Rise Chapter 4

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"Friend!" Darien yelled throwing back the rest of his scotch and slamming the glass down on the table. "She called me her fucking friend, Kunzite!"

Kunzite's holographic body floated next to the Earth Prince. The box of stones, that held his General's Sprits, were laid out on the table of Darien's suite at the Peninsula Tokyo.

"Endymion, shouldn't you be glad that she called you a friend? After all you did make plans to move away from her again without telling her."

"So what! She went to the fucking Moon and now rules a whole universe. How long had she been planning that!" Darien went and poured himself another glass.

"Do you honestly think that Serena of all people planned against all of you to go and re-establish the moon and rule over all of you?" Kunzite reasoned.

"I do know one thing, my old friend, she is hiding something. I know when she is up to something; her nose twitches ever so slightly."

"Yeah, you are such the expert. Like you just conspired with her friends to abandon her thinking she would just deal with it." Nephrite came out of the stone.

"No one asked you!" Kunzite said.

"Please, just take your place as king and be done with it. Then you can revive us with the Golden Crystal as the true King and we can stop having these chats and we can actually help you." Nephrite added ignoring Kunzite and Darien's stares.

"So what, you could hit me and we could get in to a sparring match like old times." Darien snorted.

"It sometimes worked. Admit it helped sometimes."

"Please, like he would listen." Jadeite came out of his stone and floated over the desk. "You didn't listen last time when we told you not to leave her."

"That was different! I was going to be king with Serena as my Queen. I had to understand everything. Work on my power, languages, how to run a business is the same as ruling a planet. Serena and I had thousands of years to be together. I just wanted to be a great King." Darien tried to explain.

"Oh, look, you still will be King. Just without the Princess, or Queen, whatever she is. Come on! She obviously doesn't want to be with you." Jadeite tried to reason with his friend.

Darien was not really listening. He was thinking about what Kunzite said to him earlier. 'Serena would never have abandoned her destiny as Queen of Crystal Tokyo, she gave up ruling the Moon after her battle with Beryl. Then who did set this whole thing up.'


"Endy, mommy loves you but you can no longer make flowers or I will send you with Uncle Sammy back to the Moon." Serena reasoned with her four year old.

"Mommy! I like it. The Earth listens to me when I talk. It's fun." Endy stomped his foot.

"I like it too!" Rini put in her two cents even though she did not have the power to talk to the Earth she did however enjoy the flowers.

"Endy, Rini. Please, do not bother the Earth while we are here."

"But I want to make flowers! I want to make breeze blow! I want!" Thunder boomed though the air.

Serena did not anticipate Endymion's strong ties with the Earth at four years old. The planet knew it's heir and Endymion's brashness, also known as a huge temper tantrum, was about to conger up a huge storm. She had to calm him down.


"Is that thunder?" Zoisite asked as he emerged from his stone.

"Oh, nice of you to join us. Where were you while our King was having a nervous breakdown about his ex-fiancé who disappeared four years ago and suddenly returned and calls him a friend. Not to mention that she is a Queen now." Jadeite started him down.

"She called you a 'friend', ouch." Zoisite responded.

"Shut it! I don't know why I even bring you all out anymore." Darien slumped down in to the leather chair in his suite. Lighting snaked across the sky and thunder shook the hotel.

"Your highness, I didn't realize you were this upset. You need to calm down before you cause someone to get struck by lightning." Kunzite said looking alarmed.

"Wha… what? I'm not doing this." Darien responded.

Four General's looked at him with dis-belief. Nephrite spoke up first. "Then why are you glowing?"

Sure enough, Darien was glowing gold. The color he normally exuded when he used the Golden Crystal, only this time it wasn't him."


The wind howled outside and thunder crashed. Even though Serena was a Queen she still hated thunderstorms. Rain began to pour down as Endymion's temper tantrum flared. Serena knew if she didn't calm her son down soon Darien would soon know that someone was using the Earth crystal, but as a mother she just could not give in to Endymion and let him keep playing with the Earth. Endy sat on the floor and cried like a spoiled brat. Kicking and screaming.

"Endymion! Stop this at once. You are a Prince of the Moon and this is how you act?" Serena scolded.

"I…. want….to…. talk… to…. SOB…. The…. Earth!" He sobbed out. A tree in the back on the Palace fell causing a large crack.

Rini who started to cry at the noise of the storm went out and touched her brothers face. She must hate storms as much as her mother. As soon as Endymion saw his sister in tears he stopped his temper tantrum and went to hold her.

"I sorry Rini." He said. "Pweese don't cry." Endymion wiped her tears with the palm of his hand.


After the Darien and his holographic generals had calmed down a bit, and Darien indulged in another drink to calm his nerves the men finally began to try and figure out what just happened.

"Okay, let's be rational here." Zoisite began.

"Rational! Someone just used out King's Golden Crystal and you want us o be rational! They could destroy the planet!" Jadeite yelled.

"No, I don't think that they were trying to… I felt their anger and upset, but I don't think that the person who tapped the power ever knew that they were doing it." Darien said.

"Okay, then. Who would have access to the crystal then? Didn't you tell us that Luna had said something to the regards of if you didn't seek the throne than someone else would take it?' Kunzite added recalling what his Prince had told him earlier.

"Yes, but she also said that we would not have the memories to know who these people were. Could this mean that I may have living, reincarnated family members here on Earth?" Darien didn't even realize the magnitude of the situation. If someone was using his crystal it could mean that he had a family somewhere.

"I don't really remember you having a brother or sister, Darien . But, Beryl did a pretty good job messing up our memories, I could be mistaken." Zoisite added.

"So, how do we find this person?" Nephrite added.

Darien got a sinister look in his eye. "We turn down being King and then we wait for Luna to announce who the descendent is."

"No! If you turn down King that we can never be alive again!" Jadeite said appalled at the idea.

"I will ask whoever it is to return you to your former state. I do not want to rule, anyways. I never wanted to do this alone. I only worked so hard so I could stand firm by Serena."

"Okay! Who gave Princy here one to may drinks? Are you telling me that somewhere in your twisted head you think that she will marry you?" Jadeite screamed at him. Darien just shrugged.

"Be the fucking Moon King. Are you out of your mind or did that little thunderstorm make you loony."

"No, well, maybe." Ugg Darien ran his hand though his ebony hair. "Look! I think this plan will work. Someone just used the second most powerful crystal next to Serena's not realizing they were doing it. We need to find out who this person is."

"Darien is right." Kunzite added, "This person could destroy Earth and not even know it. The crystal works of emotions. Whoever this person is hard enough power to make tree's fall. Who is to say he doesn't cause a tsunami."

"Fine. Deny the throne, but when whomever brings us back to life we expect to have big titles in that corporation you run with six figure salary's" Jadeite agreed with Nephrite.

"This is really going to upset the Queen." Zoisite added.

Darien looked down and squeezed his glass till it broke. Yes, this would upset her but since he didn't have her anymore as his family it was time he found his own.