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"We're leaving now."

I opened my eyes groggily to a cold glare and him getting things together.

We had been here at the hotel for a day, this was the second night, and those were the first words that he had spoken since he told me to shut up when trying to cut my hair. The rest had been cold, blood-chilling glaring whenever eye contact was made.

When I didn't move, he grabbed me by the arm rather roughly and pulled me up.

My feet weren't out before my head so I landed on my hands and knees. He just yanked me up by the hair.

He went back to the bags and threw me the flip flops and a brush.

I slipped them on and grabbed the brush, yanking it at my hair as we left the room.

He hurried me down the hallways and we took the stairs instead of the elevator.

When we arrived at the lobby, I expected him to check out but he didn't. He must've already done that while I was asleep.

We strode out the door and through the parking lot.

I was shoved into the backseat of the shiny black car and the bags into the passenger's seat.

He got in and started the car; we were out in less than a minute.

The glowing clock told me that it was near four in the morning.

I didn't ask why we had rushed out. Anything to avoid speaking to him while he was in this state.

Instead I curled up on the seat and fell back to sleep quickly.


When I woke up it was to raised voices, one on the phone and one from him.

"Yes, I know that better than you! I know what I must do if something goes wrong, unlike you-"

Yells from the other end of the call.

"Which is against the rules! You should of just killed her; instead you decided to get all of us into trouble-"

"That is not an excuse for what you did! If it comes to it, I know what I will do. I'm loyal. A simple girl will not change that-"

I tried not to move; I knew that he was talking about me with someone else. His voice got louder with every word.

"How did we even get onto this topic, anyway? It's not like I give a damn what happens to-"

He cut off even though no one was speaking on the other end and glanced up at the rear-view mirror. I quickly shut my eyes and pretended to sleep. He fell for my act.

When he spoke again, his voice was lowered.

"I will do what I must, even if it means getting rid of her. It's better for neither of us to have the information than for them to. I'll do whatever it takes."

The phone snapped shut.

I lay there, taking in what he had said. Who was he talking to? And what about breaking rules, with who? Who broke the rules?

I didn't want to think about the rest of what he had said, but I couldn't help it.

He would kill me if it came to it. That was all that there was to it.

Tears began to form beneath my eyelids and I felt some leak out, rolling down my face and into my hair.

The feeling that eyes were on me came and I tried to keep my breathing steady, praying that the tear streaks were unnoticeable on my skin.

Time passed. After a while I grew restless, so I opened my eyes and sat up.

He glanced back but then returned his eyes to the road.

It was nine fifty-one in the morning, but it felt much later than that. I wondered how long I had been awake with my eyes shut.

As the day progressed, I began to realize just how boring and depressing sitting in a car with only your thoughts and your kidnapper to keep you company. I didn't like either of them.

All that I had to think about was the future, which normally wouldn't be unusual, but visions hadn't been coming as much lately.

And the future was depressing.

I would likely die, probably by the hands of the man in front of me. Would I be shot? Choked? Stabbed? Loads of horrid thoughts crossed my mind, each worse than the last.

In the end it came down to the fact that life sucked at this point. What was the point in living if this was all that would happen? I didn't seemed to have anything to look forward to-anything to keep me struggling to live, anyway. It was all worthless. I should just stop trying now.

I swam in these morbid thoughts as the car sped down the road. I watched the passing cars and their drivers. Each driver had a life that I did not know of, as well as a life to look forward to, unlike me. Each one was different.

After a while of observing, however, I noticed a trend. People on their phones talking about matters that were most likely care-free and useless, people drinking their cups of coffee with shopping bags in the passenger seat. They would all be returning home most likely. They were all still worried about having the right clothes to wear the next day.

Like I used to be.

Now there was more.

I had to worry and wonder about how much longer I had to live. What if the man upfront, still nameless, got a phone call that gave him reason to turn around and shoot me?

The treacherous tears came again and rolled down my cheeks.

I told myself not to cry. It wasn't worth the tears. It was inevitable, and I shouldn't waste my tears over it. His actions weren't a reason to cry.

Then I realized just how much I hated him. I hated him so much. The way he glared at me for no apparent reason, the way he was so cold and distant toward me, the way he spoke to me. I hated him. He stole me away from my sister. He'd doomed me by doing so. If I was going to die anyway, why not irritate him before. I hated him.

I twisted a piece of my short hair around my finger as I gazed out the window.


We stopped at eight that evening for gas and a bathroom break.

I was led into the gas station as usual, still in my pjs from the night before. It didn't really matter.

When we entered the store, though, I tripped on purpose. I still remembered what I had promised myself earlier that day.

With a grumble, he helped me up, unable to do anything that might cause suspicion among the other people in the store.

Then I 'accidently' stuck my foot out in front of his and he stumbled. He didn't fall to the ground, but he pulled on me for balance.

Then he jerked to a stop in the middle of an aisle.

"Do it again and I'm going to slap you," he threatened while glaring at me icily. The glare almost made me lose my resolve. It did for a moment, but then I snickered internally. He wouldn't dare do anything in front of others..

He began walking again, tugging roughly on my arm for me to follow.

I finished up quickly in the restroom this time, and when I stepped out he wasn't there. I glanced around the store to see that he was up front, paying for food and drink.

I debated on whether to stay here but then decided against it.

I took a deep breath and walked through the aisles toward the door.

When I walked past him, I tensed, but nothing happened.

He didn't look up until I opened the door and a 'ding' rang softly.

Then he turned around and I felt his gaze on my back as I picked up speed.

I threw it all to the wind and began to run, and wondered why I couldn't hear his footsteps chasing after me. Then I realized that it might look suspicious for him to chase after a random person.

I kept running out of the lot and down the side walk as his car was heard starting.

It was then that I decided I was going to get away.

I cut through a lawn and headed down a neighborhood.

It seems that cutting through lawns was a good idea, because after about seven minutes I couldn't see or hear his car.

I raced past little kids that were playing in their yards, panting. The flip flops weren't very helpful. I ended up kicking them off and running barefoot.

Another five minutes passed and I was growing dizzy. I wasn't used to running at all, especially at this pace for so long.

So I went into a yard that was hidden partially behind trees. It was a small house, and the lights were all off..

I hid behind it. After less than five minutes I heard the familiar sound of his car racing by and saw it briefly.

By now the sun was sinking below the horizon, and only now did it cross my mind that I had no idea what I was going to do tonight. Where would I stay? Where would I go next?

I sighed. My head suddenly hurt.

I had to move, at least, so I went back to the side walk and began walking.

And walking.

And walking.

It must've been at least nine fifteen.

The sun had set and there was a faint glow in the sky where downtown must be in one direction. I had no idea where I was going, but I was headed toward the light, hoping that it would get me somewhere. I had been getting very puzzled looks by passing cars, and each time I looked down at my bare feet.

Then a vision took over my head.

Arms were wrapped around me, suffocating me. We were backing up quickly and I could sense others moving around us.

Another figure was jumping out of a car a few yards away. It was the blonde man that I had lost earlier.

He pulled out a gun and aimed.

The sound of the shot echoed in my head and I felt something graze my arm.

The others that were around us each pulled out a gun, too, and blondie ducked behind his car as he shot.

He wasn't aiming for the men around us, only us.

The bullets pelted the car that I was being dragged toward but none hit me.

I watched the blonde man as he fired at us. Each time I watched as the aim was only inches off, heard the bullet whiz past me. Three more times the bullets grazed me, twice my arm and once just through the tips of my hair.

Then the man holding me tripped and I fell with him. I landed on my hands and knees.

I looked up to see the blonde man point the gun right at my head, taking quick but careful aim as I knelt there, shocked.

I heard the shot echo in my head.

I returned to the present to find myself kneeling on the sidewalk. I knew that I had just seen my own death, but when would it come?

I sat there for some time, pondering what I had just seen, feeling more depressed than ever.

Then I got up slowly, dreading the night that may very well be my last.

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