I am Isabella Swan. I go by Bella though. I live with my father, Charlie. He's the cheif of police. My mom died when i was six.

It all started a few weeks after she died. My dad was just sitting in the living room when i came home from school. I went to give him a hug, and he slapped me. He hit me three times and then made me go to my room. Ever since then, he has been hitting me. At first it was once every few months. Then it became once a month. Then once a week. Now, its three or four times a day. Unless he's having a good day.

Everyone at my school hates me. My teachers dont even notice me anymore. I sit alone in all of my classes. At lunch, i sit in my truck and do my homework. All together, my life sucks.

I limped downstairs, i had bruises all over my body -wherever you couldnt see them- and a big gash along my left cheek, from where Charlie beat me last night. I cleaned it up the best i could, but it still looked pretty bad. Charlie was already gone for work, so atleast i didnt have to worry about being hit again. Maybe nobody will ask me about what happened.

Today was the first day of school. I put on a metallica shirt and sweatpants, and brushed through my hair. I went downstairs and ate some breakfast, then brushed my teeth and headed to school. It was just like every other year since my mom had been. Only this year was worse. People were beating me up at school this year.

I was on my way to lunch, when someone pulled me away and started punching me. The person smashed the left side of my face into a locker. I cried out in pain. He laughed at my pain. He bashed my head into it two more times, kicked me, and then walked away. Leaving me crying, and bleeding on the floor.

I dont know how long i lay there, but after some time a boy with bronze hair and golden eyes came up to me. "Excuse me? Are you okay?" He asked, his voice sounded like velvet.

"Im....fine" I whispered. The last thing i needed was to have to go to the hospital and have someone notice all my bruises. And ask me what has been happening to me.

"You dont look fine." I tried to get up, but fell again. "Here, let me help you" He held out his hand. I grabbed it and didnt recoil back from his abnormally cold touch.

*** Edward ***

Stupid Bella. I wish she were dead. Maybe she will die. I hope she's still crying. That was so much fun hurting her. Mike Newton thought. Huh. Who is this Bella Swan? Noone else has thought of her all day.

I went looking for her. From Newtons thoughts, she was hurt.

I eventually found her at some lockers. She was sitting on the floor, blood covered her face. Oh Goody. Blood the monster said inside of me. No! I will not hurt her! NO! The monster roared inside my head, but after a minute, i gained control.

"Excuse me? Are you okay?" I asked her when i got close enough to her. She looked up me with a tear streaked face. Why would anyone do this to her? And also, why couldnt i hear her thoughts?! But more importantly, why would someone want to hurt her?!

"Im.....fine" she struggled to whisper. She looked like she had a secret. Her eyes were guarded.

"You dont look fine" i stated. She tried to get up, only to fall down again. I reached my hand out, to help her "Here, let me help you" she grabbed my hand, not seeming to even notice the coldness of my hand. "And i guess you dont want to go to the nurse?" I asked her.

"No. I'd rather just clean up in a bathroom or something"

"Ok." I walked her to the girls bathroom, and didnt pay attention as i followed her in. She went to the mirror and washed her face, trying to clean the blood off. once her face was clean and dry, i wondered if that gash was there before. It looked like it might have been. She had one huge gash on the left side of her face, and a bunch of little cuts all over her face. I noticed she had blood all over her shirt and some in her hair. I dont know how im resisting hurting her. I dont even feel the need to right now. I feel....like she's more important than the monster inside me.

"THat looks better" I told her. And truly it did. Still didnt look good, but it looked better.

"Why are you being nice to me?" she asked me.

"What?" I asked, confused.

"Noone is ever nice to me. Everyone has hated me since i was 6. Why arent you being mean? Why didnt you kick me while i was down?"

"You are utterly absurd. I would never do such a thing. Why would i hate you? I dont know you." I paused. "Why does everyone hate you?"

"My mom died when i was 6. Everyone blames me" she said, tears building in her eyes.

"Oh. They shouldnt. Im sure it's not your fault." she sniffled, and didnt answer. "You sure you're okay?" i asked her. She smiled and nodded.

I knew i shouldn't be around her, but i felt that i could handle it.

"Sit with me at lunch?" i asked her.

"Okay" she said smiling weakly.

*** Bella ***

I walked with him to lunch, and when we got to our table, i remembered i didnt know his name, nor he mine.

"Im Bella, by the way" i told him. He smiled.

"Im Edward" then suddenly he looked up to a blonde girl. She was much more beautiful than me. He was probably about to leave me to talk to her. I didnt want him to leave, but not like i could stop him. He didnt look interested in her. He looked annoyed "sometimes i hate her" he mumbled under his breath.


"Huh? Oh. Nothing" he smiled.

"O....Kay......." i paused. "So,....really why are you being so nice to me? You dont even know me, and im sure you've heard all the rumors going around about me."

"Nothing. And i dont hate someone unless i hate a reason. You're pretty cool" He smiled at me.

The rest of the day went by quickly, until i got home. Charlie was already home. Sitting in the dark, staring at the door.

"Isabella" charlie said darkly, getting up.

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