Organization 16!!!

By: Jalooloo

Summary: Paopu High is going to be in big trouble when organization thirteen get 3 new members, get enrolled to do a secret prom mission. It sounds pretty cool, but what happens when Saix falls in love along the way? Do nobodies even have feelings?

Disclaimer: I totally don't own either kingdom hearts or the organization!

Chapter 4: Lunch Time Talk: Haters VS Lovers

At the table with Marluxia, Axel, Xion, Jacinda, Larxene, Saix, Sharna and Demyx…

"I saw my 'brother' talking to a bimbo!" Demyx said.

"Not all blondes are bimbos… You watch too much reality shows Demyx" Jacinda added, "Larxene is blonde, don't make her mad!" Larxene cracked her knuckles, which made Demyx whimper.

Zexion came and sat down beside Xion "Why are you so late?" Sharna asked Zexion.

"I was making out with Bridget!" He replied, "The school robot."

"More like the school rat…" Larxene whispered to Marluxia.

"Where is moi bro?" Demyx cried. Suddenly, Roxas (Demyx's brother) sat next to Demyx. Luckily there were two seats left. Namin'e sat in the last one, next to Roxas. Each of the org students glared at Nami, each in a different way.

Saix SHOULD be drooling, but he wasn't.

"Guys," Roxas half shouted/half muffled (If that is possible), "This is Namin'e. Nami or Nam for short."

When morning tea was finished…

Zexion and Saix-Science with Miss Bevada

Roll call… (Ugh)(Miss B calls a name or nickname, then that person yells (or replies) in a way the teacher would understand. Like, um, for example… "Lolly Pop" Miss candy said. If lolly pop is here she can say something like "here" or "yep" or even "go cowboys!". Anything that would make Miss Candy know what lolly pop said. Get it? Anyway…)

"Sora" … "boogers"

"Riku" … "is better than Sora"

"Emma" … "is the queen"

"Hailey" … "is better then everyone"

"Saix" … "ate, um, er, ate poop"

"Zexion" ... "made Saix do that"

"Sarah" … "Go Zexion!"

"Mecca" … "It's Kaitlin!"

"Chloe" … "Call me Clover!"

"Flip Flop" … "my real name is Yuna!"

"Yuna" … "real funny Tifa… not!"

"Riley" … "here"

"Paine" … "by the way, I am here but Rikku is away"

"Thanks Paine," Miss Bevada ended the roll call.

"For science today, we will be investigating. On my personal laptop there are two games. Who killed Angela Spelling and the death of Robert Cockroach," Miss Bevada announced, "it may sound babyish but it will be connected to the projector. If we finish both games, in 35 minutes, we will play 3D murder mysteries!".

The word 'cool' filled the room.

17 minutes later

"So Manuella Novella killed Angela Spelling because of jealousy.

12 minutes later

"Lloyd Beetle killed Robert Cockroach on accident"

"Now, let's solve some better mysteries!"

Sharna and Axel-Art with Miss Smooker

"Everyone is here!" Miss Smooker said, "Since we have some new students, and I hate projects, let's have some fun. Free painting or something like, hmmm, how do I explain? Ah, do a free paint with only colours that resemble you. Pick three to five colours".

"Sharna, I am not good at art," Axel whispered into Sharna's ear, "This will be horrible".

"Axel… Ale, Lea, Ela, well… your somebody was probably a good artist… because since signs are pointing to you being a girl... with a beautiful artistic name." Sharna whispered back into Axel's ear. Axel glared with a what-the-hell-are-you-talking-about-exactly glare.

Axel WAS NOT a girl. Or at least he thinks...?

"You crystal skull!" Axel yelled into Sharna's face.

Axel quickly put his hand over his mouth. Sharna looked puzzled. "Did you just say what I thought you just said?!" she said giggling.

"W-w-where in some Indian Jones CURSE!" Axel screamed. Sharna quickly covered his mouth. "Axel, don't worry, you probably said it on accident!" she reassured him.

Axel hoped she was right.

"Pick your colours!" Miss Smooker declared.

"I'm picking red, orange and black" Axel boasted, trying not to think about the whole Indiana Jones thing.

"Nothing to boast about there… I am picking chartreuse, black, white, ramelieon and marigold!" Sharna screeched back in a low tone.

"Raider you!" Axel replied in a sarcastic tone… don't ask why he said that sarcastically. Then he placed his hands over his mouth, again.

Sharna bursted out laughing "Ha, ha! You said raider!" she said between laughs. "We are all cursed by Indiana Jones!".

Axel hoped not.

Sharna stopped laughing after a bit and she realised that would be a huge problem.

"If we are cursed by Indiana Jones, some strange things will happen" Axel told her.

19 and a half minutes later…

"Four minutes left!" Miss Smooker announced… art…

23 and a half minutes later…

Axel's painting-fire, LOTS OF FIRE!, and smoke…

Sharna's painting-flowers, sports, and books.



Everyone was sitting at the table - Namin'e too.

"So guys," Marluxia said breaking the silence, "Why are we sitting here without food?".

No one replied, but they all got up to grab some food. For some reason Larxene glared at Demyx evilly. "I thought woodwork was fun Demyx" Larxene hissed, everyone sat back down knowing this wasn't going to be pretty.

"I hate woodwork!" Demyx snapped.

"I love it!" Larxene said in a harsh tone.

"I hate it!" Demyx yelled in an argumentive tone.

"I love it!"

"I hate it!"

"I love it!"

"I love it!"

"Demyx, that trick doesn't fool me!"

Out of no where, a raw egg popped into Demyx's hand. Guess what he did with it…


Author's Notes:

Jalooloo: Can't wait to see what happens later!

Demyx: Hehehe

Larxene: You better not throw anything at me!

Sharna: And lets thank Seeker-Of-The-Heart for the idea she gave Jalooloo! THE INDIANA CURSE!!! :D

Jalooloo: And that curse will be coming back!

Zexion: So… Please Review!