Warrior codes and Water types

Chapter one

"…and we need more yarrow and cobwebs," Leafpool explained. "Could you escort Jayfeather as he collects these? Don't let him wander off." She gave her apprentice, Jayfeather, a stern look.

Jayfeather's brother, Lionblaze, nodded. "We'll keep a close eye on him. Won't we, Hollyleaf?" he nudged his sister.

"Of course we will," Hollyleaf declared. "C'mon." she lead her brothers out of the ThunderClan camp.

"I don't need you guys to follow me around," Jayfeather complained. "I know the territory. I'm perfectly capable of –aaaah!"

Lionblaze watched in horror as Jayfeather vanished into thin air.

"Jayfeather!" Hollyleaf screamed as she charged towards the place where he'd been. She, too, disappeared.

Lionblaze followed her in thoughtless fear. He felt a strange jolt in his paws, and blacked out for a moment.

He'd been in the ThunderClan forest mere moments ago. Now, he was standing on the side of a dusty Thunderpath. Tall grass swayed on either side of it. The sky was clear and blue. The air was crisp and cold. Standing next to him were his siblings.

"Where are we? What's going on?" Jayfeather asked. He couldn't tell that they were anywhere else by sight.

"We're not in the forest, wherever we are," Lionblaze murmured, panicking.

"Oh no!" Hollyleaf wailed tilting her head to the sky. "StarClan help us, even if we aren't Clanborn!"

"Hollyleaf, calm," Jayfeather growled, resting his head on her shoulder. Ever since Ashfur's vigil, he'd seemed unnaturally tired.

"No!" Hollyleaf screeched before she collapsed to the ground.

The moment his sister had fallen, Jayfeather sprang into action. After resting his head on her chest for several moments, he declared, "Heat fever and shock. Lionblaze, stay here and lick her to keep her cool. I'm going to find her some herbs." He turned, ran, - and crashed into a twoleg.

The twoleg ignored him. It crouched down by Hollyleaf, seeming generally concerned. Lionblaze growled at him, but it made a slightly reassuring noise. It removed an object and pointed it at the two cats. The object said something in Twolegish. Shaking its head, the twoleg scooped Hollyleaf up in its top-legs before rising and setting off towards a…twolegsplace?!

"No!" Lionblaze screamed, chasing after the twoleg. As he passed Jayfeather, he shouted, "That twoleg's grabbed Hollyleaf!"

Hearing the sound of his voice, Jayfeather joined the chase. The twoleg noticed it was being followed by them. It threw a red-and-white rock at the two ThunderClan cats, but it completely missed. Suddenly, the rock turned into a brown fox!

The twoleg barked a call. The fox charged forwards and slapped Lionblaze with its tail. Lionblaze fell back, dazed. He expected it to attack him again, but it backed up and stood in front of the twoleg.

Lionblaze jumped forwards and bit the fox's shoulder. It tumbled backwards, like he had, before shaking him off. Lionblaze backed away growling. The fox just sat there and stared intently at Jayfeather.

After several moments of this, it made a disconcerted sound. It padded up to Jayfeather and began sniffing him.

"Get away from my brother!" Lionblaze screeched, bounding forwards.

The fox turned to face Lionblaze. "He has yet to attack, and yet he does not even move," it mewed, sounding generally concerned.

The golden tabby took a step backwards. The only non-cat he'd ever heard speak was Midnight, a highly intelligent badger from the Sun-drown place.

"It's his turn," the fox continued. "Is he unable to fight?"

"He's blind," Lionblaze growled, fur fluffing up. "Stay away from him!"

"Oh," the fox sighed, bushy tail drooping slightly. "He doesn't fight. That's a pity. Your species seems to be great fighters."

"Why'd that twoleg take Hollyleaf?" Jayfeather asked. He sounded more curious than afraid or angry.

"Oh! The black, female member of your species? She looked injured, so he's taking her to the Pokémon Center. There, the Nurse Joys can take care of her." It flicked his tail at the Twolegsplace looming in the distance.

"The Cutter," Lionblaze murmured, terror for his kin rushing up and down his spine. He'd heard stories of the Twoleg medicine cats, and how they could change a cat.

The twoleg shouted something; it sounded annoyed.

"Your friend needs attention, and fast," the fox explained. "My trainer's taking her there now. I have to go with him." It turned and ran away as the twoleg charged down the Thunderpath.

"No!" Lionblaze screeched. "Jayfeather! We have to rescue her!"