Disclaimer: I don't own Flagg or any of the characters in the book "The Eyes of the Dragon", by Stephan King.

In the 9081st year after the imprisonment of my Master:

My plans have succeeded!! Roland is dead, Peter imprisoned in the Needle for life and Tommy boy is king. It could not have worked out more perfectly. I, Flagg, have begun to put the finishing touches on my beautiful Masterpiece; I have concealed in the shadows all evidence pointing to my person. No one will ever suspect it was I, Flagg the impervious, who got rid of that blubbering fool Roland.

It was perfect, all too easy; I only had to put in a few grains of Dragon Sand into Roland's nightly glass of wine and plant a few grain of the sand, a dying mouse, and a set of tweezers into Peter's apartments.

I look back and relish the moment when that obese idiot Roland fell onto the ground rolling over screaming and screeching of "DRAGON", his blood boiling and seething in his veins, his organs being scorched and burned black, the dark smoke and fire billowing from his mouth and nostrils. Most of all I was glad to see the looks of shock and horror on the faces of all who had seen the manslaughter carried out.

I was delighted from that moment on and throughout the night, but had to hide it behind a mask of anguish and rage for the murder of my Lord. This feeling would not compare however to how I would feel when I, Flagg the unshakable, completed my Masterpiece; this was only the means to an end. A very gruesome and agonizing end, one of the best I have every concocted, thought I am not surprised by my brilliance.

Now that Roland is dead, the crime I committed was framed on Mr. Goody Two Shoes – Peter. My plans may now be painted in peace. I would prefer Peter dead, but there is some rule in the laws of Delain that prohibits the spilling of royal blood on the chopping block. At least he is now out of the way, I mean how in the name of my Master will Peter be able to escape the Needle without bashing his head on the courtyard below.

Tommy boy begged for me to stay like I had planned when I faked departure. The little brat is so dependent on me, it is sad. He will have the honor of creating the bloodiest revolution that this fair state of Delain has ever known.

I found an interesting spell today; it is called "The Word of Opening". It is supposed to let you open a gateway and travel to wherever you need to go most at the moment. The downside is it can only be used once. It is spoken "Iarieslyntar". It will probably prove useful in the future I feel.