Remy grinned wolfishly as Kitty dragged Rogue out by the scruff of her neck. He gave himself a few moments to catch his breath. Rogue really had a killer kiss! If she didn't have untouchable skin, Remy knew everyone would jump at the chance to be with her, especially with kissing skills like that. Remy could honestly say that he was impressed and Remy didn't get impressed often.

Once Remy had gathered himself, he stood up from his bed and smiled to himself, thinking about the feel of Rogue in his arms. It had been so cute to watch her struggle in his grasp as she tried to escape. He felt the need to antagonize her then and make her exit more fretful and exasperating than it would have been otherwise, but he hadn't planned on her submitting to his wishes. Nor had he have guessed how intensely she would react to his touch. The thought of their second kiss brought a cocky grin to Remy's handsome face. Oh yeah, she's int' y', Remy.

Remy relished the thought. It was obvious that this was all new territory for Rogue and she was trying to be cautious, but Remy was quite willing to push her buttons. Once he did, after the initial backlash, Rogue reacted with fire and passion. It is obvious. Remy admitted to himself. De fille digs y'.

It was with this frame of mind that Remy LeBeau strolled to the door and made his way out into the crowded hallway of the mansion. Cocking an eyebrow curiously at the unusual number of people in the vicinity, Remy tapped the closest person to him to question the boy.

The boy turned out to be Sam, Remy's younger roommate. Sam's innocent blue eyes widened when they fell on Remy and he glanced around anxiously, as if afraid. "Sam." Remy nodded to the kid, observing his strange behavior with nonchalance. "What's goin' on out here?"

Another pair of eyes noticed him and the mutant tapped his buddy, who glanced over at Remy with shock and awe written across his features. Soon, Remy found himself under the probing eyes of half a dozen students, Sam included. Remy arched a suspicious eyebrow. "Sam?"

Sam spoke in a hushed whisper, as if afraid to be overheard. "Remy, is it true?"

"Y' gunna have t' clue dis Cajun in a little more, Sam. Remy's got no idea what y' talkin' 'bout."

Sam only hesitated for a split second before summoning up his courage and blurting. "Some of the guys said they saw Kitty dragging Rogue out of your room with barely any clothes on! She wasn't even wearing gloves! Just a small, tight little t-shirt and shorts." Remy grinned at the description. He was all-too aware of what Rogue had been wearing, having snuggled up to her all night. "And then some even said that she had your eyes! Is it true?"

Remy considered his options. He obviously couldn't right out lie to the boy and tell him it wasn't true. Kitty's actions had drawn too much attention for that. People had seen Rogue being tugged out of his. But, then again, he couldn't exactly tell him the truth either. Sam was just a kid and besides, Remy knew how fast gossip traveled through the mansion. If he didn't come up with a good cover story now, some twisted, exaggerated version of the story was sure to come out. Remy himself didn't have a problem with people talking and guessing about what he might have done with the girl, but he knew Rogue would be mortified if people started talking about something that hadn't even happened. Best to put a cap on this now.

"Oui, dat's true." Remy confirmed, hurrying on with his explanation as Sam's eyes widened perceptively. "Remy asked her t' give back his bo staff before firs' Danger Room session today. She barrowed it fo' some extra practice."

Sam's brow furrowed. "But—she must have touched you, though. And why did Kitty drag her out like that?"

Remy chuckled genuinely. "Rogue tripped an' fell int' Remy when her arm accidentally brushed mine. Remy was jus' helpin' de fille up when Kitty passed by an' caught Rogue in a suspicious position. She overreacted a bit an' pulled Rogue out by de scruff o' her shirt."

"Oh…" Sam looked slightly dejected with the actual story. "I thought something serious might have happened!"

"Not'ing o' de sort." Remy assured the boy.

Sam nodded. "Well, that makes sense. I've gotta go Remy, I have to get ready for first period." Remy nodded at the boy, releasing him. Sam didn't even take two steps before stopping at the first group and explaining the 'truth' of the situation. Remy grinned slyly. Looks like Roguey owes Remy anot'er favor.


Oh boy, Rogue, you're in for it now. Rogue jumped in surprise at the sound of Betsy's voice reverberating through her mind.


No, it's the Fairy Godmother and I'm here to give you your handsome prince. Betsy responded sarcastically.

Well excuse meh! Ah, fohr one, am not accustomed ta havin' random girls commentin' whenever they please throughout mah mahnd. Rogue's amused smile cut off the iciness of the comment.

Betsy shook her head. That's right—all the psyches you absorbed were men, now that I think about it. Awfully coincidental, isn't that?

Are ya tryin' ta insinuate somethin', oh Fairy Godmother?

Merely pointing out a fact. Betsy steered the conversation in another direction. Now, Rogue-listen up! Remy made up a cover story for the kids who saw Kitty dragging you from his room.

Well that was nache of him. Rogue smiled softly. He thought ta do that jus' fohr meh—Ah know he doesn't care what people say.

Don't go praising him as the altruistic hero just yet. She warned. The cover story is that you barrowed his bo staff for a bit of practice—Rogue could hear Betsy's grin through the telepathic link, it was so mocking. Bit ironic, don't you think? You barrowed his 'staff' to practice with.

Rogue's face warmed with embarrassment as a deep flush colored her cheeks. Betsy!

Betsy chuckled and it echoed through their telepathic link. That's not it, though. He thinks you should owe him something for his silence and quick thinking on the subject.

Rogue frowned. Well that jus' ruins the 'considerate' image Ah was creatin' fohr him, doesn't it?

Uh huh. Betsy sounded suddenly unsure of herself. God help them all when a telepath was unsure of something. I guess you'll just see him in the Danger Room. You should talk to him about what happened, Rogue.

That's easy fohr you ta say. Rogue muttered darkly. Jus' what the hell am Ah suppose ta say ta him? 'Hey, we had sex twice then Ah enjoyed kissin' ya this mornin' in ya bed. Great weather we're havin', huh?' Rogue shook her head. Ah don' know what ta do!

Well, we can pretty much be sure that talking to the voices in your head's not gunna help. Now go, girl, scoot. You're late already.

Rogue glanced over at the clock on her nightstandand jumped up in surprise. Mah God! Ah'm late! She hurried out the door and rushed down the hallway, making her way to the elevator where she jammed on the button impatiently as the machine took its good old time to whirr slowly before starting up. What's he gunna think of the fact that Ah'm late? What if he assumes Ah did it on purpose? What if—what if he thinks Ah'm tryin' ta flirt an' he takes meh ta the back for a detention an' he starts rubbin—

Too much thinking, Rogue. Betsy interjected softly, smiling lightly at Rogue's train of thought.

Rogue blushed again. Ah didn't know ya were still there!

Obviously. Betsy joked.

Well—what are ya doin' up there?! Get out!

Touchy much? I want to see the show too, you know.

The elevator finally arrived and she hopped into it, immediately starting to jam on the buttons inside. It's not funny, Betsy! Ah slept with him, for God's sakes!

Twice. Betsy reminded her helpfully.

Rogue was beyond humiliated. Ah'm never drinkin' again.

Betsy's eyes twinkled. Rogue felt it more than saw it, since she couldn't really see the woman. But whenever Betsy made any kind of motion or the like while telepathically communicating, Rogue got this sort of feeling that it was happening. That's what they all say.

Hmmph! The elevator doors opened again and Rogue rushed out to the lower levels. She made her way into the changing room and quickly suited up before sprinting off to the Danger Room itself. By the time she had arrived, the trainees were already all paired up and going off to their corners to begin practice. Rogue froze, wondering what she should do. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Kitty and Betsy frantically waving her over as they stood next to the Asian girl Jubilee and Paige Guthrie.

Rogue began making her way over to her friends, hoping to simply slip in and blend into the situation. However, that wasn't in the cards for her. Shortly after taking a step in their direction, a heavy hand landed on her shoulder and squeezed tightly, simultaneously swinging her around to bring her face to face with the culprit. "Rogue, chere, so nice o' y' t' join us on dis lovely Danger Room session."

"Remy!" Rogue squeaked, her eyes widening as she glanced over her shoulder at her friends. "Ah was jus' gunna join up with Betsy's or Kitty's group and—"

Remy was smiling. "Dey already have dier groups. Y' come practice with Remy." He grabbed her hand and started dragging her away with him. Rogue cast a desperate glance over at Kitty and Betsy. Kitty was gaping at her and mouthing obscenities while Betsy watched Remy drag her away with a smile, obviously amused.

Remy pulled her to the far side of the room, away from all the other groups. He finally let go of her hand and turned around to look her up and down, grinning appreciatively. "Dat leat'er fits y' nice, Rogue."

Rogue glanced down at herself and instantly turned crimson. Oh, shit! Shit, shit, shit, shit! No! This can't be happenin' ta meh. In her rush to get into the Danger Room and her distracted thoughts upon her late entry, Rogue had somehow grabbed the wrong outfit without realizing it. Instead of the loose fitting garbs she was used to fighting in, she had grabbed a skin-tight leather jumper that the X-Men always went out in. How could Ah not have realized? Why is this all happenin' ta meh?

Remy brought her attention back up to him. "Well, fille, we jus' practicin' general hand t' hand fightin' today so no reason t' fret 'bout y' clothes."

"Remy-" Rogue started, but Remy waved her off.

"We talk 'bout it later, heh? Leave personal issues outside de classroom."

Rogue was silently relieved. At least she'd have more time to think about what she would say to him. If nothing else, it was delayed. Rogue took a deep breath and squared off her shoulders with Remy as he crouched in a fighting stance.

Rogue chose to go on the offensive and rushed Remy first. She kicked out at his stomach, but he deftly dodged and ducked down, kicking out his leg in a wide, sweeping arch. He caught her off balance on one leg and Rogue tumbled to the ground with a grunt. Before he could press his advantage, however, Rogue shoved her foot at his shin from her ground position. Her foot landed awkwardly, toe first, and it hurt like hell, but it gave Rogue the moment she needed. Remy stepped back for only half a second and Rogue was up again, hauling back her fist to deliver a swift punch to his jaw.

The blow came in swift and Remy hadn't expected her to be able to get to her feet that quickly. The punch landed solidly against his jaw and knocked him back a couple steps. Remy reached up a hand and rubbed at his jaw absently. Rogue looked surprised that she had hit him and—was that a hint of regret? Remy's face split into a broad grin when she hesitated to follow up on the attack.

Her lapse in action and hesitation was all that Remy needed to turn the situation around again. Swiftly, he reached inside his traditional trench coat and pulled out his bo staff. Rogue had regained herself and went in to follow her attack again, but it was too late. Remy extended his staff by lightly tapping the trigger and twirled the staff around in a wide circle before twirling it sideways where it collided into the approaching Rogue's stomach.

Oomph! All the air rushed out of Rogue's lungs as the side of the staff struck her in the stomach. She gasped and tried to catch herself, but it was too late. Remy grabbed her and flipped her around in his arms so that she was facing away from him. He grabbed her arms and wound his own through hers before linking his hands behind her head, efficiently trapping her against his body. Rogue felt his heat through the leather as he pressed close up against her, curving his leg around her right one to trap it in place. "Well dis is comfortable." Remy smirked as Rogue shivered.

How do Ah always end up in these positions with him? Rogue wondered helplessly, trying to squirm out of the lock he had her in. Her eyes traveled across the Danger Room again to see four sets of eyes watching her intently. Rogue blushed at the expressions of her friends. Goddamnit! How does he always make meh so embarrassed an' uncomfortable lihke this?!

At her attempts to break his hold, Remy's grin widened. "Dis is kinda like de ja vu, eh, Cherie? Y' still strugglin' t' resist me."

"More lihke strugglin' ta escape ya." Rogue threw back, angry at the fact that he always seemed to have the upper hand between them. Even now, being locked in this tight, uncomfortable position, pressed so close to him and his smirky cockiness…well, it wasn't that bad of a position—Rogue shook her head. What am Ah thinkin'? What is wrong with meh? God, Ah really am desperate fohr touch, bein' turned on as he pins meh in battle. Ah'm pathetic!

"Y' jus' can't resist me." Remy grinned. "I can feel it, cherie. My empathy knows when y' feelin' on fire."

Oh mah God! Rogue's eyes widened with the realization. He can feel when Ah…oh God! Ah totally forgot about this! Shit, shit, shit, Ah need ta die now. He knows when he's—when he's affectin' meh! Please, please, let meh die now! Why can't Ah have a cool mutation ta swallow meh up whole raght now?

A chuckle resonated throughout her head. You have the most amusing conversations with yourself, Rogue.

Rogue closed her eyes and hung limply in Remy's grasp. Is there no end ta this humiliation? Why are ya in mah head again, Betsy?! Get outah there!

Whoa, calm down Princess Passion! She felt Betsy's surrendering motion. I'm here to help you! Now, kick back at Remy's shin with your left foot.

Why bother? Ah'm not gunna be able ta do anything but annoy him with that.

Would you take a second to think instead of feeling all turned on by Remy's presence? Rogue felt her face warming again—damnit, what was wrong with her?! Your left foot is free! Kick his shin already—it'll distract him enough to get you out of that hold of his.

Rogue obeyed Betsy's words and was rewarded when Remy's grip lightened on her wrists. She kicked him again and managed to squirm out of his grasp as he dropped his bo stick to rub at his shin. Rogue caught the stick before it hit the ground and ran at Remy with it held out before him. She used the staff to help her push the off-guard Remy down to the ground and landed on him with a soft thump as he hit the floor. Rogue used the staff to pin down his shoulders and sat on his stomach. She knew he wasn't limber enough to flip her off with his feet. She smiled down at him cockily. "How's that fo' bein' turned on?!" Rogue challenged.

Remy's smile split into a wide grin. "So y' are turned on by me! Remy wasn't sure what he was feelin' with all de mixed emotions t'rown in, but now dat y' said it, he knows!"

Rogue's jaw dropped and she worked it silently for a few moments before any words came out. "What? Ya—ya didn't pick up with yah empathy that Ah…" Rogue was sure she'd turn into a cherry at any moment now. He didn't know! No! No! Betsy, kill meh now!

Another chuckle resonated through her mind, but Betsy didn't answer.

Below her, Remy was grinning away madly like a fool. He glanced at the bo staff she was using to hold him down with. "Roguey wants t' play with Remy's stick some more?" He winked at her.

Rogue's hands went limp on the bo staff in shock at the audacity of Remy's comment. He's—he's jokin' with meh about when Ah slept with him! She realized in horror. Ah'm such a slut, a whore, a skanky bitch hoe—"aghh!"

Remy used her slack grip to his advantage immediately and easily threw the weapon from her grasp. Before Rogue had time to recover or even process what was happening, Remy rolled over quickly and grabbed her wrists, pinning her down while sitting on her stomach. Just like that, he had switched their places. Rogue found herself again in a position that she increasingly wanted to die in. "Dat's better. Now I'm on top, chere." Remy gave her a suggestive eyebrow."Y' gunna squirm under me again?"

Rogue paled at the thought and the obvious innuendo that he meant with it. "Remy—"

"I dink we're in good position t' talk now, don' y'? I like talkin' t' y' when y' under me—"

"Gahh! Remy! Enough with the pervert jokes!" Rogue cried out.

Remy smiled softly. "So what do y' want t' talk 'bout, fille?"

"Remy…" Rogue fidgeted, uncomfortable. She glanced up at her wrists at then back at him. "Could ya get off meh? We really need ta talk."

"What's wrong with dis position?" Remy asked innocently. "Remy dink it's a good idea t' have y' restrained while we have dis 'talk' o' y's. Seems like it could get violent." He nodded to her. "Go on. Jus' ignore it."

Rogue sighed deeply. "Remy, it's about…what we did." Rogue took a deep breath and hurried on. "Ah know it probably means nothin' ta yah 'cause ya do it all the tahme with other girls, but it really affects meh. Ah mean…Ah've never…y'know, did that with a guy before…"

Remy squinted, honestly surprised. Rogue's never been kissed before? Dat girl's been missin' out! "Really, chere? Remy couldn't even tell, y' were so good at it." Rogue colored again. He's such a charmer. "Not even with Bobby?" He probed.

Rogue shook her head, attempting to clear her thoughts. Focus, girl, this is important! Ah've gotta see where we stand now. "No, never. Ah mean, Ah know he wanted to, but Ah didn't want ta hurt him with mah skin." The thought made Rogue frown. Remy must have a LOT of endurance to have come out okay with meh. How did he do that?

Remy frowned. Bobby was too afraid to even kiss her? What kind of a guy is he anyway? "Dat'll never be a problem with Remy, Roguey. We work around it."

Rogue licked her lips tentatively. "Remy, how did we work around it?"

Remy's frown deepened. "What do y' mean, chere?"

"Ah mean…did we…you know…use a condom or anything?"

Remy squinted at her and opened his mouth to speak, but a yell cut off his words before he could say anything.

"REMY!" Both faces looked up in alarm as a furious Bobby. Remy turned in just enough time to be on the receiving end of a swift punch to his jaw in the exact spot that Rogue had punched him earlier. Remy was knocked back off Rogue with the force of the punch and landed sprawling on the floor next to her. Bobby was on him in seconds, quickly delivering another hard punch to his jaw. Remy gazed at him with squinted, disoriented eyes.

"Homme?" Bobby hauled back his fist to strike him again.

"Bobby!" Rogue lunged at Bobby and knocked him sideways off Remy. The two of them both tumbled to the floor, allowing Remy a breather. Remy glanced around dizzily before focusing himself to focus on the enraged Bobby, whom Rogue was currently struggling to hold back. "Bobby, stop this!"

"Why are you defending him?!" Bobby snarled. "He took advantage of you! The bastard used you, Rogue!"

"Remy did not such t'ing!" Remy protested loudly.

"He's right!" Rogue shouted, standing up and facing him angrily. "He never took advantage of meh without mah consent!"

"You were drunk!" Bobby yelled back. "Why else would you do it?"

"Ah—" Bobby's words caught her. How could she deny that? She had been drunk. "Ah…"

"Were drunk off your ass and that filthy Cajun took advantage of the situation to have sex with you." Bobby spat.

Remy opened his mouth to protest, but Rogue silenced him. "Shut up, Remy. Look, Bobby-Ah don't know who told ya that, but—"

"Don't try to lie to me, Rogue. I know it's true. Your jailmate told me everything."

"Jubilee said dat?" Remy asked, stunned. Dat girl got dat damn misconception an' told Bobby dis whole web o' lies—she don' know we didn't do anyt'ing! Unreliable witness!

Rogue held a hand up to him again to silence him. "Look, Bobby-drunk or not, Ah had sex with Remy because Ah lihke him! Even if Ah was wasted outah mah mahnd, Ah still consented—Remy's not at fault here, you leave him alone!"

Remy blinked. Wait, what? Did she jus' say what I t'ink she did? "Uhh, Cherie—" Remy started, but Rogue cut him off again.

"Shut UP, Remy! Ah'm goin' ta say this, damnit, an' Ah'm not gunna lie about it jus' ta look innocent!" She turned to Bobby fiercely with a fire burning in her eyes. "Now listen up, Bobby! Yah're not gunna ever hit Remy again, especially not over meh! Lihke ya have any say in this at all, even! Ah'm not yah girlfriend anymore! An' frankly—ya did the same thing with Kitty that Ah've done—except you weren't drunk when ya did it!"

Others had gathered around them now, but Rogue didn't seem to notice—or care. Kitty squeaked with embarrassment when Rogue specifically called her out and she turned a bright, apple red. Rogue ignored her. "Ah'm happy yah found out this way," Rogue went on, "know why?"

Rogue you should probably—

"Hush, Betsy!" Rogue roared in fury at the disruption.


"But nothing! Shhh!"

"Roguey…" Remy began.

"EVERYBODY SHUT UP! AH'M TRYIN' TA TALK HERE!" Rogue's voice silenced everybody instantly. She turned her angry eyes back on Bobby. "Ah'm glad ya found out lihke this 'cause Ah cahn now tell ya how much better of a lover Remy is than you'll ever be! He's sweet and tender and sensitive—and despite the fact that he's annoying as hell and sleeps around and gambles and smokes and thieves, he's still better than you because he's considerate ta meh an' compliments meh at every chance he gets an' the damn boy makes meh blush every fourth second with the things he says! Yah never made meh blush with dirty, cute nothings! An' ya know what?! He's a God in bed—nobody will ever be able ta make meh swoon or moan lihke that except fohr him! So leave him alone!" With that, Rogue turned to Remy and cupped his face with in her gloves before fiercely pressing her mouth against his in a deep, long, passionate kiss.

The kiss did wonders to feed her fire and Rogue found herself wanting—needing more. She moaned as he parted her lips with his tongue and began exploring her mouth. Remy moved away from her mouth after a moment and lavished her throat with his tongue before biting down hard. "Oh, Remy!" Rogue groaned, her fingers tightening in his hair.

Remy went close to her ear and nibbled as he whispered. "Chere, y' know dat Remy's never had sex with y' before, right?"

Rogue responded by jumping up and winding her legs around Remy's waist. "Ah don' even care anymore, sugah." Her nails scratched at his back. "Jus' love meh already."

Kitty's jaw dropped at the spectacle in front of her. She glanced over at Betsy who was smiling for some reason. Kitty's eyes dropped to the rest of the group who had all stopped their training and were watching with wide eyes. Kitty covered Paige's eyes with her hand.

Rogue moaned out Remy's name and Kitty's eyes flew over the crowd again as she realized that half of them were kids. With a start, she began ushering them all out with Betsy's help. Jubilee cocked an eyebrow at the two and watched in interest as Bobby stood frozen beside her, gazing at the two in morbid fascination. As the last of the kids were hurried out, Kitty turned around to see that Rogue had latched onto Remy with her legs around his waist. With her fingernails clawing at the back of his thin shirt, Kitty sputtered in alarm and started at them. Betsy put a hand on her shoulder and shook her head, telling Kitty telepathically to leave them alone.

Betsy glanced over at Bobby and Jubilee and a familiar, translucent butterfly momentarily appeared on their foreheads before the two started heading for the exit. Betsy gave Kitty a little shove to the door too and, hesitantly, Kitty left with the others.

Condom's in your pocket. Be safe. Betsy sent.

Rogue let out a scream of pleasure.

Hope that doesn't mean it's too late. Betsy left without looking back. She locked the keypad behind her, smiling softly. And sometimes, wishes really do come true.