A Special Thanks For First Review On My Dissidia Fanfic From DAS58.

**Thank's for the review :3**




Cosmos Side.


Firion: Whew, finally we got review for our last story.

Cloud: ....

Firion: You hear me, Cloud?

Cloud: Yeah.

Tidus: Which story, Firion?

Firion: When Squally turned into a cat.


Cloud & Firion: SHUT UP!!!!!

Squall: What are you guys talking about?

Cloud: Nevermind.

Squall: I heard 'Cat'.

Cloud: Why are you looking at me like that? Blame Zidane, not me!

Squall: Fine. Coz I can't find Zidane right now.

Tidus: Wait, wait! Why I didn't know about this cat thingy?

Cloud: You weren't in the story.

Tidus: Aww. The authoress forgot about me again!

Cloud: ......

Firion: Calm down, guys. Lemme continue. The review said Terra should has been referred as Tina.

Cloud: That's true.

Squall: Yeah.

Tidus: See... Authoress is stupid.

Firion: And she just wrote my name "FIRION" now, not "FRIONEL" again.

Cloud: ....

Terra (suddenly appeared): I know why the authoress referred me as "Terra" and not "Tina".

Firion: Why's that?

Terra: "Tina" reminds her to another "Tina" from Death or Alive.

Firion: Hey, that's a different story!

Squall: You guys have two spelling types of names. That's confusing. Look at me and Cloud, we both only have one name. Squall. Cloud. Nothing else.

Tidus: Me too. And Zidane too.

Cloud: Don't refer me and you as "WE", Leonhart.

Squall: Why?

Cloud: Coz.. everyone will think we were close, but we are NOT.

Tidus: ...........

Firion: Lemme continue this, gentlemen. Also, review asked where was Warrior of Light at the moment?

Squall: Why does DAS58 look for him?

Tidus: Yeah, why?

Firion: Because he's the main hero here.

Squall: Is he?

Tidus: I thought all of us are equals.

Firion: WOL has too many fans, that's all. So, where's he now?

Squall: Sleeping over there in his bedroom.

Firion: ..............

Squall: Is that all the review has said?

Firion: There's one more.

Squall: Speak.

Firion: About Materia Fusion.

Cloud: Dammit! I know it was WRONG but the Authoress didn't want to listen to me!

Firion: ...

Squall: She can't come up with something better at the moment, so she used a horrible imagination that you can create a new materia to turn someone into some other form; i.e cat; with Materia Fusion.


Squall (thinks to self): Cloud sounds weird when he's angry.........

Firion: Calm down, Cloud. You know someday you would be able to turn your enemy into a cat..... if you keep hoping.

Squall (mumbled inside his heart): Sure he'd be able.... in his dream.

Cloud: *Sighed*

Firion (continue reading): Ok, there's another point. The review said why did our stories were too short?

Tidus: Yeah, I know that! I mean... I wasn't mentioned much. Our stories should have been longer.

Firion: Seems like Authoress will write more about us.

Tidus: Gotta remind her to write more about ME and add some scene about Yuna.

Squall (rolled eyes): AND NOT ANOTHER CAT, I hope......

Cloud: There wouldn't be another cat, Squally. One cat is enough.

Squall: .....What do you mean 'One cat is enough'?!?

Cloud: .....Nevermind.

Firion: Anyway, we should say thank's for the review. I see Authoress is happy that she got the review for her story.

Cloud: Wait, I think there was another story about Chaos side. Why don't Chaos people say thank you for their review?

Firion: Easy. Because they're too busy fighting each others.

Tidus: No wonder; with Jecht there among them.

Cloud: And Sephiroth.

Squall: You forgot Ultimecia.

Firion: And Emperor.

Cloud: And I heard Kuja is narcissist.

Tidus: And the sexy damn thing like Cloud-Of-Darkness.

Firion: And Garland.

Tidus, Cloud, Squall, Firion: ............. *(thinking about Chaos side)*


Chaos Side


Emperor: Ah, we got review. Hm.. I'm too lazy to read it carefully.. I think the girl who wrote the review has mentioned about me. Seems like I have a secret fan.........