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Well, I needed to vent one day in school a couple of months ago and came up with this.

I'll have all of you guys (and girls) know that I am a Willabether, but I do tolerate Sparrabeth. Anyway, so this is my little insight of Will immediately following the Kraken/Kiss scene.



Anger, hurt, and betrayal surrounded Will like waves and permeated his skin. He wanted to just close his eyes and forget what he had seen, but the haunting image was etched onto his skull. He couldn't get the image of Elizabeth, his darling Elizabeth, with that…that…pirate. If anyone had told him a week ago that he would see his fiancée kissing Captain Jack Sparrow, he would have looked at him or her like they were mad, then laughed and told them to get lost.

Elizabeth walked over to the boat and climbed in. Will was suddenly curious, for he didn't see Jack anywhere. He asked in the most emotionless voice possible, "Where's Jack?" although his eyes probably portrayed how hurt and betrayed he felt. He saw her swallow hard, and then she said, "He elected to stay behind to give us a fighting chance." Will felt his heart wrench at the heartbroken look on her face and in her eyes. "Go!" she commanded Gibbs, who started to row towards Tia Dalma's island.

He, Elizabeth, and the rest of the crew watched as the Kraken devoured The Black Pearl. As the ship disappeared underneath the Kraken's giant tentacles, he heard a faint sniffle behind him. Will turned to see Elizabeth with her head in her hands, trying desperately to stop the fall of her tears.

He wanted to comfort her; to pull her into his arms and kiss her, telling her that everything was going to be all right, but he held himself back. He couldn't, Will reminded himself. 'She doesn't need me anymore. Elizabeth loves Jack, not me. She doesn't love me anymore.'

As they made their way back to Tia Dalma's hut, Will Turner made a promise. As heartbroken and hurt as he was, he vowed to get Jack back for Elizabeth, no matter what the cost was to his own heart, love, and sanity.

'I'll do whatever it takes to make Elizabeth smile again.' He thought. 'If that means giving her up to Jack even though I love her, then that's what I'll do. I just want her to be happy after all.'

Will stepped out of the longboat as soon as they docked the boat at Tia Dalma's hut. He had a question to ask the woman about whether there was any way to get Jack back, and if there was, he wouldn't stop until he had done it. He would do it for Elizabeth and her happiness, if for nothing else. After all, he was but a lowly blacksmith. How could he have ever thought that the governor's daughter would love him?


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