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I lay panting on the tile floor; a cold, very satisfied Alice curled up against me, kissing my neck with soft, brief little kisses. We were a mess, having relinquished ourselves to carnal needs a few times in the past hour. Once on the counter, once on the side of the tub, and now on the floor… I was exhausted, sweaty, and covered in Alice's wetness.

We lay like that for a few minutes cuddling on the floor before the cold started to seep in again. Between the cold, heat-dissipating tile, and Alice's lower body temperature I was starting to get goose bumps for another reason.

Taking Alice by the hand, I sat up, and she followed. Getting to our feet, I led her into the stand up, and turned on the water. A warm mist descended on us from the expensive shower head the hotel had installed. Thank God for small luxuries, I thought, and pulled a bottle of moisturizing body lotion from the shelf inside the shower. Opening it, I poured some into my hand, and replaced the bottle.

Rubbing my hands together to gain a bit of lather, I put them on Alice's back, rubbing it all over her. She giggled as I touched her bum, and made a 'yip' of sorts when my cleaning got a little too heated between her legs. When my hands got to her perky little breasts however, she just leaned back into me, craning her neck to kiss my cheek.

"I love you Bella, and I don't care what we have to deal with; as long as I get you for the moments like this." Alice breathed into my ear.

I smiled, and turned her around to face me, pulling her to me once again. My arms wrapped around her, and she put her head on my shoulder as we embraced. I sighed softly, taking it all in. There was nothing more perfect than this moment.

But everyone knows, moments like this can shatter into a million pieces.

I don't know whether I heard it first, or felt it; it was all too fast. One moment, I was embracing Alice, and the next… I was pummeled through the tiled wall by what felt like a bus. I separated from my other half, my body and the object of inertia smashing through the glass panel of the shower door and falling into the glass, sliding across the wet floor. My head hit the bathtub surround, and I heard the tile (or my skull) crack, before blacking out.

A crashing sound followed by a large thud snapped me back to consciousness. I lay on my right side, cheek to the floor and facing the open doorway. My head throbbed and I winced. I put my hand to the source of the pain and felt a bump. Touching it gently, I then brought my hand in front of my face. No blood, good, I thought.

Through the opening (which looked like someone had tried to push something too wide through with a forklift), I could see Alice standing over Edward; his body pinned to the floor, two black rods sticking out of his chest at movement-restrictive angles. Her foot was on his face, and he was turned towards me. I could see him hissing, his mouth foaming with what I assumed to be venom.


Alice is gone, a blur coming from the right of the door frame catching her and pulling her from my view. I moved my hands, finding a spot without glass before using them to push myself up.


A pain shot through my side and I slipped, falling back to flat out on the floor. I put my hand to my skin… and felt the jagged piece of glass sticking out of me.

A tear rolled down my cheek, and another crashing noise followed by repeated banging came from the other room. I clenched my teeth, grabbed the glass, and pulled. A three-inch shard of glass slid out from my body towards the floor.


I dropped the glass, and almost blacked out again. My vision tunneled, and electric spots appeared in the descending blackness. I took a deep breath, and put my hand over the hole, closing my eyes to avoid knowing how close I was to passing out. The electric dots continued on the back of my eyelid, and I tried to control my breathing. Slow and steady, I told myself, and lay there for a moment trying to compose myself.


Something in the other room shattered, and my eyes shot open again. My vision was back, and the spots had all but gone. Using my free hand, I brushed the glass away from me, creating a spot without glass or debris right beside me. I rolled, and sat up, pushing myself to my feet with caution. I grabbed the side of the tub, and tried to steady myself. Glass crunched on my left and I turned to look.


Something hit the door frame in front of me, buckling the right side of the opening and smashing tile and wood like a sledgehammer. The hard object hit the floor with a crack, landing on its own debris. It moved, and my eyes focused, meeting another set. A red set. A set that belonged to snarling, bloodthirsty-looking Jasper.