Chapter One

The world was defiantly off kilter. Serena walked down the streets of Tokyo worried and confused. She had some how managed to change the time line and she had a sinking feeling it may not be for the better. Her small hands went down to her stomach.

"Pregnant." She thought to herself. "How could think happen? Rini should not be born yet. This is a disaster." A tear came down her face as she thought about what Darien would say.

Lately he and the other scouts have been very standoffish. Mostly they were all busy as was she attending collage, studying political science. But, this was different. She didn't know what any of them were thinking anymore. Not even Darien who seemed to throw himself even more in to his studies. And not just medical studies but now he was taking on business, accounting, political science and anything else he could manage. It was becoming ridiculous. When Serena would try to talk to him about it he just said that there would be plenty of time for them to be together in the future and that he loved her.

She sighed. In three years she would be queen of Crystal Tokyo and she always tried to keep an open mind about it. 'It must be hard on them to know their future. The Scouts always risking their lives to save mine' Serena thought to herself. They had all fought so hard for it but now, somehow, Serena tipped the scales of fate. She would have to tell them all some how. Maybe Crystal Tokyo would still exist if they all worked hard together.

It was lunchtime and Serena was glad that two blocks away from the doctor's office was the Crown Arcade. The door slid open and she proceeded to the counter. Lizzy, Andrew's sister, greeted her with a large smile. Serena missed Andrew's smiling face but somehow Darien had managed to convince Andrew in to taking a business course with him. So now Lizzy ran the Crown.

"Serena!" Lizzy gave her a big smile.

"Hi Lizzy." Serena sat at the counter.

"The regular?"

Serena was about to nod her head yes when she thought about the baby growing inside of her.

"Actually, I am trying to eat healthy. Can I get a water and grilled chicken sandwich?"

"Serena! I'm so proud of you. Sure, I will ring that up." Lizzy hustled in to the kitchen leaving Serena alone.

Serena pulled the morning paper from the seat next to her. Some one must have left it. She opened it up but did not read anything inside. She began to think about the odd dreams she has been having for the last month. Two women, one she was sure was her mother from the Moon with her lavender silver hair and soft expression. The other she was not so sure of. The woman was incredibly beautiful looking just like her mother but her hair was more while silver with a blue tint, her hair was up in the royal hairstyle like her mothers.

The women were standing in front of the prayer column on the moon and it looked like they were arguing. They did it so gracefully though Serena at first thought they were just having a normal discussion but sometimes she could make out what they were saying. Last night's dream had been the most vivid…

"Earth? My dear Serenity, have you thought about this?"

"It is not for me to think about. It is destiny and I can not change it and you should not meddle." Her mother answered.

"This is not Destiny my dear, this is cruel and I am not meddling. I am a goddess and we live on the moon. Not on Earth. Don't tell me you saved her so that she could rule that planet. She should rule the Universe not just one lousy planet. She is stronger than all of us."

"I understand, but the future has been written."

"No my dear, it hasn't. The future can always change."

"No, it can not."

"Serenity, things are already in motion without my doing. I can just make it easier for her…"

"It will never be easy."

Lizzy placed the food in front of Serena and gave her a soft smile.

"Are you okay, Serena?" She asked.

"I will be fine, Lizzy. Everything will work out fine. It always does."

Serena began to eat her lunch when her communicator went off in her purse. Raye's face appeared on the screen.

"Is there an attack?" Serena asked. There hadn't been an attack since Galexia.

"No." Raye's voice was very calm. "Serena, can you meet us for a scout meeting tonight at the temple?"

Serena's eyebrows rose. Why would they need to have a meeting? "Um, sure. What time?"

Raye looked sad. "Seven."

"Oh. Okay. I'll see you then." The communicator went dead.


Serena nervously walked up the stairs to the temple. Why would they call a scout meeting with out talking to her first? Maybe she could tell them about the baby tonight? She would never want to hide anything from her friends or her fiancé.

Serena entered the room and was greeted by small smiles from her friends. They looked nervous. Darien was even there and he refused to meet her eye. All of a sudden she was scared.

She sat down across from Darien on the temple floor. He looked handsome as ever. She barley saw him but when she did he was usually very affectionate, or at least tried to be. Usually they would be interrupted by him saying that he had to study and they had all the time in the world after they became Queen and King. She understood though. He was busy.

"Well, now that everyone is here I think we can go ahead and begin." Raye spoke up. "Serena, I hope this does not come out all wrong but we all have something to tell you. We have all discussed this and we think it is best if you knew."

"Knew what?" she whispered.

"Well, Crystal Tokyo will be here in only three years. We want to accomplish so much more for ourselves before we are to help you rule the city. We may not ever get to take these chances ever again if we don't do it now." Raye said not keeping eye contact with Serena but looking at the others as if for moral support.

"Lita has been accepted at the Cordon Blue in France and she will be leaving at the end of the week. Ami will be going to Germany to study to become a doctor. Mina is going back to England to work as a model for Ford. I will be traveling though China and India to study at different Hindu temples. I hope that you will give us your blessings."

Serena didn't know what to say. "Why didn't you tell me? I mean, of course I give you my blessing I just wish I could have been there to support you."

"Serena, we didn't want to hurt your feelings. We are all your best friends and we love you its just that sometimes we feel trapped in our destiny." Ami said softly.

"When will you be back?" Serena said softly looking in to her hands that were on her stomach. She knew more than anyone what it was like being trapped in destiny.

"We will all be gone for two years. We will be back so we can make preparations a year before the birth of the future city." Raye stated.

"We all?"

"Yes." Darien spoke up from across from her. "Serena, I love you more than anything, but I just can't let this feeling go that I missed out by not going to study in America. The re-accepted me at Harvard. I hope I have your blessing in going."

Everyone made plans. This must have taken months for all of them to get accepted in to schools and to make plans to live in other places and countries. They all discussed this with out her. They all did this without even talking to her and allowing her to be happy for them. She held them all back.

"Were you scared to tell me?"

Mina spoke up. "No, we were more scared that we would change our minds if we told you."

"I am glad that you all told me. I wish you all the very best." Serena stood up and looked at them with the same face that Princess Serenity would have made.

"I never wanted you to feel as if I would have ever held you back from your dreams. The future is my burden. I am sorry it has become yours. Please, my friends go and be happy. I am sorry that you did not feel as if you could trust me. I am sorry if I gave you that impression. The truth is that fate has turned and as much as you thought our future was set in stone, you were all wrong. The future is something that we build together. Our future may not have been a happy one if we proceeded down this path, but it has changed. Please, be happy my friends."

Serena turned and left the room. She would not cry. She would not get mad. She made her way toward the steps when she heard them call her name. A bright white light lit up the temple courtyard. The women from her dreams floated before her. Her sliver blue hair streamed behind her floating figure. A white dress clung to her body like a second skin.

"My dearest child. Come with me." Her velvet smooth voice rang in Serena's ears. Serena lifted her hand and took the floating goddess's and they disappeared.

The scouts and Darien sat stunned by what just happened.

"The future has changed." Rang in all of their ears.

How has it changed? What did she know that they didn't?

"Serena!" Darien yelled standing up quickly and running after her.

How could they have been so dumb as to hide their true feelings from their Princess? She would have understood. "A future is something that we build together."

The scouts looked at one another in silence. They all thought the same thing. Serena would have understood their dreams and she would have supported them. They didn't tell her because they thought they would have let her down. And they did by keeping it a secret from her and avoiding her. How can you build a future on lies?

"SHE'S GONE!" Darien came back in breathless.

"What?" The cried in unison.

"Girl's please don't worry." A voice that sounded like Luna's filled the room.

They all turned their heads to the voice. A holographic version of Luna walked toward them.


"Serenity has given me a message for you." Luna's voice stopped and Serena's voice, smooth and melodic continued in her place like a recording, " Please, my friends, go and fulfill your dreams. Build your futures and live. The future that we all knew will not be, but do not be disturbed by this. Destiny was not changed, but altered. My Prince and Princess's learn and live well. For one day you will rule." The voice shut off and the holographic Luna bowed and then disappeared.

The drive to Serena's house took forever. They all piled up in Chad's van and raced across town to the Tsukino residence. When they finally got to the house everyone ran out of the car and to the door. Darien made it to the door first and rang the bell. No answer. They all stood outside the door impatiently. After five minuets, Lita tried the door handle and it swung open with ease. The house was empty. A letter was on the ground, un-addressed.

Darien opened it in haste.

Please, everyone, go on with your lives. I told you once the future is my burden. Please go and learn and live. I will see you all again one day so please enjoy living knowing that the future is what you make it. One warning though, duty is what binds us and duty will call again one day. Please enjoy your lives so that when Destiny calls you back you are ready.