Dark Covers All: Chapter 12:

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All of the survivors stood at the opening of the canyon listening to the creatures call out to each other. Shinku had made the survivors keep hold of the weapons that Shinku had given them. She stood next to Riddick while he survived the surroundings Shinku however felt that her animalistic bloodlust had come back with a vengeance and made her more antsy, but with Riddick near it seemed to calm slightly.

"Only see one way. That way, it's the only way off this rock. Just keep the girl between you." Riddick said as he turned and walked past Imam.

"What about the cells?" Imam asked him.

Riddick turned and looked at them before saying," I'll take those."

"Move." Riddick said.

"Are you sure you can keep up?" Fry asked him, but when he bellowed move they all began to run into the canyon. They all kept running, Shinku made sure that all of the kids were between her and Shazza as well as Imam and Fry; suddenly they were stopped when a large number of young Raptors were heading their way.

"Don't fear them they fear the light. Keep the kids in the center," Shinku called as they continued onward.

As they continued it was then that they began to feel drops of liquid, Shinku looked down at her arms and noticed that the liquid was blue.

"Do not look up," Riddick shouted to them, Fry then began to look up despite Riddick's warning.

"Do not look up!" Riddick yelled again, but it was too late she looked up.

"They're killing each other," Fry said just then one of them went flying toward her and Riddick pushed her forward missing the Raptor by inches. Fry and Riddick began catch up to the rest of the survivors as they entered another part of the bodies of the Raptors began to fall one by one and soon they were all trying to avoid the bodies from landing on them.

They paused briefly before they head toward a place where bones were, and they stopped only to move again by Riddick urgent commands.

"Move! Keep Moving! Keep Moving!" Riddick yelled. Shinku looked at the other survivors before looking at the kids and encouraged them to keep moving.

Soon they were following Riddick through the bone maze after Imam and one of his disciples moved some of the bone so the cells could be dragged through. Shinku kept close to the kids as uneasiness flowed through her Shinku couldn't tell what was to come next. They were about to run when the one of the kids were grabbed by Raptor as caused him to yell. Shinku's instincts' kicked into overdrive as she turned to where the Raptor was. She quickly jumped from the bones and landed on top of it and with all her strength crushed the Raptor's skull in.

As Imam and Fry began to patch up the boy Shazza stayed close to the other boys with the light. Jack noticed that Riddick seemed to continue moving so she called out his name. It was then that Shinku noticed that another Raptor was approaching from the top and was heading toward Jack so she quickly ran toward Jack and grabbed her before tossing her over to where Shazza stood and was crushed underneath the skeleton of a Raptor while the live Raptor was starting to snap at her trying to get to her. Shinku growled in anger when suddenly she noticed that Fry was using the light she had and tried to get the Raptor off of her.

"Get off her!" Fry cried out, but the Raptor ignored her and continued to try and snap at her to try and get to her.

Riddick then took off his goggles before turning to where Shinku was pinned and ran at the Raptor. It smacked Fry away causing the flashlight she was using to hit the wall breaking. Before the Raptor turned to Riddick and charged at him Riddick growled grabbing it's arms and began to push it back. Shinku had rolled out from underneath the skull and stood up and watched as Riddick avoided it's bits before he quickly ducked and grabbed one of the shives on his boots. He then stabbed it twice before he then cut the Raptors gut and let them spill out and let it die.

"He did not know who he was fuckin' with." Riddick said before turning to face the survivors before he turned to Shinku and offering her his hand. Shinku took his hand and let her pulled her up their hands lingered slightly before turned back around toward the cells and began to drag them while the other helped the young boy to keep up. Shinku took up the back to prevent any Raptors from sneaking up on them.

The young man fell to the ground which caused Shinku to quickly help them up Shinku then began to fell liquid and instead of seeing blood she was surprised to see that it was beginning to rain.

"Dammit," Shazza cursed while trying to keep the flames on, but it was futile the flames soon diminished.

Riddick than began to laugh before turning to them and said with a cold smile," So where the hell's you God now?"

They all headed near the wall trying to keep what flames they had flaming Shinku however had the kids move in between the adults before she turned and stood in front of them waiting for one of the Raptors to attack while Ares sat upon her shoulder and waited with her.

"Riddick, Are we close?" Fry asked him while she and Jack tried to relight a torch.

When Riddick didn't reply she cried out," Just tell me that the settlement is right there!"

Riddick still didn't reply until he said,"We can't make it."

Shinku and Shazza looked at him with confused looks before Shinku turned to the children who were huddled together trying to keep warm. However, it was then that she noticed that one of the Raptors where going for the Suleiman Shinku then quickly walked over to Shazza and took her gun from her hip and before anybody could say anything she aimed at the Raptor's head and fired. The Raptor hit the ground with a loud *Thud* she then turned and said,
don't give me that fucking bullshit."

"We are going to get out even if it means I stay behind and rip all these creatures' nuts off so these kids and you all will have a chance." Shinku growled out before giving Shazza her gun back.

Riddick looked at her with a small glare before turning and pushing a rock where an alcove was and allowed the survivors to get in it was dry Shinku was the last one into the cave, but before she entered Riddick pulled her to the side and smashed his lips on hers. Before Shinku could even kiss back Riddick removed his lips from hers and let enter the cave, Shinku instantly went over to the kids and tried to keep them warm some way by the time she turned around she could see that Riddick had replaced the bolder in front of the hole.

"Why is he still out there?" Jack asked while putting the light in the middle.

Shinku didn't say anything except for feeling a little betrayed and silently prayed that Riddick was going to come back for them.

"He's not coming back, is he?" Jack asked Fry, while Shinku was trying to keep herself from going back and killing all of the Raptor that were on this planet.

Soon the light they had started to flicker and soon it was out however when it went out there were still lights in the cave and as they survivors looked up they could see glow worms. They then quickly began to fill the bottles they had with the glow worms and Shazza quickly asked," What's the plan, now?"

"I'll go see what Riddick is up to… Shinku could you watch over them while I am gone?" Fry said hesitantly.

Shinku looked at her and nodded while watching Fry crawl out of a hole and began to head where Riddick was. Shinku stood and began to pace since she was tense and ready to strike, Suddenly, the boulder was moved and they could see Fry and then they could see Riddick who looked at them and asked," Anyone not ready for this?"

"There is my God, Mr. Riddick." Imam stated.

"Let's get the hell out of here." Shazza said before she followed out after the boys and Jack and then Shinku. Shinku stopped next to Riddick and said," Don't do that again otherwise I will beat you're stupid ass."

Riddick just smirked before pulling her into a quick kiss before running to the front of the survivors and began to lead them to the skiff. As they approached the skiff Shinku turned to see that one of the Raptors were heading for Riddick and quickly grabbed her gun from Fry and shot in the head and let Riddick past her before heading onto the Skiff with Ares flying after her once they were all on Shinku managed to close the door once she did however, she couldn't help, but feel that they weren't out of the woods yet.

She noticed that Fry and Riddick were getting ready for takeoff when suddenly a red light flashed and they couldn't move.

"What the hell is going on?" Shazza asked Fry and soon everyone was around the control panel's.

"This damn thing is saying that it can't lift off because we're over weight." Fry said with trying to get it started again.

Shinku looked at the kids as well as everyone else and did some quick math and knew that one of the adults were going to have be left behind. Shinku looked at the others before coming with a decision. She looked at her stuff that was all over the place and used her shadows to quietly bring her the guns and her sword. Shinku then gently took out her case that she had placed earlier on here while no one was looking and placed her guns inside. She then used her shadows to place them in the corner near the seats. Shinku then walked over to Ares and with the help of the tattoo that Queen Raptor placed on her stomach left some instruction before standing back and looking at everyone one last time.

Her eyes lingered on Riddick and she smiled softly before turning to the door and opened back up. With the help of her shadows she muted the loud sounds she then headed down the ramp back and at the end of the ramp she used her shadows to close the door, not really bother with the sound this time.

Jack heard the door opening, when she turned around she could see that Shinku was down at the edge of the ramp that was now closing.

"Shinku. SHINKU!" Jack yelled but before she could do anything the door closed. Riddick got up from the chair and ran toward where they switch was to see that it was broken, suddenly the ship then began to start up on it's own.

"Stop this damn thing she's still out there." Riddick yelled.

"I'm trying I don't know what the fuck is going on, but it's on fucking manual. I keep trying to stop it and nothing is working." Fry yelled back.

While everyone was trying to think of some way to stop the skiff, Shinku stood outside the Skiff her tears mixing with the rain that now poured upon her.

"It was nice knowing you all. May whatever God is listening to keep you safe on you journey. Riddick thank you for teaching me to love again, goodbye." Shinku said and with that she used her shadows to fly the skiff out of here.

She had turned away from the Skiff once it's jet's lifted started and they began to fly out of the atmosphere and into space the wind from the planet made her hair fly into the air as she looked to the sky and smiled as the rain washed away her tears that ran down her smiling face.

Riddick banged on the door in anger, sadness and pain of losing the only woman who could match him. Riddick went back to the chair and stared out into space trying to keep his face blank. The other survivors however cried for her the tears rolled down their cheeks. Suddenly, Ares came to the panel and began to press on some buttons which caused a recording to appear. Everyone was now up and staring at the recording of Shinku as she began to speak:

"Hey everyone, I am sorry this had to be this way, but I wasn't about to allow anyone to do what I did. I want everyone to know that when I met you I was happy that I had gotten to know each one of you. Jack, you are like my little sister so I want you to keep that jacket for me. Imam when you go to live on New Mecca take care of Ares please I know he wouldn't be able to live on a ship. Live free and live well my friends."

And with that the recording cut off and everyone began to grieve for their lost friend. About a couple hours later Ares noticed that Riddick was still awake and everyone else was asleep and went over to him. Ares noticed that Riddick had tears cascading down his cheeks Ares then pressed some more buttons and a different recording of Shinku appeared in front of him. She then began to speak,

"Riddick by the time you are watching this I will no longer be with you. I am not sure how far we have gotten in…whatever it is that we had going on, but I want you to know that you have a special place in my heart and I thank you for letting me know the feel of love and animalistic attraction. I hope you continue to live well and I am sorry. I love you, Riddick whether or not you did with me I was happy. Goodbye my love."

Once the recording ended Riddick placed his hand over his eyes and allowed the tears to fall just this once for the woman who had claimed what no one could, his heart.

Shinku stood and looked up into the star shining sky as the glow worms showed the bodies of the many Raptors that had fallen to her. Shinku looked up as the rain continued to fall down her face along with her never ending tears. Shinku closed her eyes before looking back into the darkness before her and she began to walk into the darkness until it consumed. All the while thinking of one song that she once heard a long time ago and it reminded her of her love for Riddick:

(Kamelot –Love you to Death)

When they met she was fifteen

Like a black rose blooming wild

And she already knew she was going to die

"What's tomorrow without you?

This is our last goodbye"

She got weaker every day

As the autumn leaves flew by

Until one day, she told him," This is when I die."

"What was summer like for you?"

She asked him with a smile

"What's tomorrow without you?"

He silently replied

She said,

"I will always be with you

I'm an anchor of your sorrow

There's no end to what I'll do

Cause I love you, I love you to death"

But the sorrow went too deep

The mountain fell to steep

And the wounds would never heal

Cause the pain of your loss was more than he could feel

He said,

"I will always be with you

By the anchor of my sorrow

All I know, or ever knew,

Is I love you, I love you to death"

"What's tomorrow without you?

Is this our last goodbye?"


"I will always be with you

I'm the anchor of your sorrow

There's no end to what I'll do

Cause I love you

Shinku allowed the darkness to swallow her and thought of an old saying, " No matter what happens, Dark covers all."

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