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Lovers Consequences


Lina continued brushing her hair even after she felt the new presence in her room. Although one that she hadn't felt in a while, it was familiar.

"It's been a long time, Xelloss."

"Perceptive as always, Lina."

Lina turned to see the familiar smirk playing across the demon's mouth. His eyes were hidden as usual. The years had not touched him at all. It was as if he'd walked straight out of one of her memories.

"So to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?"

Mock hurt slipped across his face. She had to admit he was one hell of an actor when he wanted to be. "What? Cant I drop by just to see an old friend?"

Lina snorted a small laugh and put her brush down on the dresser. "No, I don't believe you can."

"Contrary to what you might believe, not everything I do is at Beast Master's bidding."

"Oh really?" Lina's voice was heavy with skepticism. "So am I to take that to mean this is a personal visit?"

Xelloss nodded. "Yes, this is the most personal of visits."

Lina was about to ask him what the hell that was even supposed to mean, but his lips covered her partially opened ones in a quick but demanding kiss. He was smiling broadly when he pulled away. With all the considerable physical power she possessed she slapped him across the cheek. The force of it was enough to turn his head and leave a large red hand print clearly defined on his face, but he was still smiling.

"I deserved that," he said as he chuckled lightly. Actually he was surprised that he wasn't blasted with an explosive spell of some sort. It's not like she had to hold back with him, they both knew he could survive even a dragon slave, although it would hurt to be sure.

Xelloss's eyes widened in pure shock when Lina jumped him, threw her arms around his neck, and planted an even more demanding kiss on his lips than he had on hers. His arms closed around the petite sorceress and he held her to him as he returned the kiss. Every moment he was expecting her to pull away and start yelling at him.

Her impulsive and fiery nature was what he most enjoyed about Lina. Combined with her unparalleled magical power and brilliant mind, she was completely irresistible.

It was also why he felt the need to hold back. Xelloss wanted to take the utmost care that the volatile and chaotic nature of the woman he desired didn't blow up and drive her away from him. When she didn't pull away, Xelloss decided he better test her resolve in this hasty decision. The very moment that he stopped returning the kiss and started to pull back she wrapped her legs securely around his waist and brought her lips to his ear to deliver a husky whisper.

"Oh no, you don't start this and get to disappear again."

She reinforced the line by nipping at his ear. It sent a line of fire directly to his already half aroused groin. He groaned as his vaulted self control crumbled.

Feeling his arousal hard pressed against her even through their clothes, Lina ground her hips into him. Her eyes met his, and the same desire burned behind both. It was the first time that Lina had ever been able to stare into his eyes when they were unguarded. They were a beautiful, deep amethyst.

Xelloss turned and placed her on the bed. Lina pulled him down with her, again refusing to give him a chance to get away. Their lips met again and this time Xelloss' tongue sought entry to Lina's mouth. It took a little coaxing but she parted her lips and allowed him to explore her mouth. Tentatively she met his tongue with her own. Xelloss groaned and pressed her deeper into the bed.

When they broke apart both were panting heavily with desire. Lina's hands took the opportunity to slip under his shirt and began pulling it off. Xelloss chuckled lightly at her impatience, but helped her pull it over his head. The heat of her gaze seared his lightly muscled chest and he reached for her shirt to return the favor. Pulling it off, he admired her small round breasts with their pert nipples. She'd grown some over the years but was still far from large.

Once her shirt joined his on the floor he bent down and took one nipple into his mouth sucking on it a moment before biting it gently, and licked it apologetically when she gasped. When he moved to the other breast to give it the same he stared up into her eyes. Lina was amazed at the intensity of his eyes. No wonder he kept them hidden most of the time. The power of them would instantly give him away as more than human.

Lina blushed as Xelloss moved down from her breasts, over her stomach and to her pants. Xelloss caught the blush and paused. Unable to find her voice, Lina nodded. This is what she wanted, even though inside she was nervous as hell. Not only was this her first time, it was with a demon. Her mind was raging and ranting about how stupid this was, but she was persistently ignoring it for once and blindly following her emotions and bodily desires. And her body was screaming demands for Xelloss.

Pulling her pants down Xelloss was brought face to face with his already dripping wet desires. Unable to resist, his tongue flicked out, lapping up the moisture along the length of her lips. He smiled as she gasped. Obviously she'd never thought of more than his hard erection separating those lips. Tossing her pants onto the growing pile of clothes on the floor, he brought his tongue between her lips this time instead of over them. Lina squirmed delightfully at this intrusion. Her panting breath caught and hitched at the sensations his tongue caused. Smiling ferally to himself, Xelloss flicked his tongue over her clit and savored her moan before sucking on it. Lina whimpered. Next he forced his tongue into her, causing Lina to gasp loudly and grab the sheets in her fists.

"Xelloss… please," she barely could manage those two words. Xelloss chuckled again but knew what it was she was asking.

Removing his own pants he released his achingly hard erection. Once again Lina's mind tried telling her how crazy this was. He was a demon! She promptly told her mind to shut up; she knew that fact perfectly well. Still, her hand trembled slightly as she tentatively reached out to touch it. Xelloss moaned as she ran her fingers lightly along the length of his erection before closing her small hand around the shaft.

He placed his hand over hers and guided the head until it pressed against her lips. Their eyes locked and Xelloss slowly pressed into her. She gasped as he pressed his head in, and whimpered as he slowly drove the rest of the length in. It took all his self control not to slam into her. He wanted her to enjoy this, not hurt her. It would be too easy with his superior physical strength to leave her a bruised and bleeding mess in the throes of his unleashed passion.

Once fully lodged within her, Xelloss held there, giving Lina time to adjust to having him inside her. He quieted her with kisses. Even when she finally relaxed, her body was still tightly wrapped around him. Ever so slowly he pulled out leaving only the head parting her lips and ground back in with slow determination. Lina's body moved with his slow rhythm. Their hands and lips each explored their lover's body as they moved together.

Xelloss smiled as Lina's nailed dragged down his back as her body clenched hard upon him. Still he kept the slow driving rhythm. It was far from his first time with a female, and his experience lent him the control he needed to keep pushing the steady rhythm instead of breaking down into a frantic coupling.

Moments later Lina's body clenched his again. Xelloss groaned at the pressure and at the delicious addition of Lina's bite on his shoulder. Unable to keep his pace from quickening this time, he did still manage to keep the firm strokes from crossing the line to roughness.

When Lina's third climax struck she screamed his name. Xelloss managed two final deep strokes before losing his seed deep inside her.

Their passion sated for the time being, they lie with bodies tangled together. Xelloss could see Lina's aura glowing with satisfaction and smiled as he gently ran his hands over her body in a petting motion. Doubts no longer plagued his mind. Lina was his now. Beast Master had already approved of his pursuit of Lina, and now he'd earned Lina's approval as well.