Letters to you, My Dear Reader

Letter Four: Contemplating

Your alarm clock blared in the afternoon for the twenty-sixth time that day. Sunlight entered your chambers and your mind starts to wake. Then THUD! Instant spasm spreads throughout your body for you had toppled off your bed and onto the filthy ground below. Regaining your senses you noticed that your knees are badly bruised and your head is throbbing like hell went through it. Cursing yourself you begin to wonder what happen the night before? After crawling down half the hallway because you can't stand up on your own you bump into a pair of ankles. " Whatcha doing down there, ( your name)? " a crony voice asked you. Looking at the face above you, you remember what you did last night. The same person your cousin set you up with had invited you to the most popular bar in town and after that it all went down hill. With your head cocked to the side you wonder why that person looked so different and if they were even the same gender your date from last night was? " You look sick. I told you not to drink so much but you just don't listen" They say " Have a cup of Orange Juice". Gulping down the liquidity substance your stomach begins to ache. Hand over your mouth you find that last bit of energy in you and race to the restroom to chuck up what you just consumed. Like a shadow your mate follows you. " Here's your mail" They toss your correspondence on the sink " Hope you don't mind but I went through it". Still draped over the toilet you moan. About to leave, your date said that they found a blank envelope and throw it away in the trash. A sudden rush of sanity filled your mind and you hurry to the garbage can, thrush your hand in and fish out the letter you've been waiting on for a week. Ignoring the questioned look your mate gave you, you walk to your room, shut the door and force you eyes to read the event the letter contained.

Dear Reader, I apologize that this letter has taken an awfully long time to reach your eyes but thankful that your hearts had time to realise the painful sorrow I spun upon you. Unfortunately by reading this that hurt has crept back inside and replaced that joyful smile on your face with the salty substance of your tears on your lips. Now if you had enjoyed that era of happiness and wish not to carry on the dreadful news to your soul then you may if you choose to fold this letter up and mail it to the next person who may want to find out. Now if your mind runs on curiosity and you choose to read through the hurt, crying and heartbreak then this is not the letter for you. The message you hold in your hand is not like the others. This letter will not fill your heart with a depressing ache but will succeed at enchanting your curious urge. I know you wonder why would I send a letter your way that is not a terrible story. Now, not all my letters are terrible but they are very crucial and important to the tale I give. Today you will read the story that started my life and decreased the sanity it needed.

It was a hot summer's day and I was on a stroll around the park alone. I know that's sounds so lame that I was alone and not with that significant other but trust me he comes later on in the story. Now the reason why I was walking around alone is that I needed some time to think. I had just been notified that my uncle has cancer and I had to drop out of school to help save the family, or whatever is left of it. Wondering why my life was like this I passed by a dark ally not noticing the scene behind the shadows. As my mind registered what my eyes saw I stopped. Retracing my steps I saw a small boy leaned over the wall with his hand over him arm. Quickly to see the blood trickling down his limb I rushed over to see if he was ok. His grey eyes widened as I asked the question and with a scurry her raced down the street before I could say "Mississippi". I looked down at the dark area where the scene happened but nothing was there but yellow dust. I was about to walk off but my eyes caught something in the dark. A small claw was laid on the floor near the yellow powder. Right about now I would of been freaking out but I was use to these things. I never knew what they meant but they happened often and whenever I was asked a kid for help they would do the same thing: run off with a sword in their hands. Some people would find these things strange or frightening but I found them kinda interesting. I guess that's why they happen to me often. I never told anyone that I noticed these things but when I saw something I would make up crazy excuses just to find out what happened.

I remember one time where I was walking to school one day and I was around the age ten years and I noticed a Centaur galloping down the street with two kids on his back. No one noticed this during the morning traffic and earphones in there ears. Then one time before that I was at the food court with a couple of friends when one of my friends, Jenny, started to laugh at some kid who was screaming there head off and running down the stairs. the only one not laughing was me. The poor girl was being chased by a Sphinx! The cat woman leaped on her and she tumbled down the flight of stairs. Another wave of laughter came from my friends. I got up and told them I needed to use the restroom and raced down the stairs to help the girl. All I said was " Are you ok? That sphinx hit you hard" and she still looked at me bewildered and ran off leaving a dusty yellow spot on the floor with a part of the animal's body.

Many other stories happen to me like this and I didn't know what they meant until I met him. That black haired green eyes guy. The moment I laid eyes on him I fell in love. They only thing was that I didn't know that he would lead me to my death. It was because of him I died but lets not have any spoilers for the next letter, eh. Anyways I wont tell you his name but I will give you the first letter of his name so when he comes up you'll know who I'm talking about. They boy who fascinated me was P. He told me why those things happen and why I can see them went no one else can. That I was special and when ever I looked at him I felt it too. And now I'm sorry to say but that is the end of the fourth letter. The next will contain what P did to me that lead me into a love triangle and how he broke my heart but I am a very forgiving person so I didn't mind...at least for right now that is. Who am I, you ask, I am sorry again but I can not tell you that. You'll just have to keep reading to find out. If you wish to you can tell me what you think of these letters or who you think I am in a review. So please review to Zeusgal13 , the girl who let me use her computer to tell you these stories. And for now, until next time, I bid you a good day.

The one who sees through the mist, Mystery Girl