My Mess Up

Chapter XIII

"What you lookin' at?" Ichigo couldn't help the shiver of excitement that raced down his spine thanks to the look Grimmjow was giving him.

The blue haired teen decided to take his sensei's advice and took Ichigo by the wrist, pulling him out of the cafe, in the direction of the school. Talking was supposed to be good for a relationship, so Grimmjow thought now was a good time to try it.

There were no words Ichigo could bring to mind to explain his mood. Utter unwillingness maybe a good start but just saying he was unwilling to do something doesn't explain the situation at all. Yes, the teen was being a stick in the mud but he didn't want to deal with the mess that was his room.

Yes, his dorm room. Honest to god it looked like he had dumped every article of clothing on his floor. Tonight was a big night. Grimmijow had asked him to meet his friend from Lakewood so in response Ichigo pulled everything out. He wasn't a girl, but he was beyond worried about what he should wear to meet the gang of elite high school students. Hence, hours of trying on clothes making his dorm room a disaster. The bed was not much better. The past couple of nights Grimm and himself had been making the utter sacrifice to share the same bed. The thought was completely sarcastic and made the carrot-top chuckle quietly to himself. His mind kept wondering to their nightly groping sessions. It was getting to the point that that was all he wanted to do, throw Grimm down on the bed and have his way with the older boy. Or, Grimm have his way with him.

This all came back to his mood. The unwillingness to do anything else but the one thing he couldn't do. Suck Grimmjow off. It has become one of Ichigo's favorite things about their nightly adventures. To have that kind of power over Grimmjow was intoxicating. Not that he didn't find the experience wholeheartedly enjoyable for himself. Grimmjow would run his hands through Ichigo's orange locks, pulling hard when the teen particularly liked something. Some times Grimmjow would even finger him, Grimm's speed would only edge Ichigo to go faster until both of them were moaning and on the verge of cumming.

Ichigo pulled himself from his daydream by the sound of his phone vibrating. Speak of the devil.

Grimmjow: Hey Berry, just finished class. Where are you hiding? This is a booty call.

Oh yes,

Ichigo thought, giving the room a once over. He was happy with Grimmjow, who was horny all time. It worked well with Ichigo's newly budding sex life. Another reason why the room was such a mess. The bed was never made from longer than a couple hours. The teen bent down and scooped up an armful of clothes and jammed them into the open dresser. Better he clean up than have Grimmjow call him a woman for worrying about his clothes.


Hi. Remember me? Because if I were you, I wouldn't remember me.. I'm slowly working up energy and enthusiasm for this story again and a couple others on my account. I am alive, and slowly trying to remember what the heck I was doing. Sorry for putting up with me.