Bella and Edward

Bella's POV: Chapter 1

It had been three years till I had married Edward. I know that we'd have to move soon but at the time that doesn't concern me. What only does is how cute and totally handsome Edward looks like.

"Nessie's going to wake up soon, Love." Said that incredible voice.

Just as we were going to get dressed I heard a girl's voice. Renessme's!

"Renessmee Carlie Cullen!!!! What are you doing! And why is Jake in your bedroom!" Edward screamed.

"Um, well what happened was Jacob wanted to talk to me and…" she carried on. By now everyone was in our little cottage. Edward was in hysterics and I was shocked but secretly proud.

"Edward, honey, its ok nothing happened." I calmed him, but it didn't work.

"What do you mean nothing was happening! It doesn't matter. How can you take this so easily? She should be grounded!" screamed Edward even more. He never talked to me like that. Now I was getting angry, he was her father but he should give her some freedom.

"Dude, cool it. Poor Jasper here is going to die." joked Emmett. But it was true he did look like he was going to.

"Edward, Emmet is right calm down." I tried again.

"Fine but if I see this dog in our daughter's bedroom one more time I won't be happy." Edward replied.

Next Day: same POV

"Honey don't you think you took yesterday morning's incident a little seriously? Nessie was crying yesterday and Jake seemed less cheery than how he usually is." I pressed.

" I know I know but I have this feeling that our little nessie isn't little anymore but big and that she isn't going to be with us any longer." He replied.

"Oh Jake stop tickling me… oops." What! Not again I thought. I don't want this to happen. Please tell me that I'm dreaming, although I can't.

"Renessmee, and Jake, after last morning's warning how can you think that you wouldn't be caught! You guys are grounded apart from each for three weeks. No texting, no looking at each other. And keep in mind that I'll be watching closely." Lectured Edward. Once again all the family members were watching, but this time none of them seemed like they would want to interrupt .

" Edward I don' t think that would be the most wise thing to do." I stated simply.

" Bella I know that's harsh but.. I can't do anything else…"

" No Edward, I think three weeks is too much maybe one or one and half."

" Too much? Bella please.. think about what I said."

I did Edward and I think that's too harsh." My voice raised a little. Something told me that was the wrong thing to do because he spoke even louder this time.

" Bella, no, I'm not going to let you sink me any of your stupid ideas … wait that's not what I meant stupid is the wrong thing… don't take that please Bella.." I was shocked. Stupid? What?

" Edward how could you gave said that? And yes I took that and got offended by it. Stupid? What are your punishments for this? what is your idea ? Huh? Edward do you think before you say something?" Right after those words slipped out of my mouth I knew I regretted them.

" Think? DO you think? I mean I bet you wouldn't even care if Ness here got kidnapped would you? All you say is that I'm over protective but I think you are under – protective! "

" Well if that's what you think I'm then fine!" I shouted

" Well then fine it is."

" Guys both of you are wrong, please don't fight.. you know you love each other." Pleaded Alice."

"Alice stay out of this, this is our fight!" Said Edward coldly.

" Don't say that to my sister!" I protested. Well you could say that we fought for hours and finally in the end we were furious at each other and poor Alice was hurt and didn't talk to Edward at all.