Early and Love Birds

"Hello, sweetheart!" Loki beamed. Lucy moaned. He strode briskly towards the edge of the room and threw open the curtains. "Come on, time to get up!" he exclaimed, alarmingly chipper.

Lucy made a disgusted noise and sat creakily upright, her hair poking out at odd angels, lips screwed up into a pout.

"Too early." She made some floundering motions towards the curtains, obviously indicating he should shut them. "Need—beauty—thing."

"Beauty sleep?" Loki suggested. She nodded, dazed, and then quite deliberately got onto all fours and crawled underneath her covers, scrunched into a ball.

Loki tolerated this for perhaps five seconds before striding over the bed and ripping away the covers. Lucy twitched, hunkering down.

"Lucy," he wheedled, "Play with me."

"I'm cold," Lucy whined, and made a feeble snatch towards the blankets. Loki grumbled, sitting down on the edge of her bed and pouting. Lucy trembled at his back for a moment, before she abruptly moved herself into his lap and curling up again.

Loki looked down and grinned. "Aren't we playful?" he leered. Lucy ignored him.

"Shut up, I'm sleeping," she mumbled, lips thick. Loki preened. She so wanted him.

"If you wake up, we could do something fun…" he purred. Lucy's nose scrunched.

"Five more minutes," she muttered distantly, before her face relaxed again and she nestled in.

Loki beamed at her. She was so adorable when she was playing hard-to-get.

"My girlfriend is so cute," he told the room at large.

"'M not your girlfriend," Lucy grumbled. He patted her head soothingly.

"Yes, you are," he instructed brightly. And went on, "She's particularly cute when she sleeps in revealing clothing. It's very…exciting." He patted her head again at her noise of discontentment.

He gazed at her vaguely troubled, sleeping face, before suddenly feeling quite, and bending down to kiss her temple. Lucy cracked an eye open, wriggled, and rolled out of his lap and onto the floor, shambling upright and stumbling out of the room. "Fine," she muttered, "I'll sleep somewhere else."

Loki leapt to his feet and raced after her, "I'm coming too!"

She looked at him sourly. "Can you be quiet?"

He nodded earnestly. She crawled onto the couch. He sat down beside her, lips buttoned. There were several moments of silence.

"Don't make me feel guilty!" Lucy seethed. Loki sniffled.

"I feel so abandoned," he wailed. She kicked him.

"Stop it," she said darkly, and sat upright, her eyes half-open, scowling. He latched onto her immediately, holding her tightly to his chest. After a moment her head plopped down on his shoulder, and a soft snuffle was heard, as Lucy once again fell asleep.

Loki grinned stupidly.