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Q- (Percabethwillbeforever) Do you think Mr.D will be nice once his time as camp director is over?

A- I do and don't... I think that he will be a whole lot less irratible, however, I don't think he'll ever adopt a liking to children.

Q-(Percabeth_lover789) If you could kiss Luke, Percy, or Nico, who would it be?

A- Percy! OMG Percy no doubt in my mind! Ahhhhh! Now you got me all excited!

Q- (SimpleConfusion) Have you been on a hot air balloon?

A- NO, my parents have, that was actually where my dad proposed, but no, I've never been on one. My boyfriend better take me when I get older......

Q- (Ben Keto1415) What's your favorite band?

A- Honestly, that's one of the hardest questions I've ever had to answer. Because I love music too, and I just have no idea.... Either Rascall Flatts, The Wreckers, or U2....robably U2, I just love their music.

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Percy POV

Things wern't back to normal... yet. Annabeth was still constantly in bed, and I was back to keeping her company full time. She was looking so much better, all of her bruises and scratches were gone, and everyday she gained more and more strength.

Apollo was so generous. He stayed with us every step of the way, starting with when Annabeth woke up. Thalia had taken more time off from the hunters, and planned on surprising Annabeth as soon as she could leave the Big House...

Which was hopefully pretty soon...

I watched as Apollo entered the room as he did every morning. He carried a tray with food for both me and Annabeth, and set it on the side table on my right. I helped prop Annabeth up, and put the tray on her lap. Her right hand was still stitched up, so she managed using the fork with her left hand instead.

Apollo took this time in the morning to set everything up. Annabeth had training every morning so that her bones and muscles didn't fix back into the wrong place. I watched as he put up the parallel bars and unbuckled her boot. Annabeth was eager toady, ready to get a start on walking. Sometimes I didn't know if she was actually okay o if she was just trying to push herself.

She handed my the tray and pushed the sheets off of her body. Slowly, she dangled her feet over the edge and waited for Apollo with the boot.

Annabeth's leg had been broken in her ankle and her lower tibia, and she would have to be in a boot for four weeks. The slash on her side had been two inches deep and had cut through some of her valuable organs, so she had to take caution when she made the slightest movement. Her right hand was pretty jacked up too. She had grabbed the sword to keep herself from falling, but it had cut through all her muscles and chipped three different bones in her hand, so she's not even allowed to move a finger for a month...

I stared as Apollo gently slipped in the cover and secured the straps over it. She bit her lip a bit, a sign that she's anxious, and I rushed to her side to help her stand.

I got on her right, and wrapped my arm around her, carefully avoiding the gash on her stomach. She huffed and my immediate response was to check if she was alright. She nodded her head, though I'm not sure she was answering my question, more like reassuring herself.

She swiftly moved her right foot forward, the one in the boot, and tested her balance. I held her tightly, ready for anything. She shuffled forward and gripped the bar next to her.

"Let go, Percy." She grumbled. My grip loosened, but I didn't release my hold when I looked at her. Her jaw was locked and her eyes wer set straight ahead. The arm that was usually around my shoulders for support was being used to balance herself. while her uninjured one tightly grasped the metal. I turned my questioning gaze to Apollo for an answer. Now, I say questioning, but it probably looked like I was going to pee my pants right then and there if Annabeth made one wrong move.

Apollo closed his eyes and nodded once, a yes. I was hoping for the opposite, but Annabeth's tone of voice when she repeated my name gave me confidence that she could do this. She was after all, The daughter of Athena.

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