The clicking of the phone when Gino hung it up was deafening. When Suzaku looked up from the OSI report he was reading he watched all the emotions melt from the blond Britannian's face. Suzaku's eyebrows knotted together, and he closed the folder.

"What was that all about?"

The Knight of Three let out a shaky breath as he tried to calm himself and force those happy-with-life emotions back onto his face, "my father just passed away."

The perpetual look of apathy that occupied Suzaku's face seemed to mold into something that was almost sympathetic. However, 'I'm sorry for you loss' just didn't seem to fit.

"Oh," he breathed and the room fell silent.

"Hey, Suzaku," Gino spoke up, "how do you want to die?"

As soon as Suzaku began to process the question there was a twinge in the back of his head. The twinge rapidly intensified as it shot through his neural network. He inwardly cringed as it delivered its final answer. The honorary Britannian knew he better play along with the answer he was about to give.

A cold smirk slid across the brunette knight's face. He chuckled and closed his eyes.

"I'm going to live forever."