Dark Covers All: Chapter 1:

Shinku sighed for the hundredth time that night. Shinku Setsugi was an extremely wanted criminal, but no for a good reason. It was thanks to the Necros she had slaughtered a good 4 million of their finest soldiers as they tried to take over New Mecca. That alone became a legend in itself and for the fact that she was a woman.

Shinku was a good 5'6 with long black hair that stopped at her lower back and she had brown eyes that almost looked black to some people. Shinku was now wearing a pair of black pants, black combat boots that were underneath the pants a black t-shirt that was slightly tight around the chest area, and a long black trench coat that had her name written in Japanese.

Shinku was different for the most part because she could control the shadow and summon the dead ghosts that seek vengeance to come into the shadows. Shinku also had regenerating healing ability along with the ability to summon any weapon she chose to the battle field. Shinku had stolen a merc ship from some guy named Toombs.

*Sly fucker that one was.* Shinku though bitterly to herself.

Toombs had tried to take her in time and time again, but she pretty much beat his ass into a bloody pulp if need be. Now she needed to stop and dump this crappy ass thing called an air craft. Shinku scoffed to herself at the thought of how she had made better ones in her time. However, Shinku managed to find a planet to land on and decided that she would head back to New Mecca to see things were the last 10 years since she had left.

Shinku quickly landed the ship after obtaining permission to land and quickly headed off to the nearest space port and got a ticket and headed toward the ship called the Hunter Gratzner. Shinku growled at the fact that she was to put into cryo sleep it never suited her when enemies were near, but she devided to make due with what she got. Shinku was the first passenger to aboard. Shinku put her bag into the compartment next to her cryo tube.

Inside the bag was her sword that was made out of the strongest of metals and some of her own blood which she gave the name Shi no Kurushimi. It could change it a giant scythe with a large red blade. Shinku was considered a goddess of war amongst locals on most planets though Shinku thought she was nothing special though she sent all those Necros back to hell.

She also gave their king a good thrashing and told him that if he ever came back she would break every bone in his body and make sure that he never would see daylight again. Shinku smirked at the thought of his face when he realized that he was bested by a woman. After the rest of the passengers came aboard Shinku went into cryo sleep. To Shinku it never felt right to her even though she was only 22 years old, she sometimes felt that she was felt to old.

Suddenly the whole ship began to shake and her cryo tube opened roughly causing her to fall out along with a man falling on top of her.

"Could you please get off of me?" Shinku growled at the man.

Who quickly got off of her, as Shinku stood up to ask what was going on when suddenly the side of the ship began to start to come off. Shinku grabbed the beam that the guy was hanging onto as well however something crashed into the back of her head causing her to be thrown to the other side of the ship landing in front of a cryo tube that held a dangerous criminal, but before she could see anymore she blacked out.

Shinku awoke later to see that tube that she landed in front of was now empty and the convict escaped.

*It's not like he is a threat me.* Shinku thought to herself as got up.

"Hey are ya alright over there?" A Australian female accent called out.

"Yeah. I am fine." Shinku replied looking over at all of the survivors.

"The names Shazza and this man next to me is Zeke." The woman now identified herself as Shazza said.

Shinku took her hand and began to evaluate who was a threat and who wasn't.

"Mine is Shinku Setsugi." Shinku replied.

"Wait aren't you famous for killing off nearly 4 million Necromongers?"

"Yes is that a problem?" Shinku looked at Shazza.

"Are you kidding me? It's an honor to the living breathing legend herself. Got a quite a reputation."

Shinku smiled at the Australian woman and instantly started to take a liking to her. Shinku noticed that Zeke was also agreeing with her. Shazza was a tall woman with black curly hair and was wearing a red sleeveless shirt with black leather pants and boots. Zeke on the other hand appeared to have brown hair and was slightly shorter that Shazza. He was hearing a tan shirt and black pants and boots as well.

"Shazza did you find anyone else?" A African man asked making his way over to them.

"Yeah this here is Shinku Setsugi."

"You mean the one that defeated an entire army?"

"Yeah this is her."

"It is honor to meet you Ms. Setsugi. You may call me Imam." The man was wearing an Arabic holy hot fit. He was soon followed by three young Arabic boys wearing matching outfits.

"These are my three charges the youngest is Ali, The second youngest is Hassan, and the oldest is Suleiman."

"I am glad to meet you." Shinku replied bowing in respect.

Before anyone else said anything a screamed echoed out from the ship. Everyone went to see who it was only to see a blonde woman leaning over a man who had a pipe sticking out of chest near his heart. Shinku felt bad for the man so she went back over to where her bag was and pulled out a purple vile.

Shinku then went back to where the blonde woman was and noticed that she began to tell everyone to leave, but Shinku walked over to her.

"Here let me inject him with this." Shinku said holding up the purple vile.

"What is it?" The blonde woman asked.

"It is a poison that works immediately. It cause the person to sleep, soon his every organ with shut down and he will pass on painlessly." Shinku said walking over to her and knelt down next to her.

"It is the most humane thing to do for him." Shinku said removing the cap of the needle and gently placed into his arm and injected it.

Soon the man fell asleep, Shinku placed her hand on his pulse and felt began to fad until there was nothing left. Shinku looked at her nodded signaling that it the man was gone.

"I am Shinku Setsugi. What is yours?"

"Caroline Fry, but you can call me Fry."

"Well Fry let move forward and try to get off this planet." Shinku said standing up and offering her hand to Fry.

Fry smiled slightly and took her hand before standing up.

"You are the one that is very famous on many planets aren't you. The one that slew 4 million of the dead army that tried to take control of New Mecca ten years ago."

"Yeah that seems to be the case."

"Well then it is good that you are here then. We were also transporting a dangerous criminal by the name of Richard B. Riddick."

"Trust me I am must more deadly than him."

"How? If you don't mind me asking?"

"He is friends with the shadow, but I am the shadows." Was all Shinku said before leaving the crash with Fry following and pondering what she meant.

"When they got out side the ship they went up top with the rest of the survivors."

"There was talk of a scouting party to look for any more survivors, but then we saw this." Zeke stated to Fry.

"Oh god." Shinku muttered.

"Well I for one am grateful. This beast wasn't made for landing like this, but you did very well." Shazza said followed by everyone saying there thanks. Shinku then jumped down to retrieve her bag when she spotted a muscular man with no hair and was wearing a black sleeveless shirt, black pant, and boots. He was bound and gagged and was blind folded.

"Never thought I would have the honor finding you. Shinku Setsugi." A male voice uttered behind her. Shinku turned to see that the man that had fell on top of her during the crash.

"The names William J. Johns and I plan on taking the bounty on you head with Riddicks' and I'll be a rich man. Though I got to admit that it was surprise to hear that woman killed nearly 4 million Necro's on New Mecca."

"Really than Mr. Johns you should know that the people here no who I am. If you pull that gun out I will show you deadly I am." Shinku growled now realizing that he was a greedy merc.

Before Johns could pull out his gun Fry came over and asked," Why is he tied up like that?"

"He's dangerous. He escaped from Butcher Bay."

Shinku just rolled her eyes and walked over to where Riddick was tied up. Shinku looked at him for a few minutes before heading over to her where her bag was. Shinku opened it and pulled out her sword and pulled out her gun holders. And her two black semi automatic pistols. She strapped her gun holders to her legs and her sword she placed on her back before turning and leaving.

A soon as Johns saw her with her weapons Shinku noticed that he began to sweat slightly. Shinku smirked as she walked past him and Fry and heading out to see what the other survivors were doing.