Chapter 8

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Toshiko opened her eyes with a start and looked around; she shuffled to sit up slowly ignoring the pain in her back. The room was dark shadows had fallen across it and she could make out the silhouettes of the team. Gwen and Rhys had fallen asleep sitting up, Jack was curled on the fold out bed, and Owen sat next to her his head on the bed and his hand holding hers. The last had stood by the window but now sat him down on the bed.

'Hello' Ianto smiled

'Hello' Toshiko croaked 'What happened?' she asked looking over to see a vase of purple flowers on the bedside table.

'Gwen Gottim bless her' he smiled grabbing a grape then offering them to her 'don't you remember…do you want to remember?'

'Yes' She frowned biting a grape 'I was on a mission, it was raining and…'

'You were pushed out a window by a man with a dark moustache' they chuckled

'I don't think my shoes helped' she smiled and he leaned over the bed producing her high heeled boots

'Gumboots may have been better'

'Yeah 'cause I own a pair of gumboots' she said throwing a grape which he caught in his mouth

'Co-ordination' he smiled before looking at Jack and straight back to Tosh

'What's he done?' She place her free hand on his 'what's wrong?'

'Nothing…just….nothing' he sighed

'I knew it' she sat up more whimpering a little

'Doctor said you shouldn't move much' he place pillows behind her 'what did you know?'

'He's did this once before she fell for him but then you worked out that he can't fall for you.'

'You know me too well' he scowled

'Yes and I know Jack almost as much as you do, don't worry, everything always finds a way of getting into place.' She smiled but then her face dropped 'I can't feel my legs'

'I know' he smiled comfortingly lying down next to her and staring at the ceiling 'It's gonna be ok'


Jack woke with a start the fold out bed squeaking as he sat up quickly. He looked over to the bed; Owen was resting his hand on Toshiko, his head rolled back in a deep sleep. Tosh herself had pillows sitting her up but her eyes were shut and her other hand was in Ianto's who had fallen asleep next to her. Gwen and Rhys were asleep on the couch his arms wrapped protectively around her. He walked into the middle of the room, his team laying around him each of them different to the people he often knew, each of their worlds falling apart in a different way. Owen Harper the most arrogant twat that they knew was so different. Almost innocent. Jack chuckled, and innocent Owen was a weird thought. He turned a little looking at his young lover, then turned and quickly walked to the window knowing that he wouldn't sleep again tonight.

One week later-

'Will I walk?' Tosh asked hopefully squeezing Owen's hand

'Your very lucky, you may walk but you'll need physio.' The doctor smiled signing a few paper before snapping the clipboard show.

'I'll take care of that' Owen smiled to her.