Today was the day, Lucy was taking Lydia home. Now she sat on the edge of the hospital bed bags packed and holding Lydia as her parents put everything in the car.

"Alright Ms. Messer are you ready to take my granddaughter home?" asked Danny to his daughter.

"Yes Daddy!"

"Alright your mom is in the car and so is this car seat so let's say we leave this place and go home."

"I can't think of anything else that would sound better than that."

"Alright lets go." Replied Danny as he placed a kiss to Lucy's head they bent down and kissed Lydia's forehead.

Danny pulled the car into the parking garage and parked. Danny and Lindsay got out and while Lindsay fished the bags out of the trunk, Danny went and opened the door for his daughter. Lucy was holding her baby in the car seat and started walking up the stairs to their apartment. When the family reached the door, he opened it up for his daughter and wife. As Lucy walked into the apartment she noticed that her baby was sleeping and immediately took her to her nursery and placed her down in the crib. Lucy then just continued to stare at the baby when before she knew it, she noticed that her mom and dad had joined her and they all just stood there taking in the sight. They would make it through this. After all they were the Messers!


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