Trucy, when she is not on a tour. She is only just twenty years old, and she's singlehandedly already managed to bring Troupe Gramarye up from the ashes.

Her brother, Apollo, is also still a defence lawyer, still happily working at the agency with his sister and her parents. He doesn't live with them anymore, though; he moved in with Klavier after the wedding (which was Klavier's idea, of course). They now live there with their two-year-old girl, a girl produced by surrogacy named Selene who has to be the most spoiled toddler I have ever laid eyes on. Selene, tiny thing that she is, is doted on by everyone, including her older "cousins", who enjoy treating her as their baby.

Leon and Lucinda - named after Franziska's mother, bless her - are Ana's children. She was only twenty when they were born to her and her American husband, Jake. Being only a year older than Selene has had no effect on their babying of her, which is possibly a result of the significant size difference between them. Ana and Jake, who happens to rather resemble someone I've already mentioned (coincidence, I'm sure), live two states away fro the others, so only meet up with them slightly more than Fritz and I are able to see them. Ana has made quite the name for herself in the States as an attorney, and is often the family's only source of income as her partner attempts to kickstart his singing career.

Fritz and I are fine as we are. We don't often get lonely, despite having this huge mansion all to ourselves. Franziska is home much more than she ever used to be, and there is always one visitor or another. Fritz's brothers, their wives and their children, as well as his parents, often pop in for a visit, occassionally overnight. And around the holidays, especially Christmas, the whole of my side of the family tends to visit for the duration. It's really getting difficult sometimes to cram everyone in!

I must leave it at that, Papa. Lucy and Leon are arguing over who gets to hold Selene's hand, and this kind of thing often requires a grandmother's touch to sort out.

I shall leave you with but this: know that I am happy. I have a brother, a sister, a husband and a daughter who love me, not to mention the numerous family which has developed around them. My family and I are stronger than a lot of families I know, and we are more successful in our chosen paths than many could ever hope to be. I cannot even say that I hate you, Manfred von Karma, because it is partly due to your schemes that I have everyone and everything that I do to begin with.

Even you will have to admit, father; my successes are considerable for such a disappointment.

Goodbye, Papa.


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