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My Mess Up


Chapter I

Has anyone ever wondered what could possibly happen if for the silliest of reason you fall head over heals for the worst kind of guy? What the hell am I thinking, if you can go find someone who hasn't crused on the perfect smile or the cute sideways grin…bring that lucky soul so I can personally drag its ass to meet the Bain of my existence.

Yeah, yeah. I know I'm starting to sound just a little whinny, but at the moment I would be happier with a two meter pole up my ass.

In going with the theme of a stereotypical ewwy-gooey fluff story… there is this guy in my class who I have known for years and for all of those long years I've had a huge crush on him. Pathetic. A) The fact I have been silently in love with the same person for three years B) The fact that I am sounding like a girl.

My name is Ichigo Kurosaki. Age 16. Statues: single and attending Abingdon Co-ed boarding school. What a great introduction hun, honestly that is the best I can do. I hull my tiered ass out of bed every day, rummage through my unpack clothes trying to find a decent shirt and the same pants as the day before. I usually didn't care 'cause we would be getting our uniforms soon anyway. Teeth brushed, running my hands through the orange mess that sits proudly on top of my head. This was all I would do before grabbing the tattered messenger bag and running out to my waiting friends.

I know, don't get your hopes up of a ghost popping out on the way to school. My life's peek of excitement was what was on the lunch menu today; it was the same every week.

"Good morning Ichigo!" A short black haired girl greeted me as I stepped out into the sun. Fall was just starting to be felt in the school grounds, the crisp air would soon force us all to abandon our shorts and T's for the more practical sweaters and jeans. None of this mattered, I always wore the same thing year round no matter the weather. My body was always slightly above freezing, just the way I like it.

"Mornin', Rukia." I smiled down at the girl, she was the only one I could freely show that expression to. Rukia made me feel relaxed because there was nothing to hide from the shorty. She knew all about my dirty laundry in more ways than one.

"I have some good new for you about a certain someone. He finally dumped her sorry ass!"

". . ."

Rukia was obviously not impressed with the way I had reacted to the news because a second latter her bonnie elbow collided with my abs.

"Muughs! What the hell was that for!?" I spat annoyed at the short black haired demon.

"You should thank me when I find out these things for you! I know since the whole school has been going around saying that they might have broken up over the summer you would have been working that block-headed brain of yours overboard trying to see any sings of a break-up! Now thank me you ungrateful carrot!"

"Keep your voice down," I said swiftly placing a hand over her mouth "they can hear us at this distance."

We walked the way in silence thanks to Rukia's mouth being held shut. My mind deep in thought from the news…

"Yes! This couldn't have come at a better time for us kingy~"

"There is nothing great about this!" Ichigo hissed at his alter ego, he didn't have a name 'cause that would mean acknowledge the fact that he would zone out and talk to a black and white version of himself.

"Ahh, but Ichi' now is our turn to have a shot at him." He grumble to his master. "It isn't a new thought to you or anything!"

"I'm not interested in 'him', I have made up my mind."

"Sure, sure."

Just then the image of my un-inquired love passed through my mind, credit to a certain white haired version of me.

Sweaty brown hair hanging in front of his beautiful auburn eyes, my own eyes lowering to the tanned, muscular chest…just jaw dropping. How many times have I found myself wanting desperately to touch his cheek and to let my finger twine through those brown curls?

Rukia told me many a times she completely understood my fascination with him, but I wasn't the only one who was interested in the brown haired beauty. He was what Rukia liked to call --and the rest of the school-- a man-whore. I could never understand this, how could something this tempting have such a bad rep? When I had told her this, she just stared at me then laughed coldly saying I would get rapped before the age of 17. She would be wrong in a handful of months. Or so I hoped.

But in all seriousness I cared about him, he was the only thing that brightened my day, the only reason I got up in the morning, he was the…

"Okay, okay! You can stop now, people are starting to stare at you funny 'cause you are still holding the chicks lips shut."

"Crap!" cursing as a set of teeth dug into my hand. Retreating, she smiled.

"Lost in thought?" The smile turned into a smug grin as my only response was staring strait ahead.

"Please remind me… who exactly is over Sousuke Aizen?"

"Shut it" In reply to both of their idiotic comments. I was over him, Sousuke has hurt me to more occasions then I cared to count. With the past summer of hiding in my room with Yuzu's romance novels had unfortunately helped. Not that I would ever admit to reading teen romance novels when I should be reading sports illustrated. All that mattered was I was permanently off guys.

Just then a high-on-energy-drinks-Renji wrapped his arms around my waist, lifting me into a bear hug. So much for being off guys.

"Hey, Ichigo!" He squealed into my ear, "I missed you man over the summer, why didn't you show for any the parties?"

"Didn't feel like it." I stated coolly, attempting to loosen the arms trying to squeeze the life out of me, regrettably instead of reading mushy-girly book over the summer, Renji spent all of his time in the gym.

"Great answer," the pineapple said sarcastically, "I expected some colourful excuse… like you were saving children out of burning building. Kinda like the one you used to weasel your way out of lit' Toshiro's 13th birthday bash."

"Keep your voice down baka, or the short-stuff will hear you!" Rukia shushed Renji who was dragging me the rest of the way to where the remainder of the group sat talking under our 'tree'.

Since high school started every group clammed their own place. Ours was the giant Willow tree in the middle of the court yard. The massive branches provided shade from the sun and when the stars came out to play once again there would be some match-up from our gang meeting up to…play as well.

"That wasn't Shiro's birthday. I used that one to get out from going to Uryuu's knitting party with Orihime. And if I remember correctly you told me to use that excuse so you could go make out with lit' Toshiro himself." I accused, annoyed by his memory lose from less than four weeks ago.

Renji's face grew red at the memory of his little fling with the white haired boy. "Detail, details. Just don't make me, make you, use that useless defence again. Next party you are going to come even if I have to strap you to my back!"

"Don't say that Renji, we all know you will enjoy that too much." Rukia cooed examining the arms still around my waist.

"Nah, Ichigo aint my type. To tall and muscular. I prefer mine a little on the short side." He stated feeling his way up my chest. Why on earth did I talk to this perv again?

"That's not what you don't like about him, Renji," Rukia face brightened, "you're just worried that carrot top might be bigger than you!" She finished triumphantly kicking Renji right where it hurts. The red head crumpled to the ground, fortunately releasing me as he fell so there would only be one rocking on the grass.

"You demon!" We both laughed at his squeaky voice. It was an odd sound to my ear, the sound of my laugh. But I felt nice to be near the people who wouldn't hurt me before school started in two days. By now almost everyone was back for another year of classes, my roommate had dropped out last year. Odd kid, but that was another story. For the past week I had enjoyed the peacefulness that was my room. No one had filled in the space and I was glad for that.

Renji and Rukia were now arguing like crazy, Renji still speaking a little too high, but seemed just fine. Guess everyone's speculation had been right, it wasn't very big.

I decide to take this opportunity to sneak away. No one had noticed that the three of us had changed into two and I was walking away. I know it was harsh, but I suddenly didn't feel like listening to the summer gossip and who he was interested in. Turning away from the Willow, I had only managed to take ten steps when a hand clutched my shoulder.

"Were do you think you are going without saying 'hello' to me?" A velvet voice whispered into my ear. I knew that voice.

Turning around slowly trying to keep my body from shaking, I looked up to my favourite auburn eyes.

"Hey… Sousuke."



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