Who the hell is callin' at this late hour? Rogue grumbled lowly to herself. She rolled over in bed and her eyes fell on her roommate Kitty, who was fast asleep and oblivious to the annoying ringer. Rogue scowled at her darkly. If this is Bobby, Kit, Ah'm gunna skin yah.

RIIING RIIING! RIIING RIIING! The phone continued to screech at her. Rogue winced harshly and gritted her teeth. "Ah'm comin' damnit, shut up!"

RIIING RIIING! RIIIN- Rogue viciously knocked the phone off the hook and caught it before it hit the ground. Almost growling into the receiver, she snapped at the person on the other end. "What?!"

There was a slight pause, then a drawn out, slurred chuckle. "Roguey? Y' dere?" A familiar Cajun accent floated into her ear and Rogue bit back a groan.

"Remy?" She questioned heatedly. "Jus' what the hell do ya think yah're doin' callin' meh at this hour?"

"Chere, Remy would not disturb y' beauty sleep unless t'was important." Remy said seriously.

"What's wrong wit' ya voice, Swamp Rat?" Rogue questioned sharply. "Yah sound funny."

Remy chuckled for a good half a minute and Rogue considered hanging up just before he began speaking again. "Chere, Remy's in a pickle—" he giggled again. "A pickle—what exactly do people in a pickle do, do y' t'ink?" Rogue frowned at the receiver before Remy went on. "Y' see, fille, Remy don' have no way t' get back t' de mansion an' he needs y' help."

"Mah help?" Rogue squalked. "Why would Ah help you, Cajun? Yah've been nothin' but a pain in mah ass since yah arrived."

"Remy know dat, but 'M willin' t' make it up t' y' if y' do dis favor fo' me."

Rogue's eyebrow quirked. "Really? An' what exactly does that entitle?"

"Anyt'ing y' want, chere. Remy'll even be y' slave boy fo' a day an' give y' sex favors if y' want."

Rogue rolled her eyes. "Keep it in your pants, Remy. Ah don' want yah're sex favors."

"But—y' help dis Cajun out?" Remy asked hopefully.

"In exchange for a favor." Rogue clarified. "To be redeemable at any tahme Ah want."

"Anyt'ing, fille." Remy agreed.

"Okay." Rogue nodded, her mind already wandering to the possibilities of what she could make Remy do. "So yah want meh ta pick yah up? Yah know Ah can't drive, Remy."

"Jus' walk here t' dis Cajun. Remy need an escort." Remy gave her the address and Rogue rolled her eyes. Of course he'd be at a bar. That's why he sounded so funny—he must be drunk off his ass. It wasn't too far though, so she really didn't have too much space to complain.

Rogue quickly and silently got dressed before slipping out through the garage, making sure to leave the door unlocked as she left. It was about a half hour walk to Remy's location and she went fast, making it there in only twenty-five. Rogue glanced up at the seedy bar with a neon light overhead that was emphasizing the bar's less-than-perfect reputation. She rolled her eyes at the blatant 'live girls' sign and made her way into the place.

Once inside, Rogue rolled her eyes at the three stripper poles in the middle of the bar and easily spotted Remy, who was sitting at a table right next to one of the poles and applauding the stripper graciously. Rogue snorted and made her way over to the table, eyeing Remy dubiously as the stripper gave him a lap dance. When he noticed her arrival, his eyes lit up gloriously, the way they always did when he got emotional or excited about something. "Chere!" Remy exclaimed happily. "Y' came!"

The girl who was sitting on his lap glanced over at Rogue speculatively. "This is the girl?" She asked.

Remy nodded enthusiastically. "Ain't she belle?" Remy slurred, smiling at her appreciatively.

Rogue quirked an eyebrow at him. "Wow, Rems, it's real nahce that yah tell all ya friends about meh, but now it's time ta go. Did yah bring anything?" Rogue glanced in the booth to make sure he wasn't leaving his wallet lying around before they left.

The stripper nodded at her smart remarks. "She'll definitely do."

Rogue raised an eyebrow at the woman. "What?"

The stripper clambered off of Remy and nearly slithered across the table until she reached Rogue. She reached out and grabbed Rogue's hand, pulling her towards the table. "W-What are yah doin'?" Rogue tried to tug her hand away, but the stripper had a surprisingly strong grip.

"Don't be shy." The stripper tugged on her arm firmly and Rogue stumbled, falling into the side of the table. The stripper grabbed her with her other hand as well and hauled her up on top of the table where she tossed Rogue against the pole and was soon right behind her, grinding her into the metal.

Rogue's eyes flared dangerously. "Remy!" She growled at him lowly and the stripper behind her returned the growl with her own, rumbling deep from the back of her throat.

Below her, Remy grinned deliriously. "Now dat is what I wanted t' see! Y' are tres belle when y' angry, chere."

Rogue's eyes narrowed. "Ah'm gunna kill yah, Remy." She made to shove the stripper aside, but for such a small figure, the woman was very strong and forceful. She swatted off Rogue's attempt to escape and turned the southerner around, thrusting her hips into hers suggestively.

"Knock it off!" Rogue pushed at the stripper's shoulders, trying to extricate herself from her tight, hugging grasp. The stripper smiled and squeezed Rogue closer against her body, still thrusting at her with her hips while shimming the rest of her body around suggestively.

"Remy!" Rogue shouted in anger and frustration. "Get her off!"

Remy grinned lazily. "Will y' give Remy a kiss?"

Rogue gritted her teeth and bucked against the stripper, trying to throw her off. The stripper took that as an invitation and moved fluidly around Rogue's body, grabbing her around the middle from behind and swaying with her. "Remy!" Rogue yelled angrily. Remy just leaned back and watched the show.

The stripper bent her head down and nipped at the back of Rogue's neck with her teeth. Rogue squeaked and tried to jerk away again, receiving similar results as all her other failed attempts. "REMY!"

Remy whistled appreciatively. "Y' nip her good, Dazzle Cakes."

The stripper growled again in the back of her throat and bit at Rogue's clothed shoulder. "Shit, Remy! Just get her off!" Rogue bucked, still trying to escape.

"Y' will kiss me?" Remy asked.

"Whatever!" Rogue yelped as Dazzle Cakes bit her again, harder this time. "Get her away from meh!"

Remy grinned lazily. "Dat's good, Dazzler. Y' done now." He held out a fifty and 'Dazzler' smiled at him seductively before sashaying over and removing the bill from his hands. Rogue leapt off the table as applause broke out around her pole. Snarling at the audience that had gathered, Rogue bullied her way out the door, not caring to look back for Remy. It was lightly raining outside, making the sidewalks slick and muddying up the grass.

Remy crashed through the door seconds after her, drunkenly stumbling as he waved and kissed at the club he was leaving. Rogue quickened her step to escape from him, but Remy stumbled forward at an alarming rate. Just before he was going to grab her shoulder, he tripped over his own feet and fell to the cement. "Aiiyi!"

Rogue paused and hated herself for it. Why should she care if he was okay? The stupid asshole deserved to stumble around the night and get lost. Still, Rogue found herself unwillingly kneeling down and helping Remy up to his feet. Remy's eyes glowed excitedly. "What about my kiss?"

Rogue smacked him across the face and turned to go again when Remy crashed to the ground once more. "Chere!" Remy called after her. "Don' go! Remy's sorry!"

Rogue clenched her jaw. "Yah a dick, Remy."

Remy smiled lazily again. "I have a big one." He slurred. As Rogue started to leave him again, Remy shook his head in an attempt to clear his thoughts. "Wait, fille, don' leave Remy here. I'll never make back t' de mansion."

"Thank God." Rogue bit off, still strolling away.

"Wait!" Remy called after her. "Roguey, 'M sorry, honest." Rogue pulled up short and glared at him.

"Yah're such an asshole, Remy! What did ya think Ah would do after yah set muscle-bound stripper on meh?"

Remy kicked at the ground and pouted like a kicked dog. "'M sorry, Roguey."

Rogue cursed inwardly at the side of her that told her to help him. He was a jerk—why couldn't she be one too? Growling lowly, Rogue took the few steps back to Remy and put an arm around his back while slinging his other arm around her back as she hoisted half his weight.

"Come on, then." Rogue's eyes were slits. "An' don' try anything funny."

Remy was positively glowing. Rogue's close proximity set him alight with joy and he grinned goofily at her. "Y' a good heart, Roguey."

Rogue shook her head. "Ah oughta leave yah out here." She snapped, still trying to be angry with him. Unfortunately, her mind and body weren't on the same page. Rogue's body was telling her to get even closer to Remy. His heat was warm and comforting and his scent of recent cigarettes and Cajun spice was intoxicating. Rogue almost leaned in closer to him to inhale his scent more deeply before she shook herself gently.

Rogue glanced over at Remy and frowned. "Are ya—sniffin' meh, Cajun?"

"Y' smell tres belle, fille." Remy admitted, his pupils wide and dilated. He gave her a nudge. "Y' mos' gorgeous—" Remy's shoulder support hand inched towards her behind as he spoke.

"That's enough of that." Rogue warned, hitching him up again. "The sooner we get yah back, the better." Remy grinned drunkenly at her.

"Y' wanna play a game, chere?" he asked her kindly.

"No, Ah really don'." Half of Remy's weight was dragging on her and it slowed the trip considerably, not to mention how heavy he was. Damn, Rogue thought absently, fohr such a skinny guy, he sure weighs a ton.

"Okay, dis how de game goes. It called Discomfort o' somet'ing silly like dat."

"Remy—" Rogue started warningly.

Remy ignored her. "See now, Remy touch y' t'igh like dis." Remy latched onto her lower thigh with his free hand then started moving his hand up. "An' y' shout when y' want t' give up de game."

"Remy!" Rogue shouted as his hand snaked up dangerously high on her inner thigh. She pushed him away from her, but Remy clung tightly with his other arm and they both went down together. They sloshed into the mud and muck of someone's yard.

"Y' turn!" Remy exclaimed, grabbing Rogue's gloved hand and trailing it up his jeans.

"Remy!" Rogue growled again, yanking his hand away. Unfortunately, Remy came with it and he rolled himself on top of Rogue, sitting down on her hips happily and smiling that damn cocky smile of his. Rogue flushed at their position and hit up at Remy to get him off. Remy only grinned wider and soon had both her wrists pinned above her head with one hand as he leered over her suggestively, waggling his eyebrows at her.

"Remy—stop." Rogue squirmed under him, trying to get away, but she only managed to drench her outfit more in the rain while doing so. "Remy—what're you—" Rogue was silenced as Remy pressed his mouth against hers and, involuntary, Rogue's body reacted by flushing with warmth. Remy kissed her deeply and probed her to respond with his tongue. Against her wishes, he elicited a soft groan from her lips.

Rogue wanted to scream and yell at him, but he felt so good right then that she couldn't bring herself to fight him off any more. She leaned into the kiss and began kissing him back, slowly at first, then with more hunger and desire.

Rogue didn't even notice the connection open up, but her poisonous skin reacted hungrily to his touch and began to drink him in, draining him of his energy and memories, his personality. Remy's drunken state floated over her and clouded her mind, becoming her own state as she sapped him dry. When she realized that he was weakening, Rogue reluctantly bucked her hips to get him off and away from her. Severely low on strength, Remy wasn't able to give much resistance as his head slid to the side and away from her lips. Rogue gasped, both at the sensation Remy had evoked in her, the lack of his mouth on hers, and the new personality that flooded her mind as images blurred before her.

Remy whispered in her ear, dangerously still close to her skin. "Y' like dat, chere?"

Rogue was dizzy with the absorption, trying to focus her muddled mind as Remy's drunken haze floated through her. She wanted to yell at Remy for his stupidity and shove him off her, but all she managed was a weak thrust, attempting to throw him off, but not succeeding and not truly wanting to. Everything was just so light and hazy…Rogue's eyes settled shut for a moment. She could get used to feeling like this.

Above them, a red and blue light started shining through the night as a cop car pulled over and an officer got out of his car. Rogue blinked dizzily as the colors assaulted her, even through closed eyelids, and the cop pulled up short before them. He blinked at the sight of Remy sprawled across Rogue and Rogue had half a mind to think to try to get Remy off. She bucked again slightly, but Remy remained a dead weight on top of her, barely conscious.

The cop paused for another moment before his eyes narrowed at them. "Get off of her, sir! This is a public facility!" Remy made half an effort to move, she'd give him that, but he was still drained from kissing her. The cop fingered his gun as he stepped up in front of them and yanked Remy to his feet. Remy dangled in his grasp limply, barely conscious and unable to support his own weight.

The cop glared at Remy dirtily, perhaps noticing his red-on-black eyes and seeing that he was a mutant. "Are you okay mi—" the cop stopped short when he looked down at her. Unbeknownst to Rogue, her eyes were a mirror image of Remy's, also red on black. The man squinted at her for a moment. "Get up." He commanded.

Still overwhelmed by Remy's drunken state and his clashing memories, Rogue stumbled to her feet and nearly fell down again, catching herself only at the last minute. "Let me see some ID." The cop demanded.

"Ah-Ah don' have any on meh." Rogue replied honestly, not really sure why that was necessary. Damn! Remy had drunk a lot!

"How old are you?" The cop questioned.

Rogue blinked several times, trying to clear her mind to come up with an answer. "Ah…Ah'm seventeen." She informed his, glancing around her warily. Wait…was that right? Rogue wondered absently.

The cop's eyes narrowed suddenly. "I know you." He announced. Rogue glanced up at him in bewilderment.

"Yah do?" She asked, taking a step forward. Unfortunately, Rogue wasn't used to being in a drunken state of mind, so she tripped over her own feet and fell into the cop, who was glaring at her darkly.

"You're that stripper—Dazz something." The cop nodded to himself. "Brown hair, average height, mutant." He pushed Rogue up and clutched at her with the hand that was already holding Remy.

"No!" Rogue protested. "Yah don't understand—Ah didn't want ta pole dance with tha stripper! They made meh do it!"

The cop shook his head at her in disgust. With his other hand, he reached down to his belt and grabbed his walkie-talkie. "I've apprehended an underage, drunk female and an older male—a buyer of her prostitute services. Both were on Sicamore Street, screwing the hell out of one another in someone's yard. The male smells drunk too, but he's of age. I'm bringing them in for disruption of the peace, public display, underage sex, underage drinking, and prostitution. And Bob?" he paused. "They're both mutants." Bob said something back to him, but Rogue couldn't hear right.

Rogue's forehead creased. "Hey—whatt'dya mean 'they're both mutants'? What's that have anything ta do with anything?"

The cop sneered at her darkly. "That's the least of your concerns right now." The cop shoved them both at the car.

Remy blinked at Rogue as he became more aware of their surroundings. He suddenly didn't feel drunk anymore—that was weird. Had Rogue absorbed that off of him? Remy's thoughts were cut short as the cop threw him up against the car and cuffed his hands behind his back before shoving him down into the backseat. Rogue squeaked in protest as she, too, was thrown against the car.

"Oww!" Rogue cried. "That hurts!" The cop tightened the handcuffs more and Rogue yelped. "Let go of meh, yah stupid Popo!" Rogue shouted. The cop glared at her and shoved her down into the car too, a little harder than necessary. Rogue bucked against her restraints at him before he slammed the door in her face and climbed into the front seat.

Rogue settled back into the backseat of the car and glared at the back of the cop's head. "He called meh a prostitute!" Rogue complained, glaring daggers at the cop.

"Rogue?" Remy asked warily. He was gaining his strength back more with every passing moment and his head was clear, so he recognized the severity of the situation.

Rogue turned a pouting face to him. "Sugah? He stuffed yah in here too?" Her voice was thick and slurry and Remy recognized the tell-tale signs of drunkenness. He sighed inwardly.

It's probably better dat she's in dis state. Remy reasoned. She would kill dis Cajun ot'erwise. Outwardly, he smiled warmly at Rogue. "Yeah, de big guy got Remy too."

"How rude!" Rogue drew her eyes up to his face again. "He interrupted our moment!"

One of Remy's eyebrows rose in interest. "Our moment, chere?"

Rogue suddenly blushed, looking cute and kiddish. "Well…Ah don' know if it meant much to yah, since yah're always kissin' girls an' sleepin' around, but Ah almost never get ta do that." She smiled coyly. "Even if yah were jus' bein' nache, Ah appreciate it."

"Really?" Remy grinned broadly. "Y' enjoyed it den, did y' fille?"

Rogue giggled softly. "Ah'ma tell yah a secret." Her accent was very thick in her drunken state. It was adorable. "Ah was turned on bah that." She held her fingers up to her mouth. "But shhhh, ya can't tell anyone."

Maybe this won't be so bad. Remy thought with a smile. "Remy never woulda guessed, fille, de way y' were squirmin' t' get away."

Rogue smiled coyly at him again. "Ah usually trah to hide an' deny it." She sobered slightly, frowning and casting her gaze down. "Since…ya know, Ah can' reahlly touch anyway."

"Aww, chere." Remy would have reached out to her if his hands weren't handcuffed. "Remy won' ever be 'fraid t' touch y'."

There was that coy smile again. Oui, Remy could definitely get used t' dis.

Suddenly, Rogue's smile evaporated. She blinked a few times and Remy could have sworn that she was coming back to herself, fighting through the drunken haze he had put her in, but after half a moment, her eyes glazed over again and her smile returned. "Y' look tres belle wit' my eyes." Remy commented. And she really did. The blood red on onyx that he so often hid behind glasses was adorable in her face, so innocent and sweet.

Rogue smiled softly. "So, where's this boat takin' us, sugah?" She asked him.

"'M pretty sure we goin' off t' de Big House." Remy replied, eyeing her reaction.

Rogue just chuckled. She felt so good right now. So peaceful and at bliss. She felt that she could say anything now and know that everything would be alright. Rogue was vaguely aware this might be effects of the alcohol and if it was, she told herself she'd have to do it again. This state was just so…right. Remy's words made her think of the movies. "It's lihke we're the good guys goin' off ta jail." Rogue giggled. "Lihke in the movies when the heroes are wrongly accused—that's us!"

Heroes, huh? Remy grinned at her antics. "Well 'M glad y' takin' dis so well, fille."

Rogue bounced excitedly. "Let's play a game, Remy!"

"What y' t'inkin' 'bout playin', chere?"

Rogue thought for a moment before her whole face lit up when she had an idea. "Leap Frog!" She exclaimed. "Let's play Leap Frog!"

"We kinda tied up at de moment, fille, but Remy'll play Leap Frog wit' y' when we get back t' de mansion."

Rogue glowed. "Really? Yah promise?"

"Promise, petit." Remy nodded towards the jailhouse. "Looks like we here."

Rogue turned to the window to look out and see, but between her already-blurry vision and the raindrops on the dark window, she couldn't really make out anything beyond that. The car jolted to a quick stop and Rogue fell forward, banging her head against the cage. "Ow!" Rogue's eyes watered as she struggled to lift a bound hand towards her head. "Learn how ta drive, yah stupid assho—"

"Shhh, petit." Remy quieted her just before Rogue's side door opened. The cop's gruff hand reached inside and pulled her out by her shoulder. Rogue struggled in his grasp, trying to buck away. The cop grunted when she hit him in the collar with her shoulder and he snarled at her.

"Stay still!" He pushed her up against the car again and held the back of his hand against her neck to hold her in place. Rogue writhed.

"This is no way ta treat a lady!" She huffed, squirming on the car. The cop ignored her and motioned Remy to him.

"Come here, son, and don't struggle. She's already got charges of resisting arrest, we don't need to add that to yours too." Remy came out peacefully of the cop car and let the cop grab the back of his cuffs with one hand. Another cop was just exiting and the current one nodded towards him. "Hey, Jeff!" The other cop glanced over and cop 1 nodded to Remy. "Help take this one inside with me."

Jeff nodded and came over, helping the first cop by taking Remy himself. The first cop grabbed Rogue's writing form with both hands and shoved her forward, leading her in by her shoulders. Rogue glared and continued to struggle, but the cop was stronger and forced her to go.

Once inside, they passed several desks and the main room into a back cop room where yet another cop sat behind a desk in front of a locked door. "Bob!" Jeff called. "Got some stuff for you."

The first cop shoved Rogue inside, still struggling, after Jeff. "These are the mutants, Bob." He clarified. "And add 'resisting arrest' to the charges against the girl." Bob nodded and wrote down something on a paper in front of him.

Looking up once more, Bob raised an eyebrow at the two captives, the submissive Remy and the still-struggling Rogue. "Pad 'em down and take 'em to the back."

Both cops entered the locked room behind Bob and Remy found themselves faced with a line of jail cells. Remy submissively let the cop pat him down and take his possessions. His wallet disappeared in a flash, along with several packs of playing cards, and his ID.

Beside him, the first cop was struggling with getting Rogue to hold still. He threw her up against the wall and had Jeff hold her there as the first cop patted her down. "Getchur grubby hands offa meh!" Rogue screeched, writhing to escape the cop's grasp.

"Hold still, damnit!" The first cop growled and slammed her against the wall more tightly. Rogue squeaked.

Remy's tone softened at Rogue's obvious discomfort. "She don' like t' be touched." He explained to Jeff, who seemed more level headed and reasonable than the first cop.

"That's an odd discomfort for a prostitute." Cop number one snarled mockingly.

"Ah'm not a prostitute, yah bull-headed idiot!" Rogue screeched as the cop patted down her back waistband of her bands. Cop one proceeded to her legs to make sure she wasn't hiding any weapons. When he lifted one of her jean pant legs to see if he could find a concealed weapon, Rogue hissed and kicked back with her foot. Her shoe connected with the man's nose and a disturbing crunnnch resounded as the cop howled and fell back from her, clutching his nose.

"Why you little—" The cop cut himself off upon re-noticing Jeff and growled at his partner. "Throw them in the cell with their kind."

Cussing, the first cop left through the door, his nose bleeding excessively. Jeff led Remy and Rogue to the back of the room where one cell stood somewhat apart from the others. He didn't even have a hand on Remy, but he kept an arm on Rogue's shoulder. Rogue had calmed down when the first cop left and she was now smiling pleasantly. Jeff instructed Remy to turn around as he opened the jail cell. Remy obeyed without complaint and Jeff went about unlocking his cuffs before he directed Remy inside the cell.

Remy walked in obediently and observed the mutants who were already in the cell. There were two of them. One was a tall and muscular guy. He had bleach blonde hair that stuck up in all angles and gray eyes. The guy was watching the younger girl beside him with intense eyes, while the girl was pointedly ignoring him. The other jailmate was a woman, Remy guessed about eighteen or so, around Rogue's age. She had long, dark black hair and was obviously from Asian descent.

Behind him, Jeff instructed Rogue to stand still and, surprisingly, she obeyed without complaint. When Jeff had removed her cuffs, he pointed into the jail cell and Rogue smiled at him winningly. "Thanks, sugah. Hey—Am Ah allowed ta get a phone call in this joint?" She snickered to herself. "Hehehe—this joint. Ah didn't even think of that pun when Ah said it."

The Asian girl glanced up at their new jailmates and frowned slightly at Rogue. "Is she drunk?" She turned to Remy questioningly.

"Not exactly…" Remy confessed haltingly. "It's a long story."

Behind him, the cop nodded. "You get one phone call. Would you like to use it now?" Rogue nodded enthusiastically and the cop shut the door and led Rogue away, down a few more cells. Remy watched them go warily.

The Asian girl hiked up an eyebrow. "She's a prostitute?" Remy whipped around and squinted at her. The girl shrugged. "I heard the cops talking."

"No." Remy shook his head. "She's not a prostitute. It actually Remy's fault she's here at all."

The Asian splayed out on the floor, laying back. "Well, tell us a story then, Remy. We haven't got anything to do here and I'm tired of being stared at." She shot her companion a dark look. "You tell us how you got here and we'll tell you how we did."

Remy sighed. It was going to be a long night.


RIIING RIIING!Kitty sat bolt upright, ready for action as s he turned about the room, looking for the culprit. RIIING RIIING! The phone rang again and Kitty jerked slightly at the sound, surprised by it. She blinked at the phone twice before picking it up. "Hello?" She asked tentatively, glancing at the clock that read 2AM.

"Kittah!" Rogue's thick accent floated over the receiver. "How are yah, girl?"

"Rogue?" Kitty asked in bewilderment, confused. She glanced over at Rogue's bed and noticed for the first time that it was empty. "Oh my God, Rogue! Like, where are you?"

"Ah'm in the Big House." Rogue giggled.

Kitty's forehead creased. "You're in jail?" More giggling. "God, Rogue, are you drunk?"

"No!" Rogue protested. "Remy was drunk—Ah'm innocent!" She was obviously wasted. Kitty shook her head.

"How did you end up in jail?"

Rogue started laughing again. "They think Ah'm a prostitute. Isn't that ironic? Me, a prostitute?" Rogue started giggling again. "Ah'd make a pretty poor one if Ah can't even touch mah clientele, don'tcha think?"

Kitty's eyes widened. "They think you're a prostitute? How did that happen?"

"Remy made meh do this sexy dance with a Dazzle." Rogue confessed. "Ah was really mad at him before, but Ah can' remember why now." Rogue didn't even pause before she switched topics. "Hey! But there was this rude Blue man! He came an' ripped Remy offah meh before manhandlin' mah goods an' charging us with public prostitution an' stuff. He was so mean—Ah broke his nose though." Rogue told her triumphantly.

Kitty's jaw dropped as her mind reeled. "You—you broke a cop's nose? Holy God, Rogue! And—why was Remy on top of you? You couldn't have been…but he charged you with prostitution? Rogue, what the hell? What'd you do with Remy?" Kitty cried, horrorstruck.

"Shhh, Kit." Rogue hushed, giggling softly as she slurred. "Don' tell anyone, but meh an' Remy shared somethin' special." Kitty's eyes widened. "It was real nahce of him ta do it for meh—Ah mean, most everyone's afraid ta touch meh, raght? Not Remy though! Ohh—he felt so warm an' delicious!" Her voice turned somewhat serious again and she instructed Kitty in a lower tone. "But yah can't tell anyone, Kit."

Kitty was stunned into silence. Rogue and Remy had had sex?! She sputtered. "B-But how?"

Rogue smiled coyly. "Girls don' kiss an' tell." She replied evasively.

"Rogue—were-were you safe about it?"

"Oh no." Rogue shook her head, unaware that Kitty couldn't see the gesture. "Remy was very forward. He jus' jumped on meh an' did it—Ah tried ta stop him at first, but it just felt sooo good, so Ah encouraged him afterwards. He even made me groan! It was soo dreamy."

Kitty blinked rapidly, wondering if she was having a very strange dream and when she'd wake up. "Rogue—what if…you know, what if you get pregnant?" Kitty whispered in a hushed tone.

Rogue blinked. "Ah cahn get pregnant lihke that?" She asked in confusion.

"Oh, God, Rogue." Kitty shook her head, trying to regulate her breathing. "Were you sober when you did this?"

"Ah got woozy while doin' it." Rogue admitted.

Kitty's brow furrowed. "You got drunk while…while it happened? Oh, Rogue…he didn't hurt you, did he?" Kitty worried for her friend's mindset when Rogue came back to herself and realized what she had done. –And they hadn't even been safe about it!

"It wasn't mah fault." Rogue stated defensively. "Remy pushed it inta meh."

Kitty worked her jaw for a few seconds, trying to find the words. "Do you need me to come get you?" She finally asked, unable to voice the hundreds of other questions that plagued her mind.

"And Remy." Rogue added. "They think he was payin' meh fo' sex."

Kitty closed her eyes for a moment. Rogue was going to have a lot to come to terms with in the morning. And Kitty had half a mind to beat that cocky Cajun to a pulp as well. He'd obviously been the instigator. For someone who didn't get action because of her skin, Kitty wasn't surprised that Remy had been able to coax her into having sex with him, especially if there had been alcohol involved. But how they had done it—that was still a mystery to Kitty. "I'll be there as soon as I can." Kitty promised.


Rogue returned to the cell with the cop close behind. He unlocked the door for her and she stepped in smoothly. "Thank yah." She smiled at him. "Yah're very hospitable." She turned around and faced the others. "Hi everyone. Yah miss meh, Rems?"

"O' course I did." Remy agreed. He slung an arm around her shoulder and sat down with her near the entrance. "Let me introduce y', chere." Remy gestured towards the woman. "Dat's Jubilation Lee and dat," he pointed to the guy, "is Relix."

Rogue nodded at them both. "It's a pleasure to have yah acquaintance."

Jubilation Lee lifted an eyebrow at her. "So this is the girl?" She asked, eyeing Rogue up.

Rogue smiled before a thought hit her and she leapt to her feet. "No, Remy!" She yelled loudly. "Ah won't do a lap dance with her!"

"Whoa! Chere! Calm down! Nobody's askin' y' t' do a lap dance!"

Relix groaned. "Dude, your girl's totally turning me on."

Jubilation Lee's other eyebrow lifted at Rogue. "Down, Bessy! No offense, but I don't want to do a lap dance for you, either."

Rogue glanced at Remy, then to Jubilation Lee. "Nobody wants meh ta do a lap dance?"

"I do!" Relix called out. "Please, be my guest!"

"Non, chere." Remy shot a look at Relix. "Nobody's askin' y' t' do a lap dance. Come 'ere." He beckoned Rogue towards him and Rogue once again seated herself next to him. "What gave y' dat idea?"

"Ah jus' remember tha last tahme a girl said that ta meh in yah presence." Rogue pointed out. "The 'so this is her' comment."

Remy's face splint into a grin and he chuckled."Don' worry, Roguey. Y' don' have t' do no dance if y' don' want t'." Remy nodded behind her. "Who'd y' call on de phone?"

"Kittah." Rogue replied thickly. "She's comin' ta pick us up."

"Hmm." Remy mumbled thoughtfully.

"Ah tol' her about what happened an' she was pretty shocked." Rogue frowned suddenly. "Remy, do yah think Ah'm gunna get pregnant?"

Jubilation Lee laughed. Remy had told them the story of how they got there, but he hadn't said anything about sex. Looks like there was more to the story that he left out. Perhaps at the part when they were found by the cops? Relix groaned again, but said nothing.

Remy squinted. "What makes y' t'ink dat y' might be pregnant, chere?"

"You know…" Rogue dragged out, glancing at Jubilation and Relix. "'Cause of what we did."

"The kissing?" Remy asked in confusion. "Y' can't really get pregnant off dat, fille."

Jubilation Lee made a pfft noise. "Please—you don't really have to hide it. Well, maybe from Relix you do, but we can deduce clearly enough what happened without the concealment."

Rogue's brow furrowed. "Jubilation Lee—" Rogue started.

"Just Jubilee." She corrected.

"Ah did not have sex wit' Remy." Rogue continued. "An' Ah don' much lihke what yah're insinuatin' bah sayin' that."

Jubilee gave her another look. "Uh huh."

"How did you end up here anyway?" Rogue questioned accusingly.

"Well I'll tell you, it wasn't because I was found lying under some guy who had just knocked me up on someone's front yard."

"Ughh!" Relix moaned. "Keep goin'." Jubilee shot him a dark look and he groaned again, fingering himself.

Rogue's brow furrowed as she wondered what Jubilee's comment had to do with anything. "That really doesn't tell meh anythin'." She pointed out.

Jubilee laughed at her obvious clunessness. "I was at the wrong place at the wrong time and became a convenient target." She shrugged. "Mutants go through shit."

"That sounds lihke what happened ta meh!" Rogue cried out, finding a kindship bond with the girl. "Ah didn' do anythin' wrong either!"

"You sure she's not drunk?" Jubilee asked Remy.

Remy shook his head in amusement. "Non, dat she absorbed offa Remy. She be back t' normal in a few hours."

Rogue suddenly looked up, uncomfortable. "Remy?"

"Oui?" Remy asked.

"Ah…Ah have ta go ta the bathroom."

Remy glanced up at the totally un-private toilet in the far right corner of the room. "Dere's a toilet." He announced unnecessarily.

Rogue frowned and gave him a puppy face. "Ah can't go there. It's open! In plain view of everyone! An' there's no sink."

"Y' might have t' hold it den, Roguey. Kitty should be here pretty soon, heh?"

"It's uncomfortable." Rogue complained.

Jubilee gave the two an amused grin. "Not used to the jail life, huh? Though if I was just gunna be here a few hours, I'd hold it too. Relix peeks."

"Well you shouldn't dress so provocatively." Relix said defensively.

Suddenly, Kurt, Kitty, and Betsy appeared in a blue cloud of brimstone right in the middle of everyone. Kurt staggered slightly at teleporting two passengers into an area he hadn't known and Betsy immediately closed her eyes, looking intent. Kitty grabbed Rogue's gloved hand, who was attached to Remy. "Come on—we've gotta go."

Rogue blinked in surprise. "What about Jubilation?" Kitty looked like she didn't have a clue as to what Rogue was talking about.

"She means de ot'er fille." Remy nodded to a black-haired Asian girl.

"This isn't an episode of Jail Break!" Kitty cried in frustration. "We're just getting you two out. Betsy?"

"Almost done." The psychic replied, waving her off.

"Hey! Take me! I'm innocent!" Jubilee cried out, seeing a chance at escape. "They set me up!"

"Whoa!" Relix blinked. "You're all breaking out? Hey, don't drag me into this. I get outa the joint tomorrow." Relix's eyes lost focus as his gaze settled on the purple haired Betsy. "Mmm,"

Kitty huffed, glancing over at Jubilee. "Betsy?"

"She is innocent." Betsy clarified.

"Gahh! Fine! Whatever! Let's go!" Kitty sent a pointed glare at the Asian. "Grab somebody's hand. Kurt?"

Kurt latched on to Remy's other side. Rogue clutched his hand tightly and Kitty's in her other. Betsy opened her eyes and grabbed onto Kitty's free hand and Jubilee clutched Betsy's, glancing at the group apprehensively. Now what? She thought apprehensively.

"Hang on." Everyone grip tightened. A second later, a large smoke of brimstone engulfed them all and they disappeared entirely from the jail cell, leaving not even a stray memory behind about their impromptu visit.