Prompt: #1- Lust
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Summary: Kunsel saw a lot more than people gave him credit for.

It was like a gazelle watching a lion.

Everyday, the same blonde-haired, blue-eyed cadet would gingerly make his way to the lunch lines, head lowered and eyes downcast as he accepted the disgusting gruel the mess served. Sometimes he'd have one or two people sit with him, but most times, he'd sit all alone, with no company and no entertainment, save watching the cold gravy wriggle on his plate like jello.

Kunsel always felt bad for the kid when he noticed the little guy looking their way. Like most SOLDIERs, they were used to having awe-filled glances shot their way, so Kunsel hadn't thought much about the pretty blonde's star-gazing. Then he'd noticed that it wasn't that he was gazing at the group of SOLDIERs so much as one SOLDIER in particular. A certain young, over-enthusiastic, spiky-haired First Class that he'd known since their days in cadet training.

Kunsel himself was often accused of being many things: a gossiper, a stalker, and even a blackmailer, but being stupid or blind was never included in those descriptions. He saw a lot of things that people wouldn't expect, and that was the reason he got away with half the shit he got into, unlike Zack, who could use his pouty lips and charming smile to get out of almost anything.

But not this time.

Oblivious to his friend's thoughts and the boy's intense scrutiny, Zack rose with the rest of the rowdy group of SOLDIERs, continuing his grossly over-exaggerated tale about a battle with a "50-ft tall Behemoth, I swear to Shiva guys!" Kunsel shook his head and shot a subtle glance at the blue-eyed cadet as they approached the lone table on the way to the tray-disposal area, wincing in sympathy when he noticed the open look of adoration and infatuation firmly planted on those delicate features.

Taking pity on the kid, Kunsel waited until the boy had pulled his seat out a bit to wait for them to pass before delicately maneuvering his body so that he was clear of Zack's path to the table and shamelessly took advantage of his enhanced speed to jerk his foot out and trip his friend in the general direction of the blond.

Zack, in the middle of a particularly gruesome part of the story involving decapitation and disembowelment, didn't have nearly enough time to completely catch himself as he toppled head-first into the open lap of a surprised cadet.

He did, however, manage to grasp the edge of the table and the back of the cadet's chair in an awkward sort of push-up that, while leaving his legs dragging on the ground, had left him hovering over the stunned blond like a prostitute about to deliver the best blow job of the century.

From his vantage point two feet away, Kunsel noted with acute satisfaction that neither seemed to be in a hurry to move anytime soon.

His work here was done.

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