The Latin Series: Orbis Terrarum by AndromedaMarine


Earth used to be the final frontier. Earth used to stand in the way of danger. it is space. Space is the void protecting Earth. That hardly seems logical. Yet the Federation, and Starfleet's academy based on the blue planet, designate space as the final frontier.

My only home now is Earth. The planet is also home to James Kirk and Leonard McCoy, and several more of Enterprise's crew. I am an Earthling, strictly in terms that my mother was from the planet of humans.

After Enterprise space-docked above Earth and the officers – bridge crew – shuttled down, I knew what was required of my culture – my remaining culture. Earthling or Vulcan background notwithstanding, I felt compelled (by my human nature) to come into contact with Amanda Grayson's parents. My grandparents.

Earth is a sad place by Vulcan standards. The Federation's basing of operations on the formerly lonely planet was seen as an illogical move. Yet had the Federation settled on my true Homeworld... Starfleet would lead the lonely existence in space.

Earth has a fresh scent, depending on location. But in the cities...even James Kirk's home in the state of Iowa, at the star ship factories, the air seems laden with a hurry for forward progress. Much too complicated for a Vulcan such as myself. A half Vulcan.

Humans observe my race and view our lack of displaying, or even having, emotion as a weakness. Earthlings do not live as Vulcans do. And that is my distinction.

I am Spock, son of Sarek. But on the planet of humans, I am Spock Grayson. A strange attribution, yet comforting in the event of the death of my mother, loss of my planet, and my succumbing to human emotion.

My grandparents, utterly human creatures, gave into grief when I have already dealt with mine. They know why I do not attempt comfort. I am Vulcan, and apart from rare occasions, I do not express human...Earthly...emotions.

Earth never became home, even during my enrollment and subsequent teaching at Starfleet. My human half missed living on Vulcan.

But Earth... I could...that is, I can learn to accept it as my second home...or even my third, if James Kirk receives the rumoured promotion to Captain. Vulcan, Enterprise, Earth.

I am Vulcan.

But I am of Earth.