Okay, although I know you will all probably hate me for getting sidetracked, this is a oneshot. So shut up.

"Okay! Get ready for.... INVADER ZIM IDOL THINGEE!" exclaimed a tall, raven-haired teen with glasses, who was standing on a box. "I am your host, Johnny! And, due to budgeting problems, I am also a judge, plus, you know, I write this shit."

Zim scoffed. "Man, you humans are SO cheap!"

Johnny twitched angrily, and proceeded to throw Zim out of a window. "Okay," he said with a sigh. "Here are your other two judges: First, Caro!" He pointed at a tall girl with long blonde hair and glasses.

"Hi," she said smiling.

"And that other one: Keef!" He waved a hand to the Keef we all know.

Just then, a knife was thrown, and hit Keef in the forehead, killing him. The audience looked and saw none other than MQuinn1234 standing up.

"DIE, KEEF!!" he shouted. The crowd began to clap. "Thank you, thank you! It was my pleasure, folks!" he bowed and sat down.

"Now what?" asked Dib, pushing his glasses up.

Caro and Johnny were both poking Keef with sticks. "Huh, wha?"

Dib sighed. "One of our judges is dead!"

"No he's not," said Caro.

"What?! Yes he-"

Johnny dragged Dib over to the judges' table where they both stapled him to a chair and laughed like crazy people.

"Okay," the Asian sighed, taking a HUGE gulp of his coke. "Let's try this again."

"First contestant," declared Caro, "is Tak."

"Girl, get your scrawny, green ass out here!" (Johnny was trying, and failing, to sound like Randy)

"I'm NOT SINGING!!" protested Tak, with a look so scary it was hard to argue.


Johnny shuddered. "Th.. Then... Gir!"

The little robot stepped out onto the stage. "Heeello!" he said cheerily. Then he sang a squirrel song. At the end, it was Johnny's turn to go first.

"What? Oh, come ON!" he said. "It's not fair! He's GIR!" He sighed. "Okay! Fine. Honestly, I.... reallydidntlikeitsorryGir."

Caro stared for a minute and said. "But I caaan't say no to Gir..."

"I can," said Dib. "You sucked."


Gir shrugged, and with a cry of "TUNA!" leap t off the stage.

"Next up- and by the way, Dib, I'm not talking to you- is Zim."

Johnny looked impressed. "Wow, Zim. Back already?"

"SHUT UP!" Zim then sang "Jingle Bombs" and got an immediate, very frank, triple thumbs down. "I KILL YOU!" he yelled, and stormed off.

Johnny rolled his eyes. "Next is-"

"Hey!" yelled Dib. "When will I get to announce the contestants?!"

"Still not talking to you. Next is... Ugh, Caro, could you take this? Dib's being dumb again."

She sighed. "Sure. Give it up for Lard Nar!"

The little Vortian solemnly stood up and sang "Dontcha" (or wahatever that song is called).

"Fail!" They all said at once.

"JUST WAIT!!" screamed Lard Nar. "You haven't heard the last of me! I'll be back, then you shall face the wrath of... The RESISTY!!!!"

The judges almost fell out laughing. "Yeah, ha, the RESISTY!"

"Was that all?" asked Caro.

"Yeah..." said Johnny. "Ore wa namakemono desu..." (meaning 'I am lazy')

"Okay... I have no idea what you just said," said Caro.

"Me neither," agreed Dib.

"Okay, good news is, this is over. Bad news is..... YOU ALL SUCK."

"Then who won?" asked Dib.

"No one!"

"Okay, then..."

And Nny showed up and killed them all, and Dib's scythe and the magic of sock puppets brought them back to life.

DOOM DOOM DOOM, the end.