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Toshiko Sato stopped in a large office on the third floor, the rain pattering heavily on the window. She had always loved the rain, there was something about it that was reassuring. It washed everything away, every moment, every emotion, every memory that she no longer wanted. But lately the rain had not been her friend. Instead of the rain being something that washed all her problems away, it had been washing it towards her and she decided that her love of rain was over. She clicked her Comms,

'Owen' Toshiko clicked the Comms again, impatiently, 'Owen'

'Yep, okay he's going out onto the ledge. I'm sorry; you're going to have to follow him'

'No problem Owen, I'll keep on the Comms, keep me posted' She took a deep breath. Today had been the wrong day for high heeled boots. She opened the window and stepped onto the third storey ledge. 'Any idea what it…he looks like?'

'Sorry Tosh, cheeky bugger's wiped everything', Owen talked, back tapping angrily at the computer. 'He forgot though to turn off my awesome heat scanner, I can tell you where he is.'

'Checked the CCTV of this building?' She asked stepping along the ledge which was unconvincingly less than a metre wide.

'He's good, shut 'em all down' He rammed his hands on the desk.

'How's Gwen?' She attempted to distract herself.


'Thankyou Captain Obvious', Tosh bit her lip stepping carefully along the wet ledges.

'I still don't know how you worked it out before her', he chuckled a little, 'or how she missed being three months'.

'I can't believe you didn't notice the mood swings', Tosh asked, her foot slipped a little and she screeched.

'You alright', he panicked, 'TOSH!'

'Yeah, just keep talking'.

'Uh...no, I can't make her take leave, she'll take a break at the end but I can't stop her from working till month 8.'

'Got 'im' ,Tosh said, the ledge balcony becoming smaller and smaller

'Take it slow Tosh, I will not have any injures.'

'Try my best, Owen' she said, unconvincingly before coming to a halt.

'Tosh. He's on the move get him'.

Tosh heard before running around the corner of the ledge she lost him stopping outside a window

'Sorry', came a deep voice from behind her, 'I…I'm just, not ready. I can't let it go, you see, this thing it…it takes over you, and I'm not ready to be caught', he clutched his hand on her throat 'I'm sorry, I really am'

She turned, a fist hit her and the hand around her throat tightened.

'Owen' she gasped as her legs fell over the edge.