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Full summary: Bella and Edward have been best friends since they were just babies. They've been though everything you can possible imagine together, but once one confesses a true love to the other, will their friendship be able to handle the transition? Or will the drama and realitys of a young, serious relationship force them to lose the only thing they've ever known; eachother?

Chapter One .. Bella

tap tap tap

tap tap tap

tap tap ..


"Is there a problem Miss Swan?" Mr. Varner said looking up from his desk at the front of the room to glare at me in the back of the stuffy trigonometry class. I looked up from my desk, flashed him a wide smile, and shook my head. "Nope, just thinking out loud again." I waited till Mr. Varners head droped back down to his desk to continue focusing on the papers infront of him before I turned around in my desk and narrowed my eyes at none other than Alice Cullen. She just flashed me her imfamous Cullen smile, grabbed her books and stood up just as the nasal sounding bell rung signally the end of the worst part of my day.

I too stood, grabbed my bag and headed up the aisle with the rest of the class. I was hoping to get out the door and make my way to lunch, but I never seem to be quick enough, "Miss Swan, may I have a word with you?" I stopped in the middle of the doorway, groaned, took a deep breath, then spun back around plastering a fake smile on my face, "Yes Mr. Varner?"

"Come sit," He gestured to the empty desk directly infront of his. "I'd like to talk about your latest test grade."

I walked forward, tossed my bag into the seat and hopped ontop of the desk. He just rolled his eyes and pulled a paper from the huge stack of papers practically taking over his old worn out desk. He reached across handing it to me. I took the paper and looked down, half expecting to see the same letter grade I saw last week, but I just gapped at the paper. "Congradulations Miss Swan, I see the turtoring is working out?" I nodded furiously and smiled, trying to hold in a small squeal. Mr. Varner just shook his head, and waved me out of the classroom. "Have fun in Chicago!" He yelled, but I was already half way down the hallway on my way to the cafeteria. As I burst through the doors of the lunch room I let my eyes land on exactly where I knew he'd be.

"EDWARD!!" I yelled, running across the crowded lunch room. Everyone was staring, but Edward just sat his tray down on the table, smiled and stood up just in time for me to collide with his outstreched arms. I threw my arms around his neck and he lifted my off the ground hugging me back,

"Well Bella, I'm happy to see you too." I let go of his neck and looked up at him while his arms were still around my waist holding tight so my feet were still a good foot off the ground.

"I PASSED! EDWARD I PASSED MY MATH TEST! I CAN GO TO CHICAGO!!" He finally realized why I was so excited and squeezed me tighter to him. After a minute or two, I realized whatever food he had on his tray smelled kinda good, and remembered I was starving, having not ate breakfast this morning. "OK put the best friend down, before you squeeze the life out of me." He laughed and somehow turned me in his arms so I was facing the table before sitting down in the chair behind him and scooting it to the table with me on his lap. I situated myself so I was sideways on his lap, throwing my legs across his. He wrapped his arm around my lower back like he always does.

"I bought you pizza, figured you'd like it better than the left over lasagna." He smiled up at me and handed me a slice. He always got enough food for the both of us. "That was lasagna?" I questioned him, peeking over his shoulder to the table behind us, examining the wanna-be-italian food on Mike Newtons plate. He just laughed and picked up his own slice with his free hand.

"Soooooo, Hello, yep, me over here, ALICE CULLEN!!" I looked at the chair next to Edwards and finally awknoledged his twin sister, and my other best friend. "Sorry, I was a littttle excited," I said, smiling apologetically in her direction, "Ohh and I'm still a little pissed about your obnoxious tapping in trig, you made me get that ugly, wrinkly glare from Mr. V." She just smiled and took a bite of her lunch. "I swear the more expensive the shoe is, the more annoying the sound is against the leg of your chair.." Edward just smiled and we finished our lunch.

As the bell run again I hopped off Edwards lap, grabbed the tray and headed to the trash can. Unfortunetly, blocking my path to the trash was the most stubborn, persistant, boy I've ever met. He slightly moved infront of me grabbing the tray from my hand and disposing of the trash for me. While I was thankful for his small act of kindness, I knew it came with a catch.

"So, Bella, I was wondering what you were doing this weekend. Some of the guys and their girlfriends we gonna head down to First Beach for a bonfire, and I was kinda hoping.. " He suddenly got nervous, as usual and looked down at his old tennis shoes.

"..If I'd go, yeah, Mike it's been the same question since 7th grade. Sorry, but I'm busy." I turned to walk away, but he lightly grabbed my wrist and stopped me, "Yeah, I know. You've also had the same answer since 7th grade, think we could change it up a bit?" I rolled my eyes and gently tried jerking my wrist from his grasp but to no avail. "Come on Bella, this is like a boring re-run." I looked at his pathetic pleading eyes just as a smooth hand wrapped around my shoulders.

"We're gonna be late for class Bella, and I don't think Mr. Banner will appreciate a second tardy this week." I looked up to my savior, my Edward. He was always saving me from Mike Newton, and I don't think I could ever thank him enough. Mike finally let go with a sigh and I went to grab my bag from Edward, but he just threw it over his shoulder and grabbed my hand with his free one. As the cafeteria door closed behind us we both burst out laughing and hurried to Biology.

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