A/N: This is a poem. I do them from time to time, but never have I managed one for a fanfic before. This struck me outta the blue (as usual). I think it fits for lots of different characters, but these two fit the most (hence it's here). I might post it a couple other places... just to get a bigger scope of readers, seeing as it, like Touch of Your Eyes, can fit quite a few people. Anyway, I kinda like it, and I hope you do too.

Oh, and if you really want, the roles can be switched between chars easily. I mean, some might read this and see Kim saying it. Others will read it and think it's Shego. Take your pick. It kinda sits well with either, I think.

You'd laugh,

I'd cry.

We'd fight,

You'd hide.

No matter where you go,

I'm always one step behind.

You'd scream,

I'd yell.

No glamour,

No gloss.

Who won,

Who lost…

At the end of the night,

There was no way to tell…

Everything always seemed,

Black and white.

There was no mystery,

No hidden meaning.

There'd be a battle,

You'd run.

When he called,

You'd leave.

But your words,

Your voice…

You haunt,

My every memory.

I try,

To deny…

But you always come dancing back,

Just out of reach…

Everyday was a challenge,

Pretending it don't mean a thing!

And we dance,

While we fight!

And we scream,

While we smile!

Is this really sane,

The way we play this game?!

Every taunt,

That we make.

Every sneer,

That we fake.

Isn't it,

So damned obvious…

That this whole thing,

Is just a big stage!

You laugh,

I cry.

We fight,

You hide.

No matter where you go,

I'm always one step behind…